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Horror Crush: Charlee Danielson

As this month (the month of love no less) draws to an end, let's induct yet another beauty into Horror Crushes! And, this time the honor goes to the gorgeous Charlee Danielson!

Charlee Danielson is a fellow New Yorker. She is also a multi-talented lady having been a singer, song writer, model, and actress. She only acted in one movie, but what a movie and role it was! 

That film is Frank Henenlotter's Bad Biology (2008). It marked his return to filmmaking after 17 years beforehand with the wild and fun Basket Case 3: The Progeny. This horror-comedy deals with Jennifer (Charlee Danielson), a photographer who is a nymphomaniac, due to having seven clitorises! It makes her sexually insatiable, which sometimes even results in the death of her partners. And, she also has an overacting reproduction system which makes her get knocked up and give birth to mutant babies almost immediately. At the same time, we meet Batz (Anthony Sneed), a young man with a giant (and I do mean giant) sentient and drug addicted cock. Yes, you read that correctly. When Jennifer realizes the size of his schlong, during a photoshoot in his house, she decides that he is the man that she needs, in her life. 

Bad Biology is, to put it bluntly, fucking amazing! I think Henenlotter is one of the best and most underrated directors in the genre, and this is his third best movie, after Brain Damage and Basket Case, respectively. Which considering how much I love his work, is saying a lot. 

The flick is, too say the very fucking least, outrageous, hilarious, disgusting, over the top, sexy, insane, and absolutely unlike anything you have or ever will see. The easily offended should stay far fucking away. Though, if you are reading my site, I would imagine that that ain't you. In which case, especially if you love crazy and fucked up horror/ exploitation/ comedies, then you need to just dive right in! 

I first saw this movie years ago, when I bought the Shriek Show DVD. I loved it back then but watching it now on Severin's amazing 4K release, I love it even more. As a matter of fact, I fucking adore it! The climax is amazing, while the ending is both dark and utterly hilarious, The FX are cheesy, but they fit this movie perfectly. 

It's really a shame that Danielson didn't any acting after this. In fact, it looks like she is completely done with the entertainment biz, as she, to my knowledge, is not even making music anymore. Danielson is very enjoyable in this film being funny, sexy, unhinged, and intimidating, sometimes in the span of just one scene. She is, of course, absolutely gorgeous and, fittingly for this flick, frequently naked. Keep your eyes open for B-movie babes Tina Krause (playing herself) and Rachel Robbins and porn hottie Jelena Jensen in cameos. But, honestly it's Danielson who really makes the lasting impression and became an immediate crush of mine.

Her one and only role and film is this unforgettable movie. One that I don't understand how it ain't a cult classic already (I hope that changes with this new disc). That it comes from one of the B-movie world's best and most fun directors, only makes it more deserving of meg-cult status. Combine that with Danielson's incredible and natural beauty and there is no way we can't love this underrated heartbreaker. And, thus I happily add Charlee Danielson to Horror Crushes!