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Random Hotness XI: Hotness Goes to the Net

Being that I am bored out of my fucking mind, the fact that I ain't blogged in what feels like a while, and that I definitely ain't done one of these blogs in ages, I felt like I would brighten your day and talk about some random hotties.

Mariah Carey- She received an award for breakthrough performance for Precious at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. But, she was drunk when she got the award! I LOVE drunk chicks! Yay! Here is the vid:

Plus, I found pics of her wondrous cleavage, like this one: Aren't you glad I share?

Sasha Grey- A girl who gets a lot of love at this blog is, of course, the beautiful Sasha Grey. She won a bunch of awards at this year's AVNs. Here she is thanking the AVNs:

She will also be co-hosting the AEE special on G4 that airs this Valentine's Day. What a perfect babe to not only to host it, but a great choice to spend V-Day with! For more info go here: http://g4tv.com/valentines2010/

Jamie Chung- Another HUGE fav of mine and frequently mentioned in this blog babe is, of course, this Korean beauty. Coming back early from work I picked up the November/ December issue of Complex with Eliza Dushku on the cover. And, while I do like her, it is Jamie's presence in the mag that made me pick it up. There are some great pics inside of her and an awesome interview. She seems to date a lot of guys who don't appreciate her. What the fuck? Who would not appreciate this goddess?! What a bunch of douchebags! Anyways, here is an extra sexy vid from that shoot:

The Girls of Spartacus: Blood and Sand- This Sam (The Evil Dead Trilogy) Raimi produced sword and sandals series just started this Friday on Starz and looks to be great. While, it overdo the CGI it is a badass guy's show filled with great acting, ultra-gore, and HOT babes. Two of them, Erin (Bitch Slap) Cummings and, my favorite so far, Viva Bianca , have already been nude. Lucy (Xena: Warrior Princess and Battlestar Galatica) Lawless is said to be nude in an upcoming episodes (this week's from what I been told). Be sure to watch this TV show! I know I am!

Kristin Kreuk- Speaking of TV shows... on Twitter, last night, I read that the beautiful Ms. Kreuk would be on NBC's Chuck. I flipped to it for a few minutes, she was riding a plane and sitting next to him . Lucky bastard! Like a fellow OMFG (that's Olivia Munn Fan Group) member said she's never looked hotter! Who the hell wouldn't want to sit next to a superbabe (pun NOT intended) like her on a plane? That said even even with her and former WWF champion and all around badass Stone Cold Steve Austin being in the episode, I still do not give a flying fuck about this show. Oh well.

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The 10 Best Vampire Movies

Tired of lame glittery vampires it was nice to see a good and original vampire flick last night in the form of Daybreakers. That led me to want to write this blog where I pick my 10 ten favorite vampire movies. I would imagine some of you have seen many of these films, but any you may not have seen are of my highest possible recommendation.

10. - Fred Dekker's fun and funny tribute to the Universal horror classics is a great mix of classic horror, modern FX, and humor. All the classic monsters are here, but it's the evil Dracula (the wonderful Duncan Regehr) who really shines. Regehr plays one of the best Counts since Frank Langela. I simply love the scene where he calls the little a girl a "bitch". Nice! His vampire brides, here a trio of teen babes, is in it, too.

9. - The best in the horror superhero series, Blade II, is fast paced and bloody. Del Toro makes a killer movie with villains that rank among the coolest looking the genre has ever seen. Our hero is, of course, a half breed, and gets to hook up with beautiful vampire honey Leonor Varela. One of my personal favorite Del Toro movies.

8. - Anne Rice's classic is one of my favorite books, ever. And, this is a great adaptation of it. Sumptuous and beautifully rendered with an excellent cast, it is one of the rare times a movie does a great book justice. Lestat is also one of the best vampire villains in the sub-genre. Too bad, this series inadvertently bought on that Twilight crap...

7. - One of the best anime movies ever made, this exciting and bloody toon is stunning to look at and features some kick ass violence and cool villains and an awesome fucking hero. The lush animation is blood red and visually stunning.

6. (aka Horror of Dracula)- Yes, I like the Universal Drac films, but I prefer the Hammer stuff. And, as great as Bela was there is no better Dracula than Lee. And, this is his best film. It also happens to be one of the finest horror movies ever made. A defining, important, and highly influential classic.

5. - Roddy McDowall as a Peter Cushing inspired hero and Chris Sarandon as one of the suavest and coolest vampiric villains ever make this an unforgettable good time. In fact the whole cast just shines. It's also stylish, sexy, and funny. And, the impressive, and messy, climax is one of the best in any genre. A close to my heart favorite of mine, I simply cannot recommend this one enough.

4. - Leave to Chan-Wook Park to breathe new life into the vampire sub-genre. Great acting, the hottest vamp ever (Kim Ok-Bin), a wonderful script, and more awesomeness, add up to not only the best vampire film in the last ten plus years, but last year's best movie, period.

3. - Katheryn Bigelow's horror masterpiece is beautifully shot and never utters the word vampire. The acting from the phenomenal cast is perfect, with many of the cast from James Cameron's Aliens appearing here. It's a perfect mix of action, romance, gore, and horror that it simply tramples the competition. The bar scene is fucking classic all the way.

2. - Also winning the award for sexiest vampire movie, ever, this erotic gory cult-fav has two of the yummiest bi-vamps you will ever find in the form of Anulka and Marianne Morris. There have been a ton of rug muncher vamp movies after this, but this one is still the best one.

1. - This Rodriguez and Taratino classic made an impression on me when I saw it as a teen, and it, to this very day, remains my favorite vampire movie, ever. Gory, action packed, fun, humorous, outrageous, well acted by a killer cast and truly amazing FX by KNB. I mean really this one has it all. The vampires also look very cool and, hey, if you are gonna get killed by vampires, why not have them be stripper bloodsuckers? Salma Hayek's dance is one of the sexiest you'll ever see, and will make a lasting impression in your head (both of them!). A vampire movie that is the very definition of the word "cool".

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My first review of the new year is up at the Gorezone. It's for the horror classic Witchfinder General, and you can read it here: http://www.gorezone.net/dvdcrypt/reviewstxt/vwx/witchfindergeneral.html

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The 10 Best Movies of 2009

Another great year for movie fans has passed. And, while there will always be shitty remakes and sequels and miserable films, in general, there were some real winners out there, in all genres. In fact, this was a real difficult list to make, there were many movies that just, barely did not make the cut. As always, the list is all encompassing and not the usual ass kissing that other sites and blogs may feel the need to do. So, if you are looking for boring, overrated shit, I suggest you look else where. All movies here are equal amounts of quality and entertainment.

10. Zombieland- - Many complain that the zombie sub-genre is getting over crowded, well maybe it is. But, as long as fun, cool movies like this are made, I won't fucking care. This is easily my fav role that Woody Harrelson (one of my favorite actors) has done in a long time. The humor is actually funny and the gore is kick ass. In other this is that hardest of things to do right: the horror comedy. The cameo is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the year's best, and funniest, cinematic moments.

9. Inglorious Basterds- - I have been a long time fan of Tarantino's work, but I will be the first to admit that Kill Bill Vol. 2 and, especially, Death Proof were crap, at least in my humble opinions, anyways. But, Tarantino has redeemed himself with this, his work in a long time. Sure it is kind of slow, at times, but the movie looks great. And, above that the acting is excellent, in particular that of Christopher Waltz as the evil lead Nazi, and the script is phenomenal. Those looking for carnage will love the graphic violence, particularly cheering for the bloody deaths of the piece of shit Nazi scum. The final twenty minutes or so had me on the edge of my seat and cheering. Fucking amazing.

8. Wonder Woman- - DC have doing an amazing job with their direct-to-DVD animated movies. But, even I did not think that they could pull off a movie this great, much less with a character that I was never a fan of. The animation is amazing and the voice acting great. The script is also fun, exciting, and mature. The fight scenes are totally kick ass and some of the violence is pretty shocking. If they ever make Wonder Woman into a live action movie, it will not be easy to top this one. In fact, this one is better than many a live action superhero movie.

7. Up- - For the second year in a row a pixar movie has made my list. Yeah, of course the animation is jaw dropping, but it is the heart here that really makes it shine. During the first fifteen minutes or so, there is little to no dialogue, and yet, I was crying. This movie touched my heart like few movies with a bunch of pointless melodrama could ever hope to achieve. But, it ain't all sad. It also happens to be funny, cute, and, in particular the climax, really exciting. Mark this one as another great hit for Pixar.

6. (500) Days of Summer- - Romantic movies usually suck. It's a fucking fact. And, I abhor chick flicks. But, this dear friends, is NOT a chick flick. In fact, written and directed by guys, the movie can be seen as a normal guy's take on romance. And, I think that is why it connects to guys, so well. What normal dude has not been where our lead is at in the film? But, upon further thought it does have a universal appeal that does pull in both sexes. In fact, few movies spoke to me on a more personal level than this one. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is just great in the movie. Zooey Deschanel is so damn good, as well. She is a babe, one that you will both love her and hate as she plays the role of Summer. Quite simply THE best romantic movie, in my eyes, since Secretary (although that movie is completely different, but you get my point).

5. Drag to Me Hell- - I been a Sam Raimi fan since I was a kid. In fact, Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn is one of the movies that influenced me to get into film. But, while I liked the first two Spider-Man movies (part three sucked Venom's dick); I always wanted him to go back to horror. I wondered, almost doubted he would. But, thank fucking God he did. And, in doing so he made his best film since Darkman. Having much of the same feel and style of Evil Dead 2, Drag Me to Hell is wild, fun, and highly entertaining. Even with the usually stifling PG-13 rating, this one delivers some pretty great gross out moments. Also, our lovely lead Alison Lohman is not only a babe, but she is a great actress. One really feels for her character cause she really doesn't deserve all the shit that happens to her, in this movie. While, Lorna Ravner is awesome as the villain. Their confrontation in the parking lot is one of most ass kicking and fun fights in a movie this year. It's a shame that this funny and suspenseful horror flick, did not become a big hit at the box office, while filth like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen made a shit load of cash.

4. District 9- - While, I have no clue if Peter Jackson will ever go back to the splatter film, at least he produced Neill Blomkamp's kick ass sci-fi flick. A smart, deep, thought provoking, multi-layered story is combined with great acting and awesome FX. It also happens to have some of the most impressive gore to bleed forth on a sci-fi since the days of Paul Verhoeven. Combing elements of Robocop and Cronenberg's The Fly, Blomkamp has a made modern classic of the genre. The fact that this film, made in New Zealand and featuring an unknown cast, made money at the box office gives me at least some hope in the cinema going audience.

3. Watchmen- - While, mainstream audiences did not get this one (too slow, too violent, too much sex, whatever the fuck was their complaint), real fans knew that this was a faithful adaptation to one of the great comic book stories ever told. Dark, violent, mature, smart, enthralling, and eye popping this is one of the finest superhero films, ever made. Everyone is so good in their role, but it is Jackie Earl Haley that gives a breakthrough performance as unbalanced but heroic vigilante Rorschach. Not an easy book to adopt, the movie stays close to the source material making only changes that benefit it cinematically. The DVD release of the Ultimate Cut is THE definitive version of this movie, and THE finest DVD release of the year.

2. Martyrs- - Man, the French continue to make the type of horror films America just does not have the balls to fucking do. This movie is brutal, harrowing, and truly horrific. It's a film that makes you feel like the victims, as by the end of the movie I was left scarred, beaten, and brutalized. The movie is divided into three sections, and I realize some have complained about the third section. But, if you get it, it really does work. There is a richness and deepness here that goes well beyond the gore and shock (even if it does deliver some of the most outright nightmarish examples of that in 2009). Any film that manages to affect on level that is so deep as this one has to be admired.

1. Thirst- - Chan Wook Park is the man. There should be a fucking alter for this director, for fans to worship at. Perhaps, the single best director currently making movies; he hits gold again with this flawless and entertaining take on vampires. While, Hollywood has defanged vamps with the pussified Twilight series; Park takes the sub-genre into an exciting manner. Compiled with his artistic directing and the two excellent leads, Thirst is the finest bloodsucker movie since From Dusk Till Dawn. It is equally fun, funny, horrific, and smart. It also hits the mark as far as sex and gore goes, and Kim Ok-Bin is the single most beautiful and captivating woman to ever play a vampire. She also happens to be one of my picks for hottest babes of the year. The movie got a limited release, so you may not have seen, but I beg you to get your ass to seeing the newly released DVD. Though, I for one, will hold out for a DVD when one with more extras gets released, as this one is as bare bones as it fucking gets. Regardless, Park is an amazing director, and this movie serves to further cement him as one of the finest cinematic voices in the history of genre film making.

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The 10 Best Metal Albums of 2009

As far as metal/ hard rock music goes 2009 was another great year. Particularly for heavier music, as thrash, death, and black metal bands put out some of the best and heaviest music my ears had the pleasure of hearing. It was a truly awesome year to bang your fucking head, get in the pit, and kick some fucking ass. As always, this is not an easy list to make, whittling down so many great albums to these ten is hard work. But, I do hope it makes you get the albums on the list you don't already own. Or, at the very least, makes for some great discussion.

10. Otep- Smash the Control Machine-- Smart lyrics and a great mix of the heavy and the melodic makes this album from one of metal's most original and exciting acts a must hear. The lovely Otep Shamaya is easily one of metal's most charismatic and intelligent signers (male or female). And, this album continues the perfection of the sound that they started with Ascension. Extra points for having one of the most artistic looking covers of the year.

9. Kreator- Hordes of Chaos- - It's always great to see one of the old school bands still able to pull out a classic. That fact that is band as awesome as Kreator is even better. And, even even more so is when this album tops their last one, Enemy of God, which was an amazing album. In fact, this is their best album since Coma of Souls, and ranks, in my humble opinion, as the third best album the band has ever done. The lyrics are fucking cool and great to sing along to and the musicianship is phenomenal.

8. Killswitch Engage- Killswitch Engage- KSE continue to evolve their melodic metalcore. But, they never leave the heaviness behind. The music always feels and sounds like something to get the mosh pit going. Howard Jones remains one of the best signers of the current crop of metal masters. And, the drumming and guitar work never fail to give that great grove that makes KSE one of my favorite bands. This self titled album continues all of that to perfection.

7. Shadows Fall- Retribution- - Continuing the thrash inspired, no metalcore sound they started with thier last one, Threads of Life; Shadows Fall have, I think perfected itd with this one. The twin guitar riffs and in your face heaviness makes for a very pleasing sound that manages to mix the old school with a more modern and fresh take. This album features some of the year's most pleasing and ass kicking tracks.

6. Lamb of God- Wrath- - One of the masters, if not THE masters of the so-called New Wave of American Heavy Metal, LoG manage to mix the impressive musicianship (those riffs! the double base!) into some of the heaviest and groove filled music you will ever wanna mosh to. Songs like Choke Sermon and In Your Words will give your neck whiplash.

5. Warbringer- Waking into Nightmares- - So many bands try to bring the 80s thrash metal style back, but none of them are as successful as these young guys. After making the most impressive debut(last year, at that!), that I had heard in ages; they make an even more impressive second album! America's answer to Kreator have managed to put out an album so blisteringly good that they manage to top a great album from Kreator, themselves, released the same year! And, that brothers and sisters in metal might be THE accomplishment of the year.

4. Chthonic- Mirror of Retribution- - The absolute best black metal album of the year, did not come from Europe, but from Taiwan, as Chthonic hit us with their beat album, so far, in their careers. While, melodic sounds are definitely present the band also sets out to makes some of the heaviest music the sub-genre has ever had and succeed immensely at that. Freddy has become one of my favorite voices in current extreme metal. The band gets a lot of attention from the press thanks to their beautiful bassist Doris Yeh, the most gorgeous woman in music and number 43 in my list of The Hottest Babes of 2009. But, it is great that the band got much deserved critical acclaim thanks to this dark and amazing piece of metallic work. The track Venom in My Veins might the most fucking awesome, kick you in your fucking teeth song of 2009.

3. Megadeth- Endgame- - While, I have enjoyed last few Megadeth albums, I never thought they reached the level greatness of their older work. Returning to a full blown thrash metal sound, Megadeth craft their absolute best work since their godly masterpiece Rust in Peace. As always, the guitar work is phenomenal and drummer Shawn Drover is the best they have had since Nick Menza. Many of the songs on here only get better with each listening, with the album closing off with two of the best songs that they have written in a very long time.

2. Slayer- World Painted Blood- - Much like Megadeth made their best in years, so did the mighty Slayer. Bringing back Lombardo has reinvigorated them giving them their best and tightest sound. It began with Christ Illusion, but it is perfected with this one. The lyrics are as awesome as ever, the musicianship as sharp as ever, and the music is dark and heavy with the right amount of melody. In fact this is undoubtedly their best work since the classic Seasons in the Abyss. World Painted Blood might just be the best fucking single of the year. With Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer hitting some of their finest work, one wonders if Anthrax is next to do so...

1. Dethklok- The Dethalbum- - Yes, dear readers THE best album of the year is from a band, that is not really band. But, yet features amazing musicians in their midst, including drumming god Gene (Dark Angel, Death) Hoglan. The lyrics are fun, violent, and over-the-top as they deal with cyborgs, pulling life support, laser death, and basically anything and everything dealing with dying in bloody and nasty ways. A couple of songs are some of fucking best songs released in the entire year. In fact this not just the best album of the year, but one of the finest death metal albums of the past decade.

Some honorable mentions:

Five Finger Death Punch- War is the Answer
Suffocation- Blood Oath
Atreyu- Congregation of the Damned
Behemoth- Evangelion

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Hot Asian Girl of the Month- Audrey Cleo

First and foremost, Happy New Year's to all my readers and friends! I hope 2010 brings us all great things. And, for my first Hot Asian Girl of the Month, I give you the beautiful: Audrey Cleo!

I first heard of of Ms. Cleo this week when G4 had their awesome Women of the Web. You can see her segment here:

This means that she is a fellow horror web personality, as she is a correspondent for Fearnet. Which in my world is always worth extra points! And, I have to say I love her writing for them, like, for example, her recent blog for the upcoming Daybreakers, where she lists lists her 5 reasons she cannot wait for this movie.

Here she is interviewing Derek Mears, from the enjoyable, though inferior (of course!) Friday the 13th remake, upon the movie's DVD release:

Plus, she writes for Qore, which she means a gamer, too! Qore is the official blog of the Playstation 3, and while I am an X-Box guy, this is still beyond fucking awesome, no doubt about it!

And, she loves geeks? Oh my God! Is this woman perfect or what? She is inarguabely one of the hottest geek babes on God's green Earth.

Being that I am new fan of Audrey, I only just started following her on Twitter and reading her blog. But, she is rapidly become one of my favorites!

Here is is doing some more reporting work:

The MeeVee Minute Viral Video Pick - Spanish Spandex Workout - Click here for this week’s top video clips

I like her pics on Flickr, too. Check them out here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/audreycleo/

Gamer, horror correspondent, geek goddess, cool chick, sweetheart and all around breathtaking beauty, in other words, Audrey Cleo is the perfect woman, and thus the perfect way to start off 2010!!!!!!

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