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NYCC 2016- Sat- My 1st Ever Con Cosplay: The Punisher, Part 1

This is a little different from my usual convention reporting, as it has me being the main focus of it, of sorts. On Saturday, the third and biggest day of NYCC, I did my first ever cosplay at a convention. While, I had worn store bought costumes or masks at Oct Chillers, I had never walked around in cosplay, during the day at a convention, before this. While I didn't make any of it, I did scour the internet looking for all the pieces. The original reason being a friend was having a Marvel wedding where one had to choose a Marvel character to dress up as. Everyone had to be a different one, so naturally I did my favorite comic-book hero of all, Frank Castle, the Punisher!
At comic con, Negative Pop took a bunch of pics of me as Punisher. They began with the above and below pics of just me, and then moved on to pics of me with others. There is a shit ton of them, and I wanna share as many of them as I can. Here is the first part of them. I also conducted interviews with fellow cosplayers, but that video is still to come, just stay tuned!
Despite what this site may lead you to believe I am actually very shy, but being in cosplay made me feel great. I was flattered and surprised that people wanted to take pics of me or with me! I had so much fun, that despite being exhausted on this day, I enjoyed the hell out of it. The attention was flattering and getting to be my fav hero, a true badass, was quite the experience.

With his popularity at all time high, thanks to his amazing appearance on Daredevil's excellent second season, there was more Punisher cosplay than ever. I got a pic with two of them, at the show. There was even a Punisher Facebook group called Punisher: The Original Anti-Hero taking pics of all us Franks for their group page. All this Punisher love made me feel very happy!
Above is me with two of my favorite Punishers at NYCC 2016.
The first criminal scum that I encountered was NYC's crime boss, a long time foe of mine and other street based crime-fighters in New York: Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin! This guy looked AWESOME as the Kingpin. He really bought him to life. Later on Daredevil, based on an early look of him in the early part of the first season, lent me a hand. If there is anyone who knows Fisk, better than me, it is he!
The Silver Surfer is in the background, but he clearly has bigger things on his mind than street crime!
Daredevil and I don't see eye to eye (so to speak) on how to deal with crime, but when need be, we put our differences to rest for the greater good!
 I may only be human, but I'll still take on Loki. Though I gotta ask where the fuck are Avengers?!
 I did run into the Black Widow, but that was earlier in the day.
Later in the day, I ran into two beautiful Elektras! This is perfectly fine by me. Apparently, Jack Skellington is also fine with this. He just better hope Sally doesn't get jealous when she sees him checking these two lovely ladies out!

I did run into Spider-Man at the convention. He and I never agree with my methods, but oddly enough we have worked together countless of times. Shit, the first costumed hero I ever encountered was he (The Amazing Spider-Man #129 [cover-dated Feb. 1974]), when that scumbag the Jackal tricked me into thinking old Web-Head was a criminal. Anyways, on this day we protected NYCC from the scum of New York!  
In all seriousness, this incredible Spidey was my good friend Nelson D. Martinez. I am gonna say this right here. He is one of the best Spider-Men I have ever seen, if not the best. And, no I am not biased. I mean it. Come on, look how awesome he looks in the costume and how good he poses. Joining us was Ariel as a Venomizied Spider-Gwen!

Later in the day, I encountered some A.I.M. troopers. I had to deal with them. And, had I seen that freak, and their leader, M.O.D.O.K. I would've dealt with him, too!
Time to fight crime with the help of Deadpool and Wolverine clones, Daredevil, and the mighty Photobomb Dude!

The greatest crime fighting trio in Marvel history that never was! The lovely Shadowcat, Lockheed, and, me, the Punisher (below)! Yo, Marvel how's about making this a miniseries! In all seriousness, it would be a really fun title with two characters working together that couldn't be more different.

The beautiful Elsa from Frozen has turned to the Dark Side and become a Sith Lord! I'll have to put an end to her! Once again, this is one of the most awesome cosplays by one of the most awesome cosplayers at comic con!

Sorry, Batman, but when the Punisher enters Gotham City (through some weird dimensional portal), he gets all the lovely ladies of Gotham City. Maybe they're criminals, but let's ignore that for a moment! This was actually the last shot of me of the day, but it's a perfect way to end this part of this write-up, wouldn't you say? As these three ladies are absolutely stunning! Stay tuned for more punishing cosplay moments!
 All photography by Negative Pop.

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