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Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Leatherface from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (1974) (Toy Review, Pics & Video)

First off, due to being moving and between houses and my equipment being storage, I am terribly behind on my reviews, in particular when it comes to Mezco Toyz. But, I am finally ready to catch up! I'll be doing these reviews in the order that I received them. And, to get them out faster, they will be mostly photo based with little to no video. 

So, that means first off, we got my review of Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Leatherface. It's based on his looks from Tobe Hooper's original masterpiece The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1973). One of my personal favorite movies of all time, to me this is single scariest flick ever made.

Packaging- The packaging looks great. The front has the classic image of the iconic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre poster. On both sides there is a pic of a close-up of Leatherface's, well, face. The back has a pic of the figures and its accessories. Inside of the box these are enclosed in two divisions.

First Impressions- Right off the bat, you can see that this is a great looking figure. I love the stains on his shirt, add a nice realism to him. It's like he's been cooking some human stew! 
I also love the detail on the mask/ face that he comes packaged with. 
Another cool feature isthe bracelet he's wearing. That said, be careful when switching hands, as its easy to lose.
Another detail that I like on him is the little belt buckle that he's wearing. Plus, I love his pot-belly! As, you can probably tell, by these pics, he stands up pretty well on his own. 

Articulation- The shoulders move but are limited by the shirt. It has full bicep, wrist, and head 180 degree articulation. There is little waist articulation due to, you guessed it, the shirt. He has great knee and leg articulation, though the later won't be doing splits, due to the pants.

Accessories- He comes packeged with fist hands on, so that he can punch some dumbass who is unlucky enough to run into the Sawyer family.

On top of that. there are four extra sets of hands. And, I love the dirt on all of them. Or is it dried-up blood? Either way it looks cool as fuck!

Let's refer to these as menacing hands. I really like the way that they look.
Use the tighter gripping hands for smaller weapons, like the mallet to bash some fucker's head int!
The mallet looks nice, rusty, and bloody. And, thankfully, the arm raises high enough for head bashing action. 
Add the smaller blood effect to the mallet for an extra cool look.

I used the other tighter gripping hand so that he can carry the bucket, which is filled with blood, of course. The bucket swings, tighty, from side to side. It has a nice weathered look to it.

There is a cool, little bone handle knife for cutting and stabbing. This goes great with the leather like, bloody apron look. This one has a nice and heavy feel to it. However, I don't like the fact that you can't tie it in the back like the other apron (which is coming up in this review).

I also used the old lady face, cause it felt right for this look. This one gives him a cool and twisted looking face. The meat cleaver looks great and be used for more meat making, cannibal action!

The two open hands can give him a "What do you mean you don't like eating meat?! look or expression.

The blue. plaid apron is great! It has a dirty and greasy look. Like I said earlier, this one you can actually tie in the back. Which gives it a huge advantage to the heavier one, in my book.

The final look for our boy is his jacket, which will make him look nice and spiffy! I had a little trouble, at first, to get it on him. But, once I figured it out (you go under the arms, sans hands), I found that it was totally worth it! And, leads to my preferred look to pose in my collection.
I added the infamous pretty girl mask/ head and, of course, the chainsaw to complete the classic look from the climax. You know the one, where he is chasing Sally (the late, great, and lovely Marilyn Burns) as she flees away. Anyway, this is yet another nice head with excellent detail and makeup. 
When using the chainsaw use the slightly more open gripping hands, so that he can hold it. 
The chainsaw, itself, looks truly amazing, with some nice and bloody detailing. 

Put him on the cool looking TCM stand, featuring that classic poster art, and have him posed to chase down a hot, final girl. But, don't expect to stay long in this position, as mine fell a few minutes later.

The chainsaw sound FX sounds good. I just wish it was a little louder, but it is still a cool and fun feature.

There are two blood spatter FX for attachment to the chainsaw. The smaller one (left) is OK, the bigger one (below) is awesome and looks great on the figure, especially when posed in dynamic fashion.

Final Thoughts- I do have the usual nitpicks, like the limited mobility with the clothing, and some other small things like some accessories being better than others. But, overall this is a superlative action figure! It looks amazing and is a lot of fun to pose and "play" with. While, sold out on the Mezco Toyz site, you can still find him on other sites like Entertainment Earth. And, yes, he is more than worth price he costs, for this is THE definitive Leatherface action figure.

Final Score