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NYCC 2016- Fri, Part 1: More Cosplay, Toys, and Babes

As we moved into the second day of NYCC 2016, there was a lot more cosplay to behold. We also saw more cool toys. Here is the first part of some of my favorites in both categories from that Fri.
 Let's be honest here. In a sea of Suicide Squad movie inspired Harley Quinns, it's hard to stand out. But, a couple did, like this lovely lady above.
 It's Purge time, motherfuckers!
 Wanted at NYCC: more horror related cosplay like this awesome Saw inspired one!

Let's take a little break from cosplay, and go look at some cool toys. Oh and calm the fuck down we will get to more cosplay in a bit! First off, here is some stuff for my anime loving readers, including lots of Dragonball Z toys.
And, now for my fellow monster and horror fans, the King of Monsters, himself, Godzilla and friends!! All of these are from Diamond Select, by the way.
 Godzilla's best buddy, Anguirus!
Holy shit! It's Titanisaurus! Hardcore Godzilla fans will recall that he teams up with Mecha-Godzilla to attack Tokyo and beat-up Godzilla in the movie The Terror of Mecha-Godzilla.
The Godzilla: Final Wars incarnation of Gigan. Fucking badass!
Now back to more cosplayers, cause I always keep my promises!
This is the Ghost Rider that is currently on Agents of SHIELD. BTW, I haven't watched that show in ages and don't plan on ever going back to it. I am not a fan of this version of GR (in the comics, anyways), even though I am a huge GR fan, overall. That being said, this cosplay kicks all kinds of ass.
And, let's end not with a cosplay or a toy pic, but instead a pic (taken by Negative Pop) with me and a three beautiful ladies who were giving away samples of a juice. 

To be continued...
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