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Chiller Theater- April 18, 2009

This was to be the biggest group we have ever had going to Chiller. Though, at first it was only my friends Alan, Aisha, and myself headed out to Chiller. We got there early and checked in. By 11:30 AM we were inside the con. One of the first things we noticed is that it was not horribly crowded where we could not even move. Instead, we had breathing room, and we went off to meet celebs.

The first person I went up to was still lovely Cinizia Monreale form Lucio Fulci's masterpiece The Beyond. She played the blind chick in that classic. She still looks great! She asked me if was Italian. I told her my dad was from Sicily. Anyways, she signed my copy of The Beyond.

Next, we went to tent. There I went up to the lovely April Hunter. Goddamn! She is so hot! She was also really friendly, and at 10 bucks for an 8x10 and 10 more for a pic with her, I felt she had nice little deal going.

Next up, we went inside and got it in the pit! Man, we never been in the pit this early in the day! I think it is great that they only sold tickets online. It helped keep the crowds from being a nightmare. Anyways, I had wanted to meet Edward James Olmos, but at 50 bucks, plus 20 more if you wanted a pic with him, I was like, "No way!" My friend Alan went up to him, though. I opted to go up to another Battlestar Galatica actor, the pretty Luciana Carro. She played Kat on BSG. I told her when her character died, I actually cried! She was very nice and, of course, asked if I was Italian. When I told her that I was, she told me she was, too. She signed my copy of the first season of BSG.

As we walked through the dealer's room, we noticed that Jasmine Mai was there! I totally flipped out! While, I seen her before, I never got her autograph or anything of the sort. She was really friendly and sweet in person. She has a great personality and talked to me for a while, which was a really pleasant surprise! I got a magazine filled with pics of her and other models inside, which she had presigned but then personalized it for me. It came a bunch of pics and a poster, all signed! Plus, a free 8x10 personalized. And, I get a pic with her, all for 20 bucks! Deal of the day! Overall, she was just so awesome, that she is definitely my favorite celeb I went up to at this Chiller.

Soon, we met up with Jon, Kim, Matt, and Rachel. We decided to get some lunch. Yay! It's the Chiller Menu!

As is always the case with Chiller, there were people in some cool costumes. These were some of my favs:

In the dealer's room, I saw Ruby LaRoca. Like I have said before, I know Ruby for quite some time now. She is always such a cool chick in person. You just gotta love her!

In the dealer's room I got a bunch of cool stuff. They included an action figure of Terry Funk as Chainsaw Charlie and four Japanese movie DVDs: The Angel Collection, Tokyo Gore Police, Flower & Snake II, and Assault! Jack the Ripper. We saw some statues that had rubber duckies. We thought that that was so cute!

Afterward, we finally met up with Pat and Freddie, and later, new comers to Chiller: Rollie and Rachel. The entourage is finally complete!

Since Rollie, wanted to meet Demolition, we went back to the tent. Cynthia Myers of Russ Meyer's classic Beyond the Valley of the Dolls pointed at us, and I soon was surprised that she wanted to talk to me! Turns out her son is a huge Metallica fan, and she wanted to know where to get the T-shirt, I was wearing. I told her to go to hottopic.com

We would eventually get some pizza for dinner, and the all of, and I do mean all of us, got together. Pat and Jon got stuck in the elevator, but thankfully, nothing happened, and soon they, too, joined us. We had a moment of silence for the late, great Marilyn Chambers. I had the pleasure of meeting her a few years ago at Chiller, and it is really a shame that she passed away, so recently. God bless her and may she R.I.P.

Anyways, when we were done we went to the Chiller party! It took them some time to set up, but when they did, holy shit was it was awesome! As they were setting up celebs were getting ready to jam, including Rugrats voice and The Devil's Rejects star, the pretty E.G. Daily.

The Dead Elvi began the fun. Throughout the whole night they played a KILLER set!

As is the usual, lovely ladies joined them on stage.

It should be noted that they had a new signer, and he was awesome! I love his raspy voice!

Pop signer Taylor Dane had the most surreal moment of the night, as she played with zombies, in front of a sea of metalheads, and STILL bought the house down! She had an awesome set and looked great to boot!

If you are wondering the chick in blue is a hottie who played the keyboards, on this night.

Mark Slaughter, who the audience was chanting for, went on next. But, he needed a drum to play, and since he did not have one, we think he should have done an acoustic set. He was way off tune, and did not even finish his best, most famous, and the one this crowd was begging for, the song: Up All Night.

But, thank God E.G. Daily joined him in a duet for a kick ass cover of Helter Skelter! Now, that was awesome!

Micky Dolenz then totally rocked the house with really, really killer tunes!

But, it did not stop there! The surprise of the night was the awesomeness of Richie Scarlett, who has played with Sebastian Bach, Alice Cooper, and Ace Frehley. He fucking rocked so hard that he just fucking killed!!!!! Many were like who is that guy?! But, at that point, it did not mattered cause he fucking owned it! There was a point where he got off the stage and played in the middle of the audience! Like I told a girl that I was talking to, I been to Chiller for years, and I never seen anyone do anything like that! Kick ass!

Next, Dale Bozzio and her band Missing Persons further kicked the audience's asses! People were totally rocking out!

As always, Chiller is filled with crazy shit going on. Throughout the night these blow dolls rocked out, too!

This chick, whoever she was, has a smoking hot body.

I seen the lovely Sky for the past 2 years or so at Chiller, but I finally got a pic with her. She is just so hot and sexy!

The next band to play was Pat Horgan and Thunder Road . They were great, too! Shit even Austin Powers rocked out to them. But, by this point I was fucking dead tired. I mean I had not been feeling so good all week (in fact as I type this I am finally getting over this slight cold), and when exhaustion hit, we just had to call it a night. Although, Rollie, Rachel, Matt, and I tried to stay as long as we could.

The next day we said bye to our friends and off we went for pncakes and BACON!! An awesome breakfast later, we headed our seprate ways, as we await the next Chiller!

Here is to the best Chiller, yet, and to many more to come. Chiller fucking rules!!!!!!!!! All hail!

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WrestleMania 25 and Beyond

This past Sunday marked the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania, aka WrestleMania XXV. I have pretty mixed thoughts on it, but lets start with the Hall of Fame induction.

I like all the inductees, but Koko B. Ware , really?! I mean I loved the guy as a kid, but wasn't he nothing more than a glorified jobber?! Look, I have nothing against the guy, but when guys like Ted DiBiase ain't in there, you gotta be like what the fuck?! In fact, when will he be in the HOF? He is one of the greatest heels, ever! The following should be in the Hall of Fame, as well: Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff, Miss Elizabeth, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, "Ravishing" Rick Rude, etc. I would say Jake "The Snake" Roberts (one of my absolute favorites, as a kid), but his recent actions, i.e. pulling down his pants and showing off his "snake", really hurt his chances. Anyways, still great to see "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Rick "The Dragon" Steamboat, among others, get inducted.

In regards to Austin, no bird flipping, cause WWE is now PG. *sigh* Least he can still drink beer...

Meanwhile, Steamboat can still fucking go, as his match with Jericho proved on Sunday. Same goes for the match he was involved in, the next day on Raw. I've been a Steamboat fan since I was a child, so seeing this made me happy. Piper and Snuka should have stayed home, though...

To me, the best match of the night was Money in the Bank, but CM Punk should not have won. Yeah, I like the guy, but he won it last year. Give it to Shelton Benjamin. Why does the WWE not push this guy, why?!

Everyone on the net has declared HBK vs. Undertaker match of the night, perhaps of the year. Hey, it was good but not great. HBK even botched a figure four.

The Hardys match was good fun. Much better than their last match, but then again it could not be any worse, right?

On to the bad:

Please, tell me why they did not air the tag team unification bout, but they did air that shit match with JBL and Rey Mysterio?! But, that was not the worst match, of the night...

That dishonor belongs to the Diva's Battle Royale. Your winner was: Satania Morella, i.e. Santino in drag. Why?! Cause, WWE sucks ass. A total disgrace to the Divas!!!!!! Fuck you Vince McMahon and WWE!!!

I was looking forward to the HHH vs. Orton match, cause the storyline was so well done. Well, sadly that match sucked and did not live up the hype. Oh, and as I expected Cena is your champ, again. And, on Raw Batista came back... Yay! Another asshole, I could give two shits about... By the way, does he not look like he is taking a mean shit, in this pic?

Overall, WrestleMania XXV gets "thumbs in the middle" from me. I had fun cause I saw it with friends. I would have enjoyed it A LOT less if I had seen it by myself. And, more so this ain't worth anywhere near the price the WWE wanted for the PPV.

Getting back to the Divas, as I said in a blog before, I am so happy Gail Kim is back. By now, you long time readers and friends, know that I am a huge mark for her. This babe fucking rules wrestling. I love her. She is beautiful and talented and an all around nice person . You know the type they should give a super push to. I hope they do, but this is the WWE, so...

Meanwhile, I would like to say, though now where near as talented as Gail, Michelle McCool is hot. And, so is Maryse . And, you can thank me cause here are some Playboy pics of her! While, Gail is definitely more my type; I still like these blonde hotties.

Speaking of blondes with big boobs, it is being that Debra McMicheals, aka the ex-Mrs. Steve Austin, wants to return to wrestling and go to TNA. Debra has nice legs and a good, albeit, fake rack. I wouldn't mind seeing her back but could careless if she doesn't...

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