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Deep Red Magazine Launch Party at Forbidden Planet NYC

On July, Friday the 13th, 2018, Forbidden Planet NYC celebrated the relaunch of the classic horror magazine, Deep Red! This classic horror magazine was the creation of one Chas. Balun, a legend in the horror community. One of the most beloved writers to ever deal with the genre, Balun knew and loved horror and splatter very deeply. The man knew his gore films and was never afraid to speak his mind, even if the movie he was referring to sucked ass. He was my hero, my biggest influence, both in my love for horror, especially of the extreme variety, and my writing. Without his influence my life, and career, quite frankly would be very different. As such, this relaunch was one of the most exciting things I knew were happening the entire summer! I had to be there and attend.
There was a big list of those that worked on the magazine that were present. They signed copies of the magazine and talked to fans. They were all so so gracious and awesome! After all, they are fans like all of us are and live for and love the same bloody and scary things that we do. 
Those present were: 
Tom Skulan (Publisher)
John Szpunar (Editor-in-chief)
Raz Sanchez (Managing editor and copy writer)
Contributing Writers: Chris Poggiali, Dennis Daniel, Nick Casto, Mike Hunchback, and Art Ettinger
Contributing Artists: Matt Putrid Carr and Eric Rott
Some of them worked on the original Deep Red, others were new blood to the mag. All were cool as fuck!
I got to talk to them about my love and the influence of Chas. I learned that many were influenced by the man, themselves (how can you be a writer into bloody horror movies and not be?!), and of course, some knew the man and had been friends with him. The fact that they liked my Friday the 13th Victims and Survivors tee from Fright-Rags, that I was wearing on that day, was so humbling!
I got the issue signed by all. Simply looking at the glorious cover (which has images inspired by Slugs, Videodrome, and Tenebrae, as well Chas., himself) was enough to make me go all fanboy! The inside is great and having started reading it, I can tell you that it is awesome. It definitely keeps the legend and spirit of Chas. Balun alive!
There is also a glorious hardcover version, that they had on their table and were preparing signed copies of!
This was without a doubt the highlight of my summer, so far. If you are a fan of gory horror, you need to buy and read Deep Red! Here is to its return and the memory of Chas. Balun. And, I am keeping crossing my fingers and hoping that one day, I may have the honor of writing for them.