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Random Hotness XI: Hotness Goes to the Net

Being that I am bored out of my fucking mind, the fact that I ain't blogged in what feels like a while, and that I definitely ain't done one of these blogs in ages, I felt like I would brighten your day and talk about some random hotties.

Mariah Carey- She received an award for breakthrough performance for Precious at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. But, she was drunk when she got the award! I LOVE drunk chicks! Yay! Here is the vid:

Plus, I found pics of her wondrous cleavage, like this one: Aren't you glad I share?

Sasha Grey- A girl who gets a lot of love at this blog is, of course, the beautiful Sasha Grey. She won a bunch of awards at this year's AVNs. Here she is thanking the AVNs:

She will also be co-hosting the AEE special on G4 that airs this Valentine's Day. What a perfect babe to not only to host it, but a great choice to spend V-Day with! For more info go here: http://g4tv.com/valentines2010/

Jamie Chung- Another HUGE fav of mine and frequently mentioned in this blog babe is, of course, this Korean beauty. Coming back early from work I picked up the November/ December issue of Complex with Eliza Dushku on the cover. And, while I do like her, it is Jamie's presence in the mag that made me pick it up. There are some great pics inside of her and an awesome interview. She seems to date a lot of guys who don't appreciate her. What the fuck? Who would not appreciate this goddess?! What a bunch of douchebags! Anyways, here is an extra sexy vid from that shoot:

The Girls of Spartacus: Blood and Sand- This Sam (The Evil Dead Trilogy) Raimi produced sword and sandals series just started this Friday on Starz and looks to be great. While, it overdo the CGI it is a badass guy's show filled with great acting, ultra-gore, and HOT babes. Two of them, Erin (Bitch Slap) Cummings and, my favorite so far, Viva Bianca , have already been nude. Lucy (Xena: Warrior Princess and Battlestar Galatica) Lawless is said to be nude in an upcoming episodes (this week's from what I been told). Be sure to watch this TV show! I know I am!

Kristin Kreuk- Speaking of TV shows... on Twitter, last night, I read that the beautiful Ms. Kreuk would be on NBC's Chuck. I flipped to it for a few minutes, she was riding a plane and sitting next to him . Lucky bastard! Like a fellow OMFG (that's Olivia Munn Fan Group) member said she's never looked hotter! Who the hell wouldn't want to sit next to a superbabe (pun NOT intended) like her on a plane? That said even even with her and former WWF champion and all around badass Stone Cold Steve Austin being in the episode, I still do not give a flying fuck about this show. Oh well.

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