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NYCC 2016- Fri, Part 2: Cosplayers Galore!

We have a lot more of the best cosplay from Fri at New York Comic Con to look at, so let's get to it!
 I am a HUGE fan of the Universal Classic Monsters, especially the Bride. So, naturally, I would love this!
 I am the law!
Perhaps the coolest cosplay at the entire show was this one inspired by sci-fi/ horror/ found footage/ World War II flick Frankenstein's Army. The movie is about an Nazi doctor who makes super zombie Nazi creatures. I talked the lady who did this amazing work. It turns out she was the movie was on SyFy, and though that she can do that (meaning the make-up)! And, so she did. Her daughter is under all of that, by the way.

One of the things I mentioned that to my friend, was the lack of Rey from The Force Awakens cosplay. As if the cosplay gods answered my pleas I saw the first and best Rey cosplay of the entire show! And, it came in the form of the lovely KatieBug Princess. And, she was just at the moment joined by an awesome Finn, who didn't come with her! As if to further prove how awesome this was a fun take on Kylo Ren joined in, too!
 This monster's eye moved around!! How awesome is that?!!
See, this wins a million points for the fact that it is inspired by the AWESOME Stranger Things, is thoroughly original, yet simple, she looks like Winona Ryder, and the fact that I saw no else do a cosplay of this amazing horror/ sci-fi show.
Baxter Stockman from Teenage Mutant Ninja Tutrles cosplay!!! Awesome!!!
Victoria Secrets Angel cosplay! She is certainly as beautiful, if not more beautiful than an actual Victoria Secrets Angel.
Like the earlier thing that I said about Rey, I was disappointed in the lack of Enchantress from Suicide Squad cosplay. Low and behold this lovely lady and her friend popped-up!
 These beauties were at the DC booth, everyday.
This gorgeous stunner above did an amazing job with her Raven cosplay. She looked breathtaking! 
 No doubt about it. The above Kara Danvers was one of my favorite cosplays of the entire show. I think she really looked the part and was naturally drop-dead gorgeous. She also really knew how to pose for the camera, in character, might I add.
The best Enchantress and perhaps my absolute favorite comic-book cosplay was from this breathtaking beauty.
And, to end it all, I leave you with this image of a scary, evil clown (which are currently all over the news in the real world!) terrifying me, the Master!

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