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Necrot Release New Single- "Drill the Skull" & to Appear on Cover of the May 2024 Issue of Decibel, as Full Length Release "Lifeless Birth" Looms Near

Photo by Chris Johnston

NECROT is pleased to unleash their latest single, “Drill The Skull.” The pulverizing new hymn comes by way of the band’s Lifeless Birth full-length, set to drop on April 12th via Tankcrimes.


Notes NECROT bassist, vocalist, and principal songwriter Luca Indrio of the new track, “‘Drill The Skull’ is a filthy, sexy, mid-tempo song. You’re going to want to bang your head and at the same time go home and take a shower because this song is nasty as fuck. It talks about how stupid we all are and how superficial today’s society is. We got to the point that we don’t even remember exactly when we all became so dumb and superficial, but here we are! It’s 2024 and we got no brain and it’s fucking great, isn’t it? ‘Drill The Skull’ is the perfect soundtrack for our failing world and at the same time it could easily be the entrance theme for a WWE wrestler about to fuck shit up. Enjoy the filthy riffs!”

Stream NECROT’s “Drill The Skull” at THIS LOCATION.

Stream the band’s previously released single, “Cut The Cord,” at THIS LOCATION.

NECROT continues their ascent to the forefront of American aural extremity, pushing the boundaries of style and continuing to recast metal in their image. Founded by Indrio and drummer Chad Gailey in 2011 with guitarist Sonny Reinhardt joining the following year, the Oakland, California trio offers Lifeless Birth as a culmination of their to-date efforts to encapsulate and push forward the deathly stylings of 2020’s Mortal and their 2017 debut, Blood Offerings.


Recorded with Grammy-winning producer Greg Wilkinson — who has helmed all three NECROT albums — and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, Lifeless Birth pivots fluidly between technical intricacy, progressive poise, and all-out brutality. Scouring lead work will have thrash heads nodding knowingly, and an overarching groove reaches out across the metal microgenres with a righteous call to worship. Its songs are memorable and varied, unpretentious but able to rear up with statelier violence. At the same time songs like “Drill The Skull,” “Cut The Cord,” and “The Curse” prove that just because a song is beating you into the ground doesn’t mean it can’t also be forward-thinking. Or catchy.


Lifeless Birth, which features cover art again by Marald Van Haasteren, will be released on CD, cassette, and digital formats as well as an LP in several different and exciting vinyl variants all housed in a golden foil stamped gatefold jacket.


Find LP preorders HERECD preorders HERE, cassette preorders HERE, and digital preorders HERE.


In honor of Lifeless BirthNECROT will appear on the May 2024 cover of Decibel Magazine, marking their second appearance on the cover of the esteemed publication.


Comments Indrio, "When Mortal came out in 2020, the world was frozen by the pandemic and as things slowly began to reopen, new challenges hit the band which delayed our tours and new material for years. When Decibel Magazine called and said they loved the new album and invited us back for our second cover story, we were thrilled. As we prepare to release Lifeless Birth, we have a story to share about those times and what the new album means to us. Decibel has been a strong supporter of ours for many years and the perfect outlet for us to speak directly to the dedicated underground metal world. Pick up a copy or subscribe today.”


Don’t miss it! Order your copy today at THIS LOCATION.


After having their Mortal tour plans scuttled owing to the COVID pandemic, family health issues that led Indrio, who became a US citizen in 2016 and currently lives in Mexico, to return to Italy for a time canceled what would have been their first tour post-plague. Still, despite this and Gailey suffering a broken back, requiring multiple surgeries and intense physical therapy to be able to drum again, period, Indrio being struck with Bell’s Palsy the night before he was originally due to fly to the studio to record, and Reinhardt requiring multiple surgeries on his hands in the months since they finished, NECROT charges forward with material distinguished in its real-world point of view and willingness to look beyond extreme metal tropes in lyrics, the melodies of its guitar solos, and unbridled audience engagement.