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Title: The Devil's Honey (AKA, Il Miele del Diavolo, Dangerous Obsession)
Director: Lucio Fulci
Writers:  Jaime Jesús Balcázar, Lucio Fulci, Ludovica Marineo
Cast: Brett Halsey, Corinne Cléry, Blanca Marsillach, Stefano Madia, Paula Molino, Bernard Seray
Min: 78
Year: 1986

Johnny (Stefano Madia) is a saxophone player on his way up. He has an obsessively kinky relationship with his gorgeous girlfriend Jessica (Blanca Marsillach). Early on the film we see him using his sax as a sexual stimulant, when he put up to her snatch while playing it. Very innovative, if I do say so myself! During one romp he fingers her on his motorcycle while he is driving. Unfortunately, they end up crashing, and he hits his head on a rock. He swears he is fine, though, even though that clearly hurt like a fucking bitch.
While, this is happening we meet Dr. Wendell Simpson (Brett Halsey) who is cheating on his classy wife, Carol (Corinne Cléry). She catches him having had sex with a hot hooker. She eventually confronts him, and they have an argument. She lets him know that she wants a divorce.
Johnny, in the meantime, passes out from the injury caused by the accident and is rushed to a hospital. The doctor that is set to operate on him is, low and behold, Dr. Simpson(!), who is distraught from his wife dumping his cheating ass. He fails to make any decisions during Johnny's emergency surgery, resulting in his death. Jessica rightfully blames the not so good doc, for her man croaking. She kidnaps the doctor and keeps him chained up. Between sexual gratification and humiliation and bodily violence on him, she sets out to have her revenge. Even though Johnny himself was far, far from the ideal boyfriend...

The Devil's Honey is a rarely seen movie directed and co-written by horror and gore master Lucio Fulci. Although, it is very far from his usual movies filled with splatter and zombies, his entry into the erotic thriller ranks among his finer works. It may lack the graphic violence that he is known for, but it is righteously raunchy in its own matter. Long unavailable in the US, especially uncut, The Devil's Honey was bought to us stateside, thanks to the fine folks at Severin Films in a solid Blu-ray release this year.
Unlike many supposedly erotic movies, especially those made state-side, this one delivers the bonerific goods. Aside from aforementioned sax and motorcycle fun, there is a hooker who paints her see-through stalkings with nail polish, right on her bush, as well as rampant nudity, including lots of glorious bush, bondage and domination with a heavy emphasis on sexual humiliation, and of course, lots of softcore sex. Of course, the women are all breathtakingly beautiful, as they tend to be in Italian genre cinema.
Not the typical Fulci movie, by any stretch of the phrase, but he goes for it with with full sleaze force. As, I said, the film is unquestionably sexy. I can say as this as a jaded viewer where it takes a lot for me too actually be turned on. Some stuff even managed to shock, especially in reference to the flashbacks to Johnny and Jessica's relationship.

The acting ranges from good to decent, and honestly any time it may not be up to snuff ,it's probably more of a result of the dubbing. Be sure to keep a look out for Fulci, himself, in a cameo, as a dude who sells our main couple some charmed bracelets.

The movie's pacing falters a little in the film's second act, only come back full force with the kinky torture filled third. A good ending that will leave you deciding what actually happens next, seals the deal on this torrid, naughty little movie.
The Devil's Honey is a sexy, raunchy, and, at times, shocking erotic thriller. As anything from the master Lucio Fulci, it pushes boundaries and is best not seen by prudes. The film remains a captivating and erotic feast, throughout, even if the middle part slows down a bit. With pretty good acting and strong directing from Fulci, it is impossible to not recommend this one, especially with the Severin Blu-ray, finally letting us see it, uncut, no less! Sleaze and Fulci lovers (some of which are probably one and the same!), take heed and see it now!

3.5 out of 4