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Horror Crush: Liliana Komorowska

After too long a break, it's time to induct another stunner into my site's Horror Crushes! Today that honor goes to the impossibly sexy and gorgeous Liliana Komorowska.

Liliana Komorowska was born in Gdańsk, Poland on April 11, 1956. She has appeared in more than fifty movies! And, while very few of those are actually horror movies, the role that gets her the induction here, is unforgettable!

That role is of bad girl Helena Monet in Scanners III: The Take Over (1991). This third entry in the franchise tells the tale of Monet (Komorowska) and her brother (Steve Parrish) who are both Scanners. While, he has gone into exile to learn to control his powers after accidentally killing someone, she has stayed behind. The psychical pain of being a Scanner becomes to much for her, and she uses her father's experimental drug on herself. Unfortunately, it drives her mad, and she becomes evil, power hungry, and, well, insane. She takes over her dad's pharmaceutical company and sets her eyes on world domination with the help of other Scanners. She will do battle with her bro, though as he has come back to stop her.

The first movie, of course, is the cult classic from horror master David Cronenberg, and the second entry is directed by the same director as this one, Christian Duguay. All three are Canadian films and were followed by the two Scanner Cop movies. Anywho, this one definitely looks cheaper than the two that precede it. But, you won't care, cause it's a super fun movie filled with wild characters. There is, of course, some good gore here including, but not limited to the prerequisite head explosion, a very memorable underwater full body detonation, an awesome decapitation, and more. It also has this wonderful, kind of campy feel to it that adds to one's enjoyment. It's the weakest of the first three movies, but not by much. And, as you can see from my words, is an absolute blast to watch.

That being said, it is Komorowska who steals the film. From the moment I watched the VHS tape, as a kid, I absolutely crushed on her. Watching it recently for the first time in ages on Scream Factory's Double Feature Blu-Ray release, I crushed all over again! She's sexy as hell, vamps it up, and chews up the scenery. She is also breathtakingly beautiful with stunning eyes and amazing legs to boot. That she also appears nude in the movie only earns more points!

In 1995, she appeared in the sci-fi/ horror flick Screamers. Like I mentioned back when I inducted the stunning Jennifer Rubin into Horror Crushes, this ain't a good flick. Honestly, I didn't even know/ realize Komorowska is in until today! Anywho, she looks good in it, and is one of the few movies to have two Horror Crush inductees. So there is that.

She also appeared on The Hunger TV series in one episode in 1997. I have never watched a single episode of this show, so I have no clue how it was, or how she was in it. If you have seen it, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

An absolutely stunning woman who is effortlessly sexy, Komorowska is an underrated but awesome actress. Her character of Helena in that third Scanners flick, alone makes her a worthy candidate for inclusion, into Horror Crushes!