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Horror Crush: Cheryl Lawson

Would you look at this. It's time for yet another Horror Crush inductee! And, she just happens to be one of the hottest actresses ever: Cheryl Lawson!

The lovely Cheryl Lawson was born on December 20,1963. I first saw her in the fun mad scientist/ zombie flick The Dead Pit (1989). It tells the tale of a Jane Doe (Lawson) who is in an asylum due to her amnesia and behavior. The thing is the asylum is one where, as we see in the prologue, a mad scientist was conducting experiments and had a pit (I'll let you guess what kind a pit it was) in the basement. He was stopped and killed by the current head doctor, who is now giving Doe her therapy, through hypnosis. An earthquake hits the joint, meanwhile Doe is haunted by nightmares and a feeling of some evil shit going down, Our lead mad doctor has come back from the grave and is racking up a body count. And, soon his experiments rise up and resurrect from that aforementioned pit, looking for victims. All the while, Doe and others try to survive and learn what the fuck is happening,

I first this one on VHS having read about it Fangoria. I rented the movie and really enjoyed it and its gore. But, that was ages ago, when I was a kid. I hadn't seen it since then. That was until, just a few days ago when I finally rewatched on the excellent Code Red Blu-ray. I found that yes it is a little cheesy, but it's also a whole lot of fun. The movie is good looking and has some really well done make-up FX. It ain't as gory as I recall it being, but there is still some good bloodletting. Included amongst that is some awesome meltdowns and lots of brains that get exposed and/ or pulled out.

But, Lawson was what stuck with me the most as a kid. I had the absolute, biggest crush on her after seeing this film. She is absolutely gorgeous and has one of the best bodies, in all of horror. She also spends all of her time in the movie in a barely there tank-top and her undies. Plus, she has one topless scene where she has a nightmare about being hung and tired from her wrists. Soon afterwards, a hose sprays and rips-off that tiny top. But, she's also really good in her role, being likable and having a great scream. The later of which was praised by no less an expert than Joe Bob Briggs, himself!

She also appeared in a horror flick Vineyard (1989) and played the role of "pretty woman in the media zone" in the sci-fi thriller Virtousity (1995). But, I never saw the former and remember nothing about the Denzel Washington starring later film, other than it was mid as fuck. Beyond that most of her work, in the genre and beyond, has been doing stunts.

Cheryl Lawson's role in The Dead Pit makes her one of the sexiest women to ever grace our beloved genre. Thus she more than deserves being one of our Horror Crushes!