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Title: Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Writer:  Brian Clemens, based upon the story by Robert Louis Stevenson
Cast: Ralph Bates, Martine Beswick, Gerald Sim, Lewis Fiander, Dorothy Alison, Neil Wilson
Min: 94
Year: 1971

At the start of our story, Professor Robertson (Gerald Sim) goes to visit his friend Dr. Jekyll (Ralph Bates). Jekyll is a young scientist who is so obsessed with his research and work that he never leaves his house, where his lab is found at. Currently, he is working on an anti-virus, that will kill other viruses. But, Robertson tells him that he will need to live well beyond his own lifetime to discover the anti-viruses to all viruses. Jekyll soon realizes that he will need to extend his own life to achieve his goal.
His studies lead him to discover that women age slower than men. So, he precedes to put female hormones into a fly, which turns it female. He decides to try the process on himself, first by extracting the hormones from female corpses. To get these, he is eventually helped by the infamous grave-robbers, Burke and Hare (Ivor Dean and Tony Calvin, respectively). He makes an elixir from this which turns him into a beautiful woman (Martine Beswick). When, the gorgeous girl, Susan Spencer (Susan Brodrick) who lives with her brother and mother in the floor above him, sees her she thinks that they are a couple. Being attracted to the handsome doctor she is a disappointed. But, he tells her that the lady is in fact her widowed sister, Mrs. Hyde. Her brother, who name is Howard (Lewis Fiander), in turn sees the gorgeous Mrs. Hyde and is immediately attracted to her.

But, when the villagers get to Burke and Hare and exact punishment for their heinous deeds, Jekyll must resort to other methods to get the hormones. IE, he begins to kill hookers in Whitechapel no less, à la Jack the Ripper. Meanwhile, Robertson begins to suspect that it is Jekyll who is racking up the body count of streetwalkers. As Jekyll realizes that they are on to him, he decides to become Mrs. Hyde to kill more hookers and collect what he needs. The thing is that Hyde begins to relish in murder, unlike Jekyll who kills for, what he thinks is a greater good. Soon, both he and the sexy, seductive, and deadly Hyde begin to battle for control of his body and mind. And, she sets her eyes on Susan, who she feels is threat to her.
Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde represents the second time Hammer studios tried to a take on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde, the first being the disappointing Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll. This film though, underrated, is vastly superior and, in fact, ranks among the legendary studio's finest outputs. It is a bold, original, and fascinating take on the source material, especially for its time. 
What could have come off as campy is handled with much deft by director Roy Ward (The Vampire Lovers) Baker. There is some humor, but this actually helps the film, lightening it and coming it at just the right time, rather than bringing it down. The pacing is well handled and thus the movie is never boring. The plot with its exploration of sex and sexuality feels, for this time, fresh, bold, and comes off as highly interesting.  It all leads to an exciting climax and a very well done and highly satisfying if slightly and fittingly horrific ending.  
The success of the flick is also in large part to the strong acting from the cast. Ralph Bates is likable, well when isn't slashing up hookers anyway, and complex in his role of Dr. Jekyll. Meanwhile, the gorgeous Martine (One Million Years B.C.) Beswick is a site to behold as Sister Hyde. She is unquestionably beautiful and breathtaking in her looks, but it is her acting talent that really propels her further in her role. The character of Hyde is sexy, seductive, cold, and evil, all of which  is so very realistically bought to life by Beswick. The rest of cast are all equally excellent in their respective roles, especially Fiander, Sim, and the lovely Ms. Brodrick.
It is interesting to note, that this movie is rated PG. But, this most definitely 70's PG getting away with a lot of crazy shit that would never even get a PG-13 today, much less a PG! There are bits of gore, but much is left to your imagination. Edited expertly these scenes leave you feeling that you have seen much more than you actually have, save for an impressive knife through and out the front of a girl's neck. There is, however, some very welcomed skin by way of the lovely Beswick, who bares her wondrous boobs and ass for the camera.
Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde is a Hammer movie that doesn't get talked about nearly enough. Which is an utter shame, because it truly ranks among the studio's finest output. It took your humble reviewer and loyal Hammer fan ages to see it, thanks to a screening as part of Quad Cinema's, in NYC, current festival of later day Hammer movies. It's sexy, fun, and innovative movie with a bold and, then, different take on a story told a million times over. Topped off with superlative acting and the undisputed beauty, skin, and talent of Beswick, it is a must for fans of Hammer and Gothic horror. Sadly, we here in the US aren't left with many options to see it in (unless you have a region free Blu-ray player, that is), as it was released by Anchor Bay ages ago in a now out-of-print DVD. Here is hoping someone gives us a US Blu-ray version and soon!

4 out of 4 



Porn Flashback: Honey Bunch

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Let me start by saying that I absolutely love Honey Bunch! However finding any info on her is non-existent. Regardless, I'll provide you with some hot pics, of course, and some choice words admiring her beauty and hotness. Hairy, sexy, and gorgeous, Honey Bunch only shot for a year, from 2009-2010. And, as far, as I can tell, only shot for Rodney Moore for a total of five scenes, all for entries in his Seattle Hairy Girls series.

She appears on the cover of Seattle Hairy Girls 23&24. In that one, she has a solo scene. And, holy shit is it ever hot! Honey is in the bathroom, about to shower. She talks to you (the camera), something I am always a fan of, and she is really fucking good at. She takes off her clothing and precedes to take a shower and frig herself off. This is one of my personal favorites (in general, not just of hers), because of how sexy she looks, acts, and talks. She has an amazing and perfectly natural body, a true PAWG (phat ass white girl), if you will. 
Her girl-girl stuff is fucking smoldering. My favorite out of these can be found in Seattle Hairy Girls 31&32. Now, me saying this is her best lesbian scene is saying A LOT! So, please take heed of that point. Anyway, her partner in the scene is the gorgeous and leggy Michelle Carlucci. In it, Michelle gets call and is told of a butt wiggling contest that will happen in a few hours. She precedes to let Honey know about it. They decide that they will compete cause they can totally win it (they wouldn't get a disagreement from me!). They decide to practice wiggling their AMAZING asses. This leads to lesbian sex, because that's exactly what happens when hot girls practice shaking their booties in front of each other, apparently! 
 Always remember to practice your butt-wiggling skills!

She also shot scenes with Cherry, Ms. Elvis, and another solo scene. The only scene of hers involving dick, is a threesome between her, Rodney, and another of my personal favorite hairy girls: Eve. 

with Ms. Elvis 

And, that is it. There are, to my knowledge, no other Honey Bunch scenes. Which, honest to God, does suck, a lot. Honey came (pun not intended) and went fast. Thankfully, we can still enjoy her scenes, and thus her bonerific legacy lives on! Naturally (in all manners of that word) beautiful, with a gorgeous face, nice long, brown hair, brown eyes, awesome, God-given boobies, a spectacular ass, a sexy bush, and thick, hot and hairy legs, she is, quite, simply a great hairsute babe. As such, Honey Bunch is one of best hairy babes ever. Whatever, she is doing right, I hope she is happy. We will remain happy revisiting her scenes.


Jungle Rot- Jungle Rot (Album Review)

Musician: Jungle Rot
Album Title: Jungle Rot 
Genre/ Subgenre: Death Metal
Label: Victory Records
Release Date: July 20, 2018

Death metal masters Jungle Rot's self titled and latest album is a pummeling musical experience. Incorporating their trademark groove filled sound with a use of brutal and driving hooks, have resulted in one of the most listenable and thoroughly enjoyable death metal releases of 2018. It's crazy to think that they have been around for 25 years, and yet, they seem to keep getting better and better with age.

Like driving multiple fists to your face this album hits you from the very start and doesn't stop until, you are left in a bloody pool, only to keep beating you down. The thing is that unlike an actual ass whooping, you will enjoy the fucking shit out this experience!

Practically every song on here is an absolute killer and a winner. "Delusional Denial" starts off with a Slayer like riff and grooves in a way that will get you moving immediately. It combines with mercilessly driving drumming beat. "A Burning Cinder" will have you headbanging with its killer and pummeling riffing. The anger filled "Triggered" is one of the most ass kicking and angry death metal songs of the year. Just listen to that fucking chorus, especially every time signer/ guitarist Dave Matrise screams " Trigger the violence!" is enough to get the blood pumping hard! It is filled with such genuine piss and vinegar! 

Another strong contender for death metal track of the year comes in the form of the blistering "Fearmonger" which has guest vocals from Schmier of motherfucking Destruction! Hard to believe but even better than those tracks is the killer "Stay Dead". Sounding like an unholy riffing mix of Arise era Sepultura and Kill era Cannibal Corpse "Stay Dead" kills everything in site. With its chorus of "We will not stay dead!", it'll stay in your head for days to come. The album closes off with a cover of Kreator's "Terrible Certianty" that will absolute melt whatever you hear this album on.
Jungle Rot ranks among the band's best work. It is catchy, heavy, groove-laden, and fucking badass. This is the most fun you will have getting your ass kicked this entire year! 

4.5 out of 5



Title: The Devil's Honey (AKA, Il Miele del Diavolo, Dangerous Obsession)
Director: Lucio Fulci
Writers:  Jaime Jesús Balcázar, Lucio Fulci, Ludovica Marineo
Cast: Brett Halsey, Corinne Cléry, Blanca Marsillach, Stefano Madia, Paula Molino, Bernard Seray
Min: 78
Year: 1986

Johnny (Stefano Madia) is a saxophone player on his way up. He has an obsessively kinky relationship with his gorgeous girlfriend Jessica (Blanca Marsillach). Early on the film we see him using his sax as a sexual stimulant, when he put up to her snatch while playing it. Very innovative, if I do say so myself! During one romp he fingers her on his motorcycle while he is driving. Unfortunately, they end up crashing, and he hits his head on a rock. He swears he is fine, though, even though that clearly hurt like a fucking bitch.
While, this is happening we meet Dr. Wendell Simpson (Brett Halsey) who is cheating on his classy wife, Carol (Corinne Cléry). She catches him having had sex with a hot hooker. She eventually confronts him, and they have an argument. She lets him know that she wants a divorce.
Johnny, in the meantime, passes out from the injury caused by the accident and is rushed to a hospital. The doctor that is set to operate on him is, low and behold, Dr. Simpson(!), who is distraught from his wife dumping his cheating ass. He fails to make any decisions during Johnny's emergency surgery, resulting in his death. Jessica rightfully blames the not so good doc, for her man croaking. She kidnaps the doctor and keeps him chained up. Between sexual gratification and humiliation and bodily violence on him, she sets out to have her revenge. Even though Johnny himself was far, far from the ideal boyfriend...

The Devil's Honey is a rarely seen movie directed and co-written by horror and gore master Lucio Fulci. Although, it is very far from his usual movies filled with splatter and zombies, his entry into the erotic thriller ranks among his finer works. It may lack the graphic violence that he is known for, but it is righteously raunchy in its own matter. Long unavailable in the US, especially uncut, The Devil's Honey was bought to us stateside, thanks to the fine folks at Severin Films in a solid Blu-ray release this year.
Unlike many supposedly erotic movies, especially those made state-side, this one delivers the bonerific goods. Aside from aforementioned sax and motorcycle fun, there is a hooker who paints her see-through stalkings with nail polish, right on her bush, as well as rampant nudity, including lots of glorious bush, bondage and domination with a heavy emphasis on sexual humiliation, and of course, lots of softcore sex. Of course, the women are all breathtakingly beautiful, as they tend to be in Italian genre cinema.
Not the typical Fulci movie, by any stretch of the phrase, but he goes for it with with full sleaze force. As, I said, the film is unquestionably sexy. I can say as this as a jaded viewer where it takes a lot for me too actually be turned on. Some stuff even managed to shock, especially in reference to the flashbacks to Johnny and Jessica's relationship.

The acting ranges from good to decent, and honestly any time it may not be up to snuff ,it's probably more of a result of the dubbing. Be sure to keep a look out for Fulci, himself, in a cameo, as a dude who sells our main couple some charmed bracelets.

The movie's pacing falters a little in the film's second act, only come back full force with the kinky torture filled third. A good ending that will leave you deciding what actually happens next, seals the deal on this torrid, naughty little movie.
The Devil's Honey is a sexy, raunchy, and, at times, shocking erotic thriller. As anything from the master Lucio Fulci, it pushes boundaries and is best not seen by prudes. The film remains a captivating and erotic feast, throughout, even if the middle part slows down a bit. With pretty good acting and strong directing from Fulci, it is impossible to not recommend this one, especially with the Severin Blu-ray, finally letting us see it, uncut, no less! Sleaze and Fulci lovers (some of which are probably one and the same!), take heed and see it now!

3.5 out of 4