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Top 40 Underrated Beauties from Rodneyvision (Mostly Non-Hairy Girl Edition) Part 1 (40-31)

If you are a long time reader of my adult coverage you may have realized that I am a HUGE fan of Rodney Moore and the lovely ladies who appear in his Rodneyvision produced flicks and scenes. I have done various lists of the some of the bigger names who have worked for him, like Nadia Nyce and Lena Ramone. I have also featured countless of lists and profiles on various of the hairy beauties who have shot for him (with many more to come!). Well, it's time to show some love for girls who are sometimes overlooked and that are, for the most part, not hairy. I say for the most part cause a couple of hairy beauties have managed to slide their way in, cause of course they would with me. As always I will provide links to where you can legally see/ purchase their work. So let the list begin with the first part of this four part series! 

40. Lynx Dyan- This naturally gorgeous, young brunette was an absolute stunner. She has fair complexion, long, brown hair, a truly, stunning face, and beautiful eyes. She shot a couple of scenes for Rodney. My favorite of hers, that I've seen anyways, is, of course, her lesbian scene with the goddess herself, Nadia Nyce. It made my 10 Must See Nadia Nyce Scenes and is sexy and hot as fucking hell! She sadly passed away due to cancer in 2001, at only 24.
39. Ariel Cassadine-This Latin stunner is sexy as fuck. With her long, curly, black hair, amazing ass, great legs, and yes, that amazing ass, she drips with sex appeal. I love her clip in Monsterfacials 3, where she plays a hooker. Rodney picks her up and delivers a huge load on her pretty face. The daisy duke shorts show off those killer legs and that big ass wonderfully! Did I mention how great her butt looks?

38. Toni O'Brien- As far, as I can tell, this beautiful redhead only shot three scenes, only one of which was for Rodney. But, that scene is a total scorcher, so hell yeah! It's a threesome with the other lady being one of my perennial favorites, the absolutely gorgeous Bobbi Bliss! The result of which you can find on MonsterFacials 4. It has a barn burner of a cum-swap between these two gorgeous women, highlighted by a cum webbed kiss and the loving way Toni caresses Bobbi's beautiful face

37. Polly Garter- This gorgeous, dark haired beauty combined two of my favorite things: curvy and goth chick! She shot two scenes for Rodney. One is a hot, sexy, and hairy (told ya that some hairy girls would work their hot ways in here!) girl-girl scene between her and another favorite of ours: Eve. But, I discussed that over in an Eve write-up that I previously did. So instead, let me pick her boy-girl with Rodney, himself, in Horny Hairy Girls 30, that takes full advantage of her goth hottness. As, she plays a goth babe, that Rodney asks to pose in a sexy and revealing pink outfit. Polly looks delicious with curves and a bush to die for. It's a playful and naughty scene that is worth seeing from start to finish!

36. Allison Kilgore- Busty, blonde, and beautiful Allison shot quite a bit of scenes for Rodney. But, without a doubt my favorite is the one that is featured in a hot Cliff Notes version on MonsterFacials 4. In it Rodney has a new cologne that he sprays on himself after a gorgeous blonde in hot cut-off denim shorts (Allison Kilgore) rejects hum. But, after he goes back and she realizes the scent, she falls under his spell. She wants him, and they of course go off to bang, Highlighting how awesome her ass looks in those aforementioned shorts and how cute she is under the cologne's spell, this one will get you to run for the tissues. And in my case, made me a huge fan of hers, her bootie, and this scene for life!

35. Trinity- Blonde, tall, curvy with amazing real boobs, this gorgeous beauty is also sexy as fucking hell. Check out her super hot and slutty swallowing scene that is also featured in MonsterFacials 4, which makes melt every single time I watch it. 
34. Robin Wood- Good God, almighty! Robin Wood was gorgeous and too fucking sexy, and best of all, naturally so! Those boobs are truly a gift from the Lord. Both of her scenes with Rodney are scorching. But, for the sake of this post I'll pick the one these pics come from, which appears the first volume of MonsterFacials. In it, she was apparently late for her shoot. But, she is so hot and gorgeous, and the scene ends up being great, so I guess it isn't a big deal at all. In all, seriousness she really knows how to play up to the camera, coming off very provocatively and slutty. The money shot, wherein Rodney blows his load in her mouth, has her drooling it and rubbing it all over her big boobs, then blowing kisses and licking her lips. This all solidifies it as one I love to revisit!

33. Syren Smiles- This Canadian babe was just so goddamn gorgeous! Syren's shoulder length, black hair, big, dark brown eyes, sexy lips, and beautiful face combine with a body to die for, especially her nice butt, sexy legs, and that awesome bush! She also has a playful and dirty attitude that comes off great on camera. Her two scenes for Rodney are both so sexy and hot! But, I'll give the slight edge to the one featured in MonsterFacials 3. In it, Rodney finds her sitting on a couch while the room all a mess. A guest is coming, but she don't wanna clean up. So, she blows him instead and swallows! She looks so gorgeous in her barely there pink lingerie (pic directly below). And, those big, beautiful, dark eyes are enough to make me or anyone else melt!

32. Elle Devine- Elle was so beautiful. She had one of the most gorgeous faces you were or are likely to see. And, she was just as nasty as she was stunning. Hands down, my favorite scene of hers, that I have seen, can be found in I Swallow 3. She and the absolutely gorgeous Laurel Canyon (who you will be seeing later in this multi-part list) play nurses at a sperm bank. collecting cum from horny, lucky patients. I love that it starts off with Laurel giving her oral and only gets nastier from then. I swear the first time I saw this scene, I immediately fell in love with Elle!

31. Marley Mason- Marley Mason is perfection. She is tall and has an all natural, slamming body with big boobs and big butt, long, sexy. perfect legs, and a hot bush. Her face is absolutely stunning with a beautiful smile and gorgeous, long brown hair. While, I slightly prefer it wavy (left), she looks killer with it straight as well (see the last of the pics below). She shot with various studios, including at least with Rodney. I have seen two of these both, scrochers. My favorite out of those two has to be the one found in Scale Bustin Babes 34 (which overall is one of the best entries in that series, I think). 

In classic Rodney fashion, she has come to his place to do a sexy shoot for her boyfriend. It's her "first time" doing this kind of thing. Anywho, she comes in one hot outfit, only to pose in two even hotter ones! Rodney, of course, bangs her. Combining her beauty, hot body, along with a great performance that is a mix of innocent, naughty, and nasty makes this one you will wanna have lots, and do mean lots. of tissues on hand for!


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