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WrestleMania 25 and Beyond

This past Sunday marked the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania, aka WrestleMania XXV. I have pretty mixed thoughts on it, but lets start with the Hall of Fame induction.

I like all the inductees, but Koko B. Ware , really?! I mean I loved the guy as a kid, but wasn't he nothing more than a glorified jobber?! Look, I have nothing against the guy, but when guys like Ted DiBiase ain't in there, you gotta be like what the fuck?! In fact, when will he be in the HOF? He is one of the greatest heels, ever! The following should be in the Hall of Fame, as well: Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff, Miss Elizabeth, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, "Ravishing" Rick Rude, etc. I would say Jake "The Snake" Roberts (one of my absolute favorites, as a kid), but his recent actions, i.e. pulling down his pants and showing off his "snake", really hurt his chances. Anyways, still great to see "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Rick "The Dragon" Steamboat, among others, get inducted.

In regards to Austin, no bird flipping, cause WWE is now PG. *sigh* Least he can still drink beer...

Meanwhile, Steamboat can still fucking go, as his match with Jericho proved on Sunday. Same goes for the match he was involved in, the next day on Raw. I've been a Steamboat fan since I was a child, so seeing this made me happy. Piper and Snuka should have stayed home, though...

To me, the best match of the night was Money in the Bank, but CM Punk should not have won. Yeah, I like the guy, but he won it last year. Give it to Shelton Benjamin. Why does the WWE not push this guy, why?!

Everyone on the net has declared HBK vs. Undertaker match of the night, perhaps of the year. Hey, it was good but not great. HBK even botched a figure four.

The Hardys match was good fun. Much better than their last match, but then again it could not be any worse, right?

On to the bad:

Please, tell me why they did not air the tag team unification bout, but they did air that shit match with JBL and Rey Mysterio?! But, that was not the worst match, of the night...

That dishonor belongs to the Diva's Battle Royale. Your winner was: Satania Morella, i.e. Santino in drag. Why?! Cause, WWE sucks ass. A total disgrace to the Divas!!!!!! Fuck you Vince McMahon and WWE!!!

I was looking forward to the HHH vs. Orton match, cause the storyline was so well done. Well, sadly that match sucked and did not live up the hype. Oh, and as I expected Cena is your champ, again. And, on Raw Batista came back... Yay! Another asshole, I could give two shits about... By the way, does he not look like he is taking a mean shit, in this pic?

Overall, WrestleMania XXV gets "thumbs in the middle" from me. I had fun cause I saw it with friends. I would have enjoyed it A LOT less if I had seen it by myself. And, more so this ain't worth anywhere near the price the WWE wanted for the PPV.

Getting back to the Divas, as I said in a blog before, I am so happy Gail Kim is back. By now, you long time readers and friends, know that I am a huge mark for her. This babe fucking rules wrestling. I love her. She is beautiful and talented and an all around nice person . You know the type they should give a super push to. I hope they do, but this is the WWE, so...

Meanwhile, I would like to say, though now where near as talented as Gail, Michelle McCool is hot. And, so is Maryse . And, you can thank me cause here are some Playboy pics of her! While, Gail is definitely more my type; I still like these blonde hotties.

Speaking of blondes with big boobs, it is being that Debra McMicheals, aka the ex-Mrs. Steve Austin, wants to return to wrestling and go to TNA. Debra has nice legs and a good, albeit, fake rack. I wouldn't mind seeing her back but could careless if she doesn't...

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Ro-Beast Rollie said...

Are people really calling Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels the best match of the night? Ugh, that was the most boring fucking match. Shawn Michaels botched every single move. The Undertaker only has 4 or 5 in his arsenal anyway and he did them all twice. I had high hopes for that one, but it's time to let the young guys take over.

Giovanni Deldio said...

yeah, well all the wrestling sites swear that was MOTN, even early contender for MOTY; they are saying. Why? IDK. *sigh*