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MODEL HUNGER Signing at Forbidden Planet NYC 7/13/16

Yesterday, July 13, 2016, there was a signing for the DVD of the just released indie-horror flick Model Hunger at Forbidden Planet in NYC. The movie marks the directorial debut of scream queen legend, the lovely Debbie Rochon.

Among those present for the signing were: , , , (the movie's writer and producer), Suzi Lorraine, Kaylee Williams, and, of course, Debbie, herself.  


It had been a while since I last saw Debbie, which coincidentally was at a signing in the same store (the one for the Fangoria book) a little over a year ago. But, it had been much longer since I last saw Suzi. That was way back at Saturday Nightmares in 2011 (!), where I actually got to do a little interview with her and Debbie, actually.
Anyway, I had a blast at the signing and look forward to seeing the movie, finally. I been meaning to do just that ever since I first heard about it. The movie also stars other legendary horror actresses in the form of Lynn Lowry and Tiffany Shepis. I'll review/ share my thoughts on it when I do. Below you will see my signed copy of it, as well as a signed copy of Delirium magazine (bought said mag online,via Full Moon's website, by the way). The issue features on article on this very movie, and Debbie signed it for me. This is an EXCELLENT mag, bought to you by Charles Band and has guys from Fango like Chris Alexander and Michael Gingold working on it.


Unknown said...

I wish I could have joined you for this. The trailer looks good!

Giovanni Deldio said...

It really does! I am excited to finally see it! :D