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Ghoul- Dungeon Bastards (Album Review)

Musician: Ghoul
Album Title: Dungeon Bastards
Genre/ Subgenre: Death/ Thrash metal
Label: Tankcrimes 
Release Date: July 29, 2016

Ghoul have just unleashed their fifth studio, and it ranks as one of the year's most genuinely fun and enjoyable metal albums. Fast, heavy, and filled with music that will make you bang your head till it bleeds out of every orifice and ignite the pit in a fury of moshing and thrashing madness. Composed of four "mysterious" men this death-thrash metal monster will satisfy all your skateboarding, thrashing, headbanging, moshing, beer drinking, and horror and Dungeons and Dragons obsessed needs.

The album opens up with "Ghetto Blasters" which starts with spoken words centered around a tale of dark fantasy then goes right into a speedy instrumental. It pretty much sets up the thrash metal tempo and the lyrical content of fantasy, horror, gore, and pure metal love. From there we get the blast beat opening to the full sledged speed metal assault of "Bringer of War". "Shred the Dead" recalls early Slayer and Metallica by way of early Sepultura, Death, and Morbid Angel. "Ghoulunatics" features an awesome drumming assault accompanied by slicing and shredding guitar riffs. "Blood and Guts" had me banging my head so hard that I was worried that it was gonna fall right fucking off. I really love how it slows down just a bit to let the growled vocals come in. The sum of all these parts leads to it being my favorite track. By the time the awesome "Abominox" closes off this album, you will wanna put on a hood and swear you allegiance to Ghoul (if you haven't done so already)!

Dungeon Bastards (great title, by the way!) is such a thoroughly rocking after riff after riff assault that there is no way that you won't fucking love every inch of it. Dripping with blood and violence, this is real metal through and through from the awesome album artwork, to the sound, the look, the feel, the lyrics, every fucking thing. And, that further solidifies this as the album that has all the death, thrash, with bit of crossover, thrown in for good measure, sound that you could ever hope to ask for.  

4 out of 5


Model Hunger (2016) Review

My latest review for HorrorFreak News is up! It's for Debbie Rochon's directorial debut Model Hunger, and you can read it here: http://horrorfreaknews.com/model-hunger-2016-review/10905



All pics come courtesy of Wicked Pictures.

Title: Batman V Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
Directed by: Axel Braun
Cast: Carter Cruise, Jessica Drake, Ryan Driller, Katrina Jade, Riley Steele, Damon Dice, Van Wylde, Derrick Pierce, and Charles Dera
Studio: Wicked Pictures/Wicked Comix
Min: 112

Supergirl (Carter Cruise) goes to confront the evil, cyber, alien Brainiac (Damon Dice) whose ship is headed to Metropolis. Later, we see that she is still sleeping with President Lex Luthor (Derrick Pierce), continuing a story line from the previous Batman V Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody. It turns out that all this time she has been under the Enchantress' (Riley Steele) spell, and that is why she loves Lex. Meanwhile, as Brianiac invades Earth, Clarke Kent (Ryan Driller) cannot remember that he is Superman, due to a plot hatched by Lex and Brainiac. Only the Maid of Might can stop the evil alien and save the day!
I have been eagerly awaiting to see this one ever since it was first announced, as I have been a fan of Supergirl since I was a little kid. With her blonde hair and mini-skirt, I must admit that I always considered her one of comicdom's hottest babes. I also enjoy the current TV series starring the lovely Melissa Benoist. With Carter Cruise returning in her BVSXXX role, and, of course, Braun behind it all, I was pumped as fucking hell!

As is to be expected, by Braun's movies, the flick is filled to the brim with his love of comic-books. The sets look great and the costume design is exquisite. Brainiac looks amazing, and while he has yet to appear in the DC cinematic universe, one has to wonder if he would ever look this cool if and when he does. Everyone is cast perfectly in their role, as they bring their respective characters to life.
But, of course, this is a porno, and you wanna know about the sex. Well, let me tell you it is definitely stroke worthy material!

The first scene has Supergirl (Carter Cruise) start off by sucking on Brainiac's (Damon Dice) dick (admit, you never thought you would be reading that sentence!). This leads to our blonde beauty riding our evil villain's schlong, and then some good old doggy style screwing. Carter is fucking awesome at, well, fucking and such a naturally beautiful, young lady. She also happens to give fantastic head. Brainiac ends up spraying his alien load on her pretty face.
The second scene has a perfectly cast Van Wylde as Jimmy Olsen and a returning Ryan Driller as Clarke Kent. They both bone Cat Grant (Jessica Drake), who uses a pheromone concoction (which she apparently used on the Joker to interview him about the death of Lois Lane, also something that happened in BVSXXX) to seduce them both. Listen, no disrespect to Calista Flockheart (who plays the role of Cat on the TV show), but Jessica Drake is infinitely hotter.

Olsen fucks her, while Kent eats her snatch. She then sucks off Olsen. I loved it when she sucked on them both, as Jessica's oral skills are fantastic! They then do her rotisserie style. It's a very hot and sexy scene, and Jessica is simply fantastic in it. Olsen blows his load on her face, while Kent blows his on her tongue. She then dribbles said load on her boobs, give a scorching to a scorching scene.
The scene that follows is my personal favorite, as it's a lesbian scene. Mercy Graves (Katrina Jade), Lex's sexy body guard, fights with the Enchantress (Riley Steele), only for them to start making out. Katrina energetically and hungrily eats out Riley's pussy. But, I truly began to simply die, as Riley fingered Katrina off! And, then I died even more as she played with Katrina's amazing ass! Katrina's body is simply spectacular! She is truly one of the hottest girls in the business right now. It is also very clear that she and Riley are into each other, and it makes all the tit and clit licking and sucking, the fingering, kissing, etc, all the more hotter. Definitely a scene that I will return in the future!
This leads to Lex kicking Mercy out and getting a blow-job from the Enchantress. And, what a damn good blow-job it is! It leads to some titty-fucking and back to more cock-sucking.
Our final scene has Supergirl (finally in mid-rift and mini-skirt outfit!) receive an injection of Kryptonite from Batman (Charles Dera) to combat the Enchantress' control of her emotions for Lex. This leads to them fucking, naturally! He eats her snatch, which, I should say, looks beautiful! They go back and forth giving each other oral sex. This leads to her getting stuffed by his bat-dick. Which is in turn turned even hotter when it becomes doggy-style. Seriously, though, Carter is so fucking beautiful!! The hot fucking ends when he blows his bat-load on her amazing super-butt.
No bones about this, this movie is fucking great! It may well be my favorite superhero porn parody yet! It's hot, sexy, and fun, and looks great. The cast is awesome, with some truly gorgeous women. All of the scenes are good, with two solid full blown (pun not intended) winners. I am sure this one will get lots of deserved nominations and lots of loads being shot while fans watch it!
The DVD looks awesome and the stereo surround sound is amazing, especially in the FX scenes.
As far as extras go you get three bonus sex scenes.
They are from:
Snow White XXX: An Axel Braun Parody: Jessica Drake and Barrett Blade
Peter Pan XXX: An Axel Braun Parody: Riley Steele and Steven St. Croix
Batman V. Superman: XXX: An Axel Braun Parody: Carter Cruise and Derrick Pierce
As well as a promo reel, photo gallery, a non-sex version of the film, and trailers for six other Wicked Pictures flicks.

In all a must have!

4 out of 4 Woodies 


Burlesque Show by Cevena Fox and Raquel Reed at the NY Empire State Tattoo Expo 2016

Two beautiful inked models, Cervena Fox and Raquel Reed, performed amazing burlesque dances at this year's NY Empire State Tattoo Expo, and you can see pics of their first set on Sat, July 16, 2106, in this post.

For me the single person I was most excited to see at the expo had to be the beautiful Cervena Fox. I been a fan of this absolutely stunning model for a very long time, and, as such, I couldn't wait to see her burlesque show that she was gonna perform. And, what a performance it was! Sexy and beautifully choreographed, it was one of the highlights of the day. That she used A Perfect Circle's "Judith" to perform to only made it that much cooler!

Her performance was followed by another beautiful burlesque dancer, Raquel Reed. I must admit that I didn't know anything about her before this expo, but I am a fan now! This Brooklyn native is sexy, and she smoldered onstage! The choreography was beautiful and her body is simply amazing!

Afterwards they both got onstage and took in the much deserved adoration of us, the amazed and wholly captivated crowd.
Cervena was all smiles as I got to met her. I let her know that I was most excited about finally meeting her in person. She is very sweet and down to earth, which made this all the more memorable and awesome.

All photography by Negative Pop.


Ghoulgotha- To Starve The Cross (Album Review)

Musician: Ghoulgotha
Album Title: To Starve The Cross
Genre/ Subgenre: Doom/ Death metal
Label: Dark Descent Records
Release Date: June 13, 2016

Southern California's Ghoulgotha latest release To Starve the Cross is a dark and slow crunching bit of extreme music. Mixing elements of doom with death metal with solid technical proficiency, this album is crunch after crunch of dark and heavy tunes.

Best described as Immolation by way of an evil Black Sabbath, the band have extreme vocals accompanied by tempo shifting guitars and drumbeat that switches between slow and fast. The slow driving opening of "Pangea Reforms" feels evil, even if you may have no clue what is being sung about. The song then picks up speed adding blast-beats and a dissonant sound to the proceedings. "A Lord in the Shattered Mirror" is another slow bit of discordant heavy chaos, while "Wounds Immaculate" has a cool acoustic intro that leads into a speedy bit of chainsaw guitars. It is probably my favorite track on the album. The album closes off with "A Holy Book Scribed by Wolves" which is not only has a fucking cool title, but is slicing bit of heavy and slowly skull bashing music.

Topped off with cool artwork, To Starve the Cross will please fans of old school death metal who like music that shifts between slow and fast, on top of being evil and crunching.

3 out of 5


(Video) Rock N' Horror Apparel Interview at the NY Empire State Tattoo Expo 2016

On July 16, 2106, I and two of my friends/ Master's Minions, Negative Pop and BAS Photography and Design, attended the NY Empire State Tattoo Expo for the first time. We all had a great time. At the convention, I got to conduct an interview with the Lizzy Borden and Mark Hall who founded and run a very awesome clothing line called Rock N' Horror Apparel. We got to talk about their clothing line (which truly fucking rules), horror, tattoos, and more! They are both really cool and super nice, so be sure to check out their website and buy stuff off of it, when you are done watching the interview!
You can see the interview in the video below:
By the way, I did end up buying one of their shirts. It read "Animals Before Humans". As an animal lover I adored this tee and simply had to add it to my collection. Check it out how cool looking it is by clicking on this link: http://rocknhorrorapparel.bigcartel.com/product/animals

Rock N' Horror Apparel: http://rocknhorrorapparel.bigcartel.com/
All photography by Negative Pop.
Camera work and video editing by BAS Photography & Design 


Horror Crush: Perrey Reeves

Today I am adding one of my personal favorites to this site's ever growing Horror Crush division, the exquisitely beautiful and intensely sexy Perrey Reeves!
Reeves was born was born, here, in New York City 45 years ago on Nov. 30, 1970, though she wold end up being raised in New Hampshire. She is probably best known to mainstream audiences for her role on HBO's Entourage as the wife of Ari Gold, Ms. Gold. But, not to me. I have never watched that show. You see, I know her best for her two horror roles, in particular the one she played in Child's Play 3.
Set in a military academy, the beautiful Ms. Reeves, who was only 21 at the time of it's release, plays one of the cadets, Kristin DeSilva. She becomes the defacto love interest of a now older Andy (played by different a actor than the two preceding installments). While flawed, I enjoy this installment. Some think of it as one the weakest of the first three, if not the weakest in the franchise. I tend to disagree and prefer it to 2 (which I still like, regardless). Reeves is good in her role, adding a little bit of attitude and sex appeal both to her role and the franchise as a whole. I developed an immediate crush on her, and would go so far as to rank her among my biggest final girl crushes in my teen years. Seriously, I still melt when I see her onscreen whenever I go back to watch this one.
Her next and, thus far, final role in the horror genre was in the second season episode "3" for The X-Files. She played a vampire babe, that Mulder is investigating and ends up protecting and falling for. It's easy to see why. I mean she just drips sex in this role. Also, Scully has been abducted so he's going through some emotional shit. I remember watching this episode back in the day and thinking it was crap. But, I remember loving the girl in it! I just didn't realize, back then, that it was the chick from Child's Play 3. This was three years later, so that may have been part of the reason.
I watched it again a few nights ago, and well it's still a bad episode. But, her acting was serviceable. Her role was kinda weak, but she certainly knows how to play sexy with a natural veracity. It turns out that in real life she and David Duchovny were dating at the times of the episode. Anyways, she's hot, the episode, not so much! But, there are worse episodes in the series. Though, that is probably for another post...
Sadly, that is it as far horror and Reeves go. It sucks, too, because I find her to be one of the most naturally beautiful and unmedigatedly attractive women in mainstream cinema. And, with that beautiful face of hers, lovely brown eyes, sexy brunette hair, great body, nice boobs, and great butt, I would be hard pressed not to think that.
Ms. Reeves, you are a true stunner and very much a perfect representation of the word MILF. I only have two requests for you:
1. Do more horror stuff.
2. Marry me, please!
In the meantime I leave you with a couple more sexy pics of her even if they're not from her horror appearances.


MODEL HUNGER Signing at Forbidden Planet NYC 7/13/16

Yesterday, July 13, 2016, there was a signing for the DVD of the just released indie-horror flick Model Hunger at Forbidden Planet in NYC. The movie marks the directorial debut of scream queen legend, the lovely Debbie Rochon.

Among those present for the signing were: , , , (the movie's writer and producer), Suzi Lorraine, Kaylee Williams, and, of course, Debbie, herself.  


It had been a while since I last saw Debbie, which coincidentally was at a signing in the same store (the one for the Fangoria book) a little over a year ago. But, it had been much longer since I last saw Suzi. That was way back at Saturday Nightmares in 2011 (!), where I actually got to do a little interview with her and Debbie, actually.
Anyway, I had a blast at the signing and look forward to seeing the movie, finally. I been meaning to do just that ever since I first heard about it. The movie also stars other legendary horror actresses in the form of Lynn Lowry and Tiffany Shepis. I'll review/ share my thoughts on it when I do. Below you will see my signed copy of it, as well as a signed copy of Delirium magazine (bought said mag online,via Full Moon's website, by the way). The issue features on article on this very movie, and Debbie signed it for me. This is an EXCELLENT mag, bought to you by Charles Band and has guys from Fango like Chris Alexander and Michael Gingold working on it.