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Horror Crush: Kelly Hu

With Chiller Theatre announcing that the impossibly gorgeous Kelly Hu has been added as a guest for their October 2018 show, I figured this was THE perfect time to induct her into the Horror Crush section of this site.
Kelly Hu was born on February 13, 1968 in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is a former Miss Teen USA 1985 and a Miss Hawaii USA 1993. She made her acting debut in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989), which was the first time I remember seeing her.
In it, she played Eva a nice girl, who just happens to be besties with bitchy, snotty, but hot as fuck Tamara (the absolutely gorgeous Sharlene Martin). Eva doesn't last very long, though. As she goes looking for her friend, she ends up running into and from Jason (Kane Hodder). He catches up with her on the dance floor, of all places. He precedes to snap her neck in a kill that while being utterly bloodless is very memorable, in movie, that truth be told, is memorable for mostly the wrong reasons.
Hu is fine in what little she has to do. Of course, she looks so beautiful! I crushed on her and Ms. Martin (who I had a ridiculous childhood crush on her, maybe it is time to induct her, too?) and still do anytime I watch this shit flick. The movie, itself, is legitimately the worst entry in the franchise. It's boring, as Jason spends most of the running time in a boat (they didn't have the budget for actually taking Manhattan...). The characters are mostly unlikable or lifeless, which maybe par for the course, but is actually worse here. I mean I didn't give a shit about anyone here, save for the dog. Even worse is the lack of gore. This is whimpiest installment in the franchise, making it even more fucking pointless. That said, the few moments in actual Manhattan, a few bit and pieces here and there, and Hodder's performance as Jason, are the few things that stop from me giving it a lower rating than one star and half out of four.
Hu, along with Martin (above and below with Hu), are one of the few other good things worth a look at. Both rank high in the babe department (as do a couple of other lovely ladies in the movie). Anytime I have watched this turd, I look forward to their scenes, cause their beauty distracts me from the shit onscreen.
Sadly, Hu wouldn't appear in that many horror movies following this one, and even then the gap would be HUGE. Anyway, while, not a horror movie in way, shape, or form, The Scorpion King (2002) it is a prequel to the extremely mediocre The Mummy Returns, so for that it gets a quick mention here. It is a decent and entertaining enough, if easily forgettable, action movie with The Rock. Unforgettable is Hu who plays Cassandra and looks hot as the very pits of hell in it!
This means that her actual return to horror wouldn't be until 2006 for the fun and gory flick Devil's Den. While, the movie rips off heavily off of the superior From Dusk Till Dawn, at least it is a good time to be had. Hu plays Caitlin and is a badass and serves as love interest to Devon (Final Destination) Sawa. A big bonus is that they are joined by a genuine horror legend in the form of Ken (Dawn of the Dead, The Devil's Rejects) Foree! Plus, they team up to battle demonic strippers which totally works for me.
Hu looks great (of course!!) and kicks a lot of ass in this flick. It kind of sucks that it has been forgotten. As such, I think that it is underrated. So while it is flawed; it deserves way more love. Give it a look, shut your brain off, and you will be happy that you did!
In 2010-2011, she appeared in eight episodes of The Vampire Diaries, as a character named Pearl. But, I have never watched a single episode of said show, so I have no clue about it. Any fans of it wanna tell me what you thought of her in it? We all know she looked gorgeous, in it, though, but that is a given!
That is her final, thus far, horror offering. But, by doing the upcoming Chiller, she will be making many East Coast horror fans, such as myself, very happy. She has long been at the top of my convention dream guests. Anyone one of you planning on going to the convention and meeting her? Let me know in the comments below, if so!
Kelly Hu is a great actress and is also an activist for Asians and children, as well as the environment. This shows that she is beautiful inside and out. And, is she ever gorgeous! At 50 years old, she does not age and looks as stunning as ever! Just look at the pic below, as it's a recent one. One of the most beautiful women in the entire world, not just of those that have graced the genre, it is with great honor that Kelly Hu gets inducted into Horror Crushes!