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Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Morbius (Marvel Comics) (Toy Review, Pics & Video)

This time around, I am reviewing the Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Morbius. Based on his classic comic-book look, Morbius is known as the "living vampire", as he was made through a self inflicted, science experiment gone wrong rather than by supernatural means, He is an anti-hero, having started off as a Spider-Man villain, then eventually decided that if he must drink blood, then he'll only kill bad guys. 
Morbius is one of the cornerstones of the horror section of the Marvel Universe and has long been one of my favorites. He had his own movie from Sony Pictures back in 2022. I haven't seen it, as I have heard nothing bad reviews of it. But, maybe now that it is on Disney Plus, I may finally change that. Though, I am in no rush to do so. Anywho, on to the action figure review:

Packaging- The front of the box and left and right sides of the box has some amazing painted artwork of Morbius. The back shows the figure and its accessories, which are enclosed within in two divisions, as is the usual for this line.

First Impressions & Articulation- Right off the bat (pun not intended), we can see that this is a great looking figure. I love his full body-suit and the short, winged cape. There is some wiring inside the cape, which also has a nice and almost leathery feel to it, 

Shoulder movement limited due to the suit but still has full open and close movement. Wrist turns all the way around on a ball joint. But, has hardly any side to side movement on it.
The legs move solidly up and down and can even do splits. It has excellent knee bends and his ankles can move up and down.
Ab crunch is very limited by the suit.
I love the white, skin-tone and the excellent detail on it. And, he looks ripped and athletic.

The figure comes packaged with a head that has a serious look on it. You know this dude means business. The lines on his face makes him look gaunt with sunken eyes, red eyes. His almost shoulder length hair looks good. I also love the pointy ears on him.
It also comes packaged with fists on, so he is ready to punch Spidey or someone threatening or messing around with him. There is some cool detail on it, and I love the bronze colored nails. 

The figure does a good job standing on its own.

Accessories- There are six extra sets of alternate hands and two extra heads.
One of the pairs of these slightly opened ones, which are really nice looking. I love the detail on the palms. The long bronze nails make him look really cool and creepy.
This face with exposed fangs makes him look menacing and/ or like he might be hissing at you. It's another great face sculpt with very nice wrinkles on it for added detail.

The attack claw hands are really great! They look like he will pounce or attack you in some terrifying manner. They combine well with the fully opened mouth look where his tongue and fangs are fully visible. It is the most horrific of the heads, and is as vampiric and scary mug, as you are likely to see.

The last two pair of hands are the gripping hands. The right one is a trigger finger, while the left one is more closed. 
The mobile lab suitcase is large and heavy, but the figure is able to hold it well. 

Like the case with Destro, it comes with removable trays, in this case it's for both a mobile lab and to hunt monsters. 

Also like that Destro, this one lights up. Thanks to a nice nice and smooth battery compartment, it's easy to open and close. It simulates a test tube mixer with a mini-computer that turns on with the results. It's the best between these two figures and honestly looks so freaking cool!

The test tube and beaker can be used simulate during play that he is doing this test. They are removable, or at least they are suppose to be. The thing is that they are so tightly gripped in that I had trouble to take them out. In fact, in the case of the test tube, I couldn't take it out at all. I gave up cause I didn't wanna break the plastic that holds it. I did get to take the beaker out, though.
The stand that the figure, and used in the above video, comes with has a cool three dagger design.
The hematology analyzer is also removable but none of the his hands are able to hold it. 
The folding microscope is also removable.
More successful for play is the monster hunter kit, which includes:
A small dagger.
A really nice looking serum gun.

And, finally there is a hammer and two stakes for vampire hunting.

Final Thoughts- In all this another great figure from Mezco's premiere line. There are a few hiccups, but none are really that bad at all. In fact, this is a must buy for Marvel fans, particularly those of us with a love for their horror characters, especially Morbius. I've never seen a Morbius figure that comes even close to this level of awesomeness, making this THE definitive figure of the Living Vampire!

Final Score