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(Video) Destro "G.I. Joe" Mezco One:12 Collective (Toy Review)

Due to reasons wholly out of my control, it has been a long time, since I've had a new toy review. But, I got one for you guys now! And, it's of the brand new Mezco Toyz Destro One:12 Collective. It's the first release from Mezco's line of G.I. Joe action figures. The figures of which are based on the classic Hasbro toy line, of the same name, that inspired the cartoon, comic books, and so much more. 

Destro is the main arms dealer and weapons creator, as well as one of the top ranking officials for Cobra, the evil terrorist organization hellbent on world domination and sworn enemy of the heroic special mission team called G.I. Joe.

You can see my full review of this figure in the video below: