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Dead Like Me on Chiller TV

Chiller TV airs a lot of old genre shows. Some of I've seen many times over (Friday the 13th: The Series, Monsters, etc), others I never needed to see to begin with (Wolf Lake anyone?!). But, I rarely get excited about them reairing a show. In fact the last time I was excited was they reaired the underrated Harper's Island. Well, I'm real happy to see them showing Dead Like Me a cool, quirky TV show from Showtime. While, I caught a few episodes here and there and liked what I saw, I saw enough of the show, until now.

I actually saw the movie from some years back first. The universally hated film is suppose to tie up the series. I liked it, but bare in mind, I hadn't seen the show, up and until then. It's quite possible, my opinion would change on the film if I saw it now. I then caught a few of the early episodes on SyFy. Sadly that channel is to busy airing shitty movies with bad CGI animals killing people to air more of this show.

Well, their sister channel, the aforementioned Chiller, starting airing them a week or so ago, and baby, I am in like Flynn! It's airing on Tuesdays, which is fine by me, cause I ain't going to classes right now, I rarely go out on that night, and there ain't shit to watch on TV anyways on said night.

Basically the story is this, George (Ellen Muth), a very sarcastic teen, is killed by meteorite and chosen to be a reaper of souls. She doesn't like it, but is taught the ways of reaping by her fellow, well, reapers. Leading them is Mandy Patinkin as a father-figure. It should also be noted that the former Noxzema Girl, Rebecca Gayheart is in it (yes, I know she leaves the show eventually, but...). I mention her, cause well she looks hot and proves to me she can actually act. Something I seriously doubted after seeing her performance in the mediocre slasher flick, Urban Legends.

Muth is amazing in her role. Not only is she really cute, but her she plays her character with a lot of heart. There are moments of real pathos from her, as well as some great moments of humor. The series itself has some wonderfully dark humor sprinkled throughout. 

Like I said, I'm really early into the series, so there is not much more I can say or want to say, at this point. But, I would love to know if any of you guys and girls are fans of the show? Oh, and no spoilers, please! Thank you!


Jim said...

I knew you'd love it once you really got into it! lol All I need Chiller to do is air this back-to-back with Buffy and they'd become my favorite channel!

Giovanni Deldio said...

LOL! They also need to stop airing all of those really bad horror TV shows, they show often, especially in the morning.