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Horror Crush: Lisa Fuller

Today we have the first induction into this site's Horror Crushes section for 2018: the gorgeous Lisa Fuller!
Lisa Fuller was born in 1966. She did some TV work, before making her big screen debut in the cult classic The Monster Squad.
Sometimes compared to the inferior The Goonies, this horror comedy, directed and co-written, along with Shane (Lethal Weapon) Black, by Fred (Night of the Creeps) Dekker was a box office bomb when it came out in 1988. But, it would go to major cult status later on. The tale of a group of kids teaming up to battle Dracula and his fellow classic monster friends (the Wolf-Man, the Gill-Man, and the Mummy), it manages to be funny, fun, and sweet. Yet, its' villains remain an actual threat to them, and they are taken seriously. There is a true love for the Universal classic horror movie monsters, but with a bit of modern splatter and flawless FX, by Stan Winston throw in.
Fuller, play's the sister one of said kids, Patrick. They need a virgin to read the magical words to open a portal to blast the monsters to limbo. So, they get her to do just that. Monster Squad has been a favorite of mine since I was a little kid. Over the years, my love for it has grown even more. Fuller is good in her role, and like the the film, I have loved her since childhood.
In fact, I had a super crush on her when I first saw it. She has a bombshell of a body, which would secure her the role of the hot blonde in her future movies. She ain't nude in this, being you know a PG-13 movie and all, but she is in her bra and panties (cue former WWE Raw commentator Jerry Lawler screaming, "Bra and panties!").
A year later, in 1989, she appeared in a direct to video anthology flick named Terrifying Tales. Any of you ever seen this one?
She also appeared in an episode of Freddy's Nightmares from the first season called School Daze. I don't remember shit about this episode, but this series was usually pretty lame, so...
That same year of '89, she did one more horror movie, her final genre role, playing Joanie Snowland one of the bullies who get zombified in the often forgotten horror flick Night Life. I saw this when it first hit VHS, so all I recall is that it was fun, had good gore, and with Fuller and Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Live hottie victim Darcy DeMoss in it, definitely had the hot babes department fulfilled.  
These days Fuller is a talent agent, wife, and mom. She will always be one of my favorite babes, if only for my childhood crush on her in Monster Squad. Blonde, beautiful, and with a body to for, it is with great love and honor that I add Lisa Fuller to this site's Horror Crushes!