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Hot Asian Girl of the Month- Audrey Cleo

First and foremost, Happy New Year's to all my readers and friends! I hope 2010 brings us all great things. And, for my first Hot Asian Girl of the Month, I give you the beautiful: Audrey Cleo!

I first heard of of Ms. Cleo this week when G4 had their awesome Women of the Web. You can see her segment here:

This means that she is a fellow horror web personality, as she is a correspondent for Fearnet. Which in my world is always worth extra points! And, I have to say I love her writing for them, like, for example, her recent blog for the upcoming Daybreakers, where she lists lists her 5 reasons she cannot wait for this movie.

Here she is interviewing Derek Mears, from the enjoyable, though inferior (of course!) Friday the 13th remake, upon the movie's DVD release:

Plus, she writes for Qore, which she means a gamer, too! Qore is the official blog of the Playstation 3, and while I am an X-Box guy, this is still beyond fucking awesome, no doubt about it!

And, she loves geeks? Oh my God! Is this woman perfect or what? She is inarguabely one of the hottest geek babes on God's green Earth.

Being that I am new fan of Audrey, I only just started following her on Twitter and reading her blog. But, she is rapidly become one of my favorites!

Here is is doing some more reporting work:

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I like her pics on Flickr, too. Check them out here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/audreycleo/

Gamer, horror correspondent, geek goddess, cool chick, sweetheart and all around breathtaking beauty, in other words, Audrey Cleo is the perfect woman, and thus the perfect way to start off 2010!!!!!!

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Natalie Voronova said...

Nevertheless, all of them still look hot. <3