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MORE BLOOD! (Review)

Title: More Blood!
Director: Heidi Moore
Cast: April Monique Burril, Kim Culpepper, Preston Fassel, Lloyd Kaufman, Jason Kolucki
Min: 85
Year: 2018

More Blood! is a 2018 horror movie documentary, from director/ producer Heidi (Dolly Deadly) Moore, about the love and fandom genre fans have for gore and graphic violence in genre  movies. In it, horror experts and writers (from websites like Bitches of Horror and more), actors, and filmmakers talk about their interest in blood and guts onscreen. What it is specifically, about the bloodletting that appeals to them and us, so that we may all have a better understanding about it.
First and foremost, I should mention that this docu is not a look at the history of gore in horror movies or anything of the sort. It is however, a loving look at our fascination with splatter. As that, it succeeds quite well at it, on top of being very entertaining.
The interviews are very fun to listen to. Some noteworthy people interviewed include Troma Films' co-founder and owner Lloyd Kaufman, the lovely April (Chainsaw Sally) Burril, and Jay Kay (full disclosure, whose radio show, Horror Happens, I was on a few years ago) The horror experts and fans chosen to talk discuss such theories on the gore film, as why do we sometimes find bloody violence, funny? What type of gore scene disturbs them? What was their first exposure to onscreen, graphic violence? What are their favorite gore scenes and more; all of which are discussed with gleeful love and respect for the genre. They even talk about acting and directing splatter, and how everyone wants to be cast in a bloody death scene.

On a side note, I am going to take this opportunity to put this out there. I, myself, would love to get killed in a gory manner in a horror movie!
Anyway, watching their interviews, I thought to myself, these people are all so cool! I would love to sit and have beers with all of them! The documentary is paced out well and seems to go by real fast, as you have so much fun listening to everyone talk. It almost feels like you want more, when it is over. Not because, it feels incomplete, but cause you could listen to everyone talk about horror and gore forever!
But, the real icing on the cake of awesomeness are the clips. There are clips from so many horror movies (and few none horror movies thrown in). And, the variety of said splatter movies is great! They include, but are not limited to,: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3&4, Halloween II, Evil Dead II, Predator, Cannibal Holocaust (including the horrible turtle scene which is thankfully kept to a minimum), Hellraiser, I Spit on Your Grave, Irreversible, Dead Alive, and so many countless more. I mean how many documentaries can say that they feature scene from Jurassic World and the fucking Slaughtered Vomit Dolls trilogy (which I must admit to have never seen)?!  Shootings, impalings, cannibalism, dismemberment, eyeball violence, and more abounds in gleeful and fucking kick ass amounts, throughout the documentary's running time!
More Blood! is fun, energetic, and a loving tribute to gore in horror movies. It makes one feel good about loving the splatter that we do, and it is great to listen to everyone talk about it. It goes by fast and will make any gore lover feel great when it is over. You can watch the full docu on YouTube over at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLHGdkDZVRk

3 out of 4