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Jungle Rot- What Horrors Await (Reissue) (Album Review)

Musicians: Jungle Rot
Album Title: What Horrors Await
Genre/ Subgenre: Death Metal
Label: Victory Records
Release date: Jan. 19, 2018 (digital download), April 6, 2018 (CD with vinyl release later in April)

What Horrors Await is the sixth studio release by death metal band Jungle Rot and has long been very hard to find. Thankfully, though Victory Records have just released a reissue of this much sought after and blistering release.

Originally released in 2009, this is Jungle Rot at its fucking best. Fast and driving this fucker will get you going and pumped up. But, the album was a one time deal with a different label and never made it to the US, being sold only in Europe. Hence, fans here have been dying to own it ever since.

Your Jungle Rot, and death metal collection in general, will not be complete unless you add this classic to it. And, now is your chance is to do so. Every song on here has is great. They all have a kick ass and pounding in your face death metal grove and are filled with anger and ferocity.

It opens with the fast and pulverizing "Worst Case Scenario".  The driving "Unstoppable" is the perfect name for this juggernaut of a song. The wicked speed of the blast beat and shredding guitar filled "Straighjacket Life" will beat you into a bloody pulp. "End of an Age" comes at you like a tank mowing everything in site with furious drums and a groove that truly fucking kills! Speaking of groove, it is in full swing in what might be my favorite track, the thundering "Speak the Truth". The title track is a face smashing ass kicker from hell. I could really go on and on, as I said every track is a barn burner, including a fucking awesome and shredding cover of German thrash metal masters Destruction classic "Invisible Force".

This reissue has excellent production. It sounds thick, clear, and deep with a truly crushing sound all around. It is complemented by the classic artwork by Gyula Havancsak, who would go on to work on the next three albums by the band. This one is cool and badass as fuck, as his art for the band tends to be.

A rollicking slab of groovy death metal, Jungle Rot's What Horrors Await can finally be owned by US fans of the band. It already hit digital download and will hit CD on April 6, to be followed by a LP release later that same month.

5 out of 5