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Chiller Theatre Oct 2016 (Updated!)

Yesterday, Oct. 29, 2016, was another amazing time at my favorite con: Chiller Theatre!! This time around I went with my friend, Baldwin. At the con, I met some celebs, got some swag, wore a little cosplay, and just had a freaking blast!

The very first celeb I went up was the beautiful Crystal Lowe. I been a long time fan of her, probably since I saw her in the way too fun Final Destination 3. But, it's the sometime underrated and totally awesome Black Christmas (aka Black Xmas) remake that I got signed by her. She told me that she thought more would be coming up to her wanting to get FD3 stuff signed, but it turned, I like many others, wanted Xmas signed. I told her that it has been a tradition of mine to watch it every Christmas season, since it came out. Lowe was incredibly sweet in person and loved talking to me and all her fans. She is also, as you can see for yourself, simply stunning.
The next person I went up was the gorgeous Lauren-Marie Taylor, aka Vickie of Friday the 13th Part 2. The gorgeous Kirsten Baker, also of the same sequel, was suppose to be sitting next to her but was at lunch. I would meet her later. Anyway, I told Taylor that she and Kirsten were big crushes of mine growing up, and they were. She said was faltered as she had never been anyone's crush (what? come on! She's beautiful!!), and that Kirsten was everyone's crush, male and female!
As I said, later I met Kirsten, who wore her Mickey Mouse tee like she does in the movie!! Both of them were so sweet to me, that I swear to God they made my day! Kirsten even said I was cute! I was the happiest 12 year old 40 year old guy, you could have ever met! The picture below ranks as one of my favorite Chiller pics, ever!
I have been into adult coloring books since last year when my little doggy Topi had gotten ill with cancer. I started with a Star Wars one, but after her passing my friend Baldwin gave me a couple more for my birthday. They help a lot with my anxiety. I saw one called The Beauty of Horror by Alan Robert in Barnes and Nobles the other day. So when I saw the artist, himself, was selling and signing his book at the con, I jumped at buying it since it was fucking cool!
I had not seen my friend Ruby LaRocca in what was a couple of years. It was great to see and catch with her and meet Rich Mallery. I loved their movie Sociopathia, and I got to interview them about it. That will be up in the near future, so stayed tuned!

From then it was on to the Chiller party! I partook in the costume contest in my Punisher cosplay. I knew I wasn't gonna win, but it was so much fun! Below are all the winners:
I love being in cosplay! Expect to see me at more cons like this!
There were lots of great costumes. Here are some of my favorites:
 Pretty Woman cosplay! BTW, she is way more beautiful than Julia Roberts. Just saying.
 With The Thing cosplayers who were AWESOME! Probably one of the coolest cosplays that I have ever seen!
With a gorgeous Wednesday Adams!

We didn't have a room this year, so we didn't see much of the concert, as we had to leave earlier than usual. But, we saw a little of it and enjoyed it, of course. In fact, we had a great time, and here's to returning to Chiller next year!!
Below is a picture of all the swag that I got at Chiller and below that, my autographs:

I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!

Photography by BAS Photography & Design and myself


(Video) An Interview with the Creator of Lady Death, Brian Pulido at NYCC 2016

During my college years I read Lady Death and the rest of the characters in hercomic-book universe religiously. As such it was an honor at New York Comic Con 2016 to not only meet but interview her creator Brian Pulido. I had been a fan of him and his work for such long. We got to talk about Lady Death, music, and more.
Check it out in the video below:


All photography, camera work, and video editing by Negative Pop.


Face of Oblivion- Cataclysmic Desolation (Album Review)

Musician: Face of Oblivion
Album Title: Cataclysmic Desolation
Genre/ Subgenre: Technical Death Metal
Label: Comatose Music
Release Date: Nov. 11, 2016

This is the second release from Minnesota technical death metal monster, Face of Oblivion. And, it is a crushing and brutal at that. It unleashes its assault from the very first second and does not let up till the very last second. 

The band is now fronted by Incinerate vocalist Jesse Watson. He presides over fast, merciless, and brutal music. The sound is complex, technically amazing, and filled with tempo shifts. Every instrument is played at a fever pitch and the sounds are filled with anger and viciousness. While, most of the songs are under three minutes long, they pack a lot in that short time period giving them a more epic feel than they are.

The album opens with one of its' best tracks in the crushing "Embracing the Damnation". The machine gun like attack of the title track decimates everything in its path. The drumming, by Eric "Ogar" Baumgard, on "Futility" is a fucking monster, an unrelenting, devastating monster, thjat is. "Walls of Flesh" not only sounds like a classic death metal track, but it kills as it alternates between speed and blast beats and little bits of outright crunching. 

Speaking of classic death metal, you gotta love the cover. Fast, brutal, and seemingly angry as fuck, Cataclysmic Desolation is highly recommended. In short, Face of Oblivion have put out an album that is sure to please fans of savage technical death metal. 

3.5 out of 5


NYCC 2016- Thurs & Sat: Bonus Edition!

I have so many pics and reporting to do from my time at NYCC, that I needed to do this first ever bonus edition. I don't want you guys to miss anything!

Let's begin with a couple from Thurs:

I did get to hit the Troma booth on that very day. I finally got around to picking up The Toxic Avenger, a classic that I had not owned nor revisited since I owned it on freaking VHS in college! God, that is a lifetime ago! Anwyays, having just rewatched it last week, I can say that it holds up excellently and still fucking rules! Back to NYCC where I talked to Toxie, himself, for a while. What a nice guy he is, taking time off from fighting crime in Tromaville, New Jersey to meet his loving fans!
Lloyd Kaufman, who signed my Blu-ray (left), joked around telling my friend Alan to assure and cradle me, as the Toxic Avenger is not a real character! Wait what?! No way! Uncle Lloyd, you have broken my heart with this knowledge! Next thing I know someone will tell me that the Great Pumpkin isn't real, either!

Towards the end of the day, I passed by the IFC booth (having earlier in the day bought Road Games, which had me at Barbara Crampton! You can see it to the right along with the other swag that I bought on that day). They had an amazing and actual cadaver prop from the upcoming horror flick (Dec. 21, 2016, to be exact) The Autopsy of Jane Doe.
 Grabbing some internal organs!
 Speaking in Yoda (hey, I am wearing a Funko Pop Star Wars tee, after all) voice, "Shocked, I am!"
On to Sat:
I did not just take pics with cosplayers, but also took pics of a couple of them just by themselves. Here are some of my favorites, of those:
 OK, this Mystique midway through her changing is one of the coolest ideas ever. I love it!
Awesome, Cesrei from Game of Thrones! The glowing liquid she carried with her was an awesome bonus!
 Awesome Game of Thrones group cosplay!
 Battlestar Galactica! This is fucking kick ass! I love Number Six!
 Go Team Rocket! Catch yourselves some Pokemon!
Metal Star Wars!! This ruled so much as it combined two of my favorite things in life! By the way, you can see some video of this in my interview with Aurora O'Brien here: http://themastergio.blogspot.com/2016/10/video-truly-awesome-and-beautiful.html

Here are some extra pics of me in my Punisher cosplay:
Nelson D. Martinez (as Spider-Man) and myself
One more of me battling the lovely but evil Elsa turned Sith Lord!

  All photography courtesy of Negative Pop, Nelson D. Martinez, and myself.

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Horror Crush: Christie Clark

Halloween is right around the corner and I feel we need more horror posts (not related to NYCC) here. And, I am doing that right now! Let's go with an induction to this site's Horror Crushes, This time it is for beautiful blonde actress Christie Clark!
Clark was born on Dec. 13, 1973 in Los Angeles, Cal. She is best known for playing Carrie Brady on Days of Our Lives. Well, best know to those who watch soaps, cause I had no clue about that, until recently. I know her best from her horror work, of course!
She made her acting debut as little Angela Walsh in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge. Now, I have this one quite a few times, but had no clue she was the little girl, till just right now. She's fine in her role. The movie itself is, well, just OK. It's easily one of the weakest entries in the series. It has it's moments, but most of the time it just sort of lame. Eh, middle of the road entry is better than a shit one, right? Her most memorable moment in the sequel is an admit ably silly one wherein she wears fake nails, kinda like Freddy, himself. Kinda.
I first truly noticed and will forever remember as the love interest to the lead kid in the superior sequel Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice. In it, said boy and his dad pass by the town from the first flick where the kids killed everyone. Soon new kids starting killing adults. Meanwhile, our hero falls for said local hottie, who thankfully doesn't kill adults. She dreams of leaving this boring town for NY. He dreams about getting it on with her. Thankfully, for him, she is into him, so he doesn't just simply drool all over her.
She is a sight to behold with her flowing, long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and beautiful face. This is coupled with an amazing body! Her cleavage alone is killer and then there is her awesome behind covered by those amazing daisy dukes that she has one. I am pretty sure our hero had to hide his boner from her, a couple of times, none more than when eyes her by a waterfall.
I said this entry in the ridiculously long (and admit ably super-ridiculous franchise) is superior, cause it simply is. A fun movie, it moves at a quick pace and features some good kills. It clearly knows that it is meant to just be dumb fun, but yet is light years ahead of the very stupid, and sometimes oddly overrated, first movie. I would say it is the best entry in this laughable franchise. Now, I realize that this seems like faint praise, but I do honestly think it's a great time to be had.
Clarke is good in her role. She is very likable, as is her character. Even if girls next door/ country girls are not your thing (the later is usually not), she will make you reconsider that! In fact, I am will to go to corn land just in hopes that it is filled with naturally beautiful blondes! But, also hoping that it is not filled with homicidal children and teens who worship said corn.
Sadly, these two sequels are her only horror work. Clark, we genre fans miss you! We want you to come back to the genre and do more horror! As you can see from the more recent pics here, she is still an absolute stunner! Considering the massive crush I had on her when CotCII came out, and the fact that it returns every time I rewatch it, Christie Clark deserves being one of this site's Horror Crushes!