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WiHM Massive Blood Drive "B(e) Positive" by Joe Magna

Picture courtesy of the Twisted Twins.

Sexy, fun, and with a great message, the following video is awesome as fucking hell. Read on see for it for yourself.

From the Twisted Twins official press release: 

Today is January 31st and it marks the start of this year's Women In Horror Month Massive Blood Drive onslaught! This year we have a killer 30 filmmaking teams who have come together to bring awareness to blood donation. 

DISCLAIMER: This IS Horror, boys and grrls, so SOME of these do have VERY naughty content. Blood. Gore. EXTREME gore. Disturbing situations. Nudity. Sexual situations. Violence. Language.

If you are SENSITIVE to this kind of content, be a mature human being and just don't watch. No need to spoil the fun for us fellow weirdos. We're not hurting anyone. It just REALLY looks like we are ;)

Now, on with the show. We present "B(e) Positive" by Joe Magna.

Primary Crew: 

Writer/Director/Editor: Joe Magna

Cinematography/Music/Sound Design: Richard Trejo

Production Design: Alex Napiwocki


Jill Evyn

Stephanie Gail Williams

Christina Westbrook

and Noel Jason Scott as Harvey Winesnob


Joe Magna is a Los Angeles-based Writer/Director, specializing in surreal fantasy and candy-coated nightmares.

Joe's creative work spans through Television, Film and Theme Park development. 

In addition to recently writing and directing the short film "B(e) Positive" for the Twisted Twins' WIH Massive Blood Drive, Joe Magna will be releasing two additional short films that he wrote and directed, coming soon in 2018. 

Joe Magna is currently working in creative development on several Theme Park attractions overseas.


"I celebrate Women in horror month every month. Without the wonderful women of the horror genre, we would have no Frankenstein (thank you Mary Shelley). We would have no Creature from the Black Lagoon (thank you Milicent Patrick). And we would cease to exist.

I think these days more than ever, we need to remind ourselves that each of us emerged bloody and crying from the womb of a brave and strong woman.

It is my pleasure to be a part of this collection of short films that celebrates the wonderful women of Horror."

Joe adds on the subject of blood donation:

"Blood is life. It's in all of us. For most of us, it flows in abundance. But there are those out there less fortunate. 

Donating blood means donating life. Now more than ever, we need to band together to help our brothers and sisters in need.

Not all of us can donate financially. But nearly all of us can donate the fluid of life to help someone else live theirs.

It's truly in you to give . Thank you for donating blood. Thank you for being a true hero. <3 font="">

Look for a NEW WiHM Massive Blood Drive PSA every day with the last one appearing on March 1st.

For more on Women In Horror Month check out the official site at: http://www.womeninhorrormonth.com/



My Saturday NYCC 2017 Punisher Cosplay

As long promised, here are the pics of me as Punisher, all with other cosplayers, at last year's New York Comic Con. I did this particular cosplay on Saturday. It marked my second time at Comic Con in this cosplay, which I have also done at other cons and events. By now, he is second nature to me but is always a blast to pull off. Above you can see me with two of Marvel's other New York City crime fighters, Daredevil and Spider-Man! Kingpin and the other baddies better watch their asses!
I next teamed up with my fellow NetFlix heroes, Iron Fist, doggy Luke Cage, and Daredevil! These guys were really cool and did some great cosplaying. I freaking loved the fact that the dude doing Iron Fist dressed his way too cute Pomeranian as Luke Cage. You can see a better pic of them directly, below:

 This gorgeous cosplayer did a truly excellent and sexy Catwoman cosplay!
The crossover of the year! "Punisher Vs. Aliens!" Actually, this would be awesome if it actually happened. Marvel and Darkhorse need to make this a comic-book reality!

Finding and posing with others doing Punisher cosplays is always. Especially when they are as truly amazing as the following two:

My friend Nelson D. Martinez did a gun toting vigilante cosplay of his own in DC's the Red Hood. He looked awesome and badass as fuck! Below you will see us with some other kick ass DC cosplayers:

Spider-Gwen and I ready to team-up and take down some bad guys! Awesome cosplay, by her, by the way!

As always, I had a blast being my favorite comic-book hero. I shall be bringing him back later this year for NYCC and maybe some other cons. We shall see. Until then, this concludes my coverage of last year's NYCC. Did any of you attend? Are you any of the cosplayers featured in this or any of the pics in links below? If so please leave a comment and let us know. 

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Horror Crush: Lisa Fuller

Today we have the first induction into this site's Horror Crushes section for 2018: the gorgeous Lisa Fuller!
Lisa Fuller was born in 1966. She did some TV work, before making her big screen debut in the cult classic The Monster Squad.
Sometimes compared to the inferior The Goonies, this horror comedy, directed and co-written, along with Shane (Lethal Weapon) Black, by Fred (Night of the Creeps) Dekker was a box office bomb when it came out in 1988. But, it would go to major cult status later on. The tale of a group of kids teaming up to battle Dracula and his fellow classic monster friends (the Wolf-Man, the Gill-Man, and the Mummy), it manages to be funny, fun, and sweet. Yet, its' villains remain an actual threat to them, and they are taken seriously. There is a true love for the Universal classic horror movie monsters, but with a bit of modern splatter and flawless FX, by Stan Winston throw in.
Fuller, play's the sister one of said kids, Patrick. They need a virgin to read the magical words to open a portal to blast the monsters to limbo. So, they get her to do just that. Monster Squad has been a favorite of mine since I was a little kid. Over the years, my love for it has grown even more. Fuller is good in her role, and like the the film, I have loved her since childhood.
In fact, I had a super crush on her when I first saw it. She has a bombshell of a body, which would secure her the role of the hot blonde in her future movies. She ain't nude in this, being you know a PG-13 movie and all, but she is in her bra and panties (cue former WWE Raw commentator Jerry Lawler screaming, "Bra and panties!").
A year later, in 1989, she appeared in a direct to video anthology flick named Terrifying Tales. Any of you ever seen this one?
She also appeared in an episode of Freddy's Nightmares from the first season called School Daze. I don't remember shit about this episode, but this series was usually pretty lame, so...
That same year of '89, she did one more horror movie, her final genre role, playing Joanie Snowland one of the bullies who get zombified in the often forgotten horror flick Night Life. I saw this when it first hit VHS, so all I recall is that it was fun, had good gore, and with Fuller and Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Live hottie victim Darcy DeMoss in it, definitely had the hot babes department fulfilled.  
These days Fuller is a talent agent, wife, and mom. She will always be one of my favorite babes, if only for my childhood crush on her in Monster Squad. Blonde, beautiful, and with a body to for, it is with great love and honor that I add Lisa Fuller to this site's Horror Crushes!


Jungle Rot- What Horrors Await (Reissue) (Album Review)

Musicians: Jungle Rot
Album Title: What Horrors Await
Genre/ Subgenre: Death Metal
Label: Victory Records
Release date: Jan. 19, 2018 (digital download), April 6, 2018 (CD with vinyl release later in April)

What Horrors Await is the sixth studio release by death metal band Jungle Rot and has long been very hard to find. Thankfully, though Victory Records have just released a reissue of this much sought after and blistering release.

Originally released in 2009, this is Jungle Rot at its fucking best. Fast and driving this fucker will get you going and pumped up. But, the album was a one time deal with a different label and never made it to the US, being sold only in Europe. Hence, fans here have been dying to own it ever since.

Your Jungle Rot, and death metal collection in general, will not be complete unless you add this classic to it. And, now is your chance is to do so. Every song on here has is great. They all have a kick ass and pounding in your face death metal grove and are filled with anger and ferocity.

It opens with the fast and pulverizing "Worst Case Scenario".  The driving "Unstoppable" is the perfect name for this juggernaut of a song. The wicked speed of the blast beat and shredding guitar filled "Straighjacket Life" will beat you into a bloody pulp. "End of an Age" comes at you like a tank mowing everything in site with furious drums and a groove that truly fucking kills! Speaking of groove, it is in full swing in what might be my favorite track, the thundering "Speak the Truth". The title track is a face smashing ass kicker from hell. I could really go on and on, as I said every track is a barn burner, including a fucking awesome and shredding cover of German thrash metal masters Destruction classic "Invisible Force".

This reissue has excellent production. It sounds thick, clear, and deep with a truly crushing sound all around. It is complemented by the classic artwork by Gyula Havancsak, who would go on to work on the next three albums by the band. This one is cool and badass as fuck, as his art for the band tends to be.

A rollicking slab of groovy death metal, Jungle Rot's What Horrors Await can finally be owned by US fans of the band. It already hit digital download and will hit CD on April 6, to be followed by a LP release later that same month.

5 out of 5


NYCC 2017: The Best of Sunday's Cosplay and More!

Before I start, I know some of you are wondering where the Punisher cosplay pics I promised are, They are coming, please be patient. That being said, I figure we could jump ahead to Sunday and post those long overdue pics (and, sorry for the delay on these, I have been backlogged forever, remodeling my house and whatnot). Anywho, let us not waste anymore time trek on forward!

Here are some of my favorite cosplays from the Sunday of NYCC 2017!

Oh shit! The Vulture is whooping Spidey's ass!

It is worth mentioning that Sunday was packed as hell! Some even said it looked more packed that Sat! I don't know if this is a fact, but I certainly didn't and wouldn't argue this statement. At the very least, it was as packed as that big day!

Anyway, back to more cosplay pics!
Best. Data. Cosplay. Ever!
 Excellent Lara Croft cosplay by this lovely, young lady.

Then all of a sudden, Cobra Commander and Snake-Eyes began to fight!

Cause, throwing the devil horns up and getting a pic with Pikachu is one of my favorite things to do at cons!
 They're Mary Poppins, y'all!
 Badass Spawn group cosplay!
 Beautiful and most excellent Dark Phoenix cosplayer!
 BMO and Marceline! Two of my all time favorite "Adventure Time" characters!
 Excellent "Hostel" cosplay FTW!

I am not gonna lie. Getting a pic taken with Spongebob and Patrick at the Nickelodeon booth was one of the highlights for me at last year's NYCC. I waited on a line, that moved pretty fast actually, and then when I met them and got the pic taken with them, I was happy as hell! 
Let me end Sunday with who I think might be the most beautiful Chun-Li cosplayer that I have ever seen!

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