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(Video) Super7 at Toy Fair 2018

At this year's Toy Fair, I got a tour of the Super7 booth. There I was shown and told about all the cool toys and collectibles that have out and are coming out. They include product from franchises and fan favorites like: Transformers, G.I. Joe, Alien, Planet of the Apes, Universal Monsters, Masters of the Universe, Iron Maiden, King Diamond, and more!
Check it out in the video below:


Video shot and edited by BAS Photography & Design.
Photography by Janice Leung.


Light This City- Terminal Bloom (Album Review)

Musician: Light This City
Album Title: Terminal Bloom
Genre/ Subgenre: Melodic Death Metal
Label: Creator-Desctructor Records
Release Date: May 25, 2018

Full disclosure, I am a huge fan of Bay Area melodic death metal band, Light This City. Their last album, Stormchaser released a decade ago, was one of the very best album of 2008. They had put out what was to me their best work up and until that point, and then broke up. I remained a huge fan of their work listening to their music often. So imagine my pleasant surprise, when I found out that they were returning this year with a new album! 

That album is Terminal Bloom, and when I got my review copy I couldn't have a happier journalist. So, does it live up to the decade long wait? I am here to say fuck yeah and then some! Terminal Bloom is a fucking masterpiece of the sub-genre, one that reinvigorates it and the band itself. It is so fucking good that it actually feels as if no time has passed. The decade of them being apart has clearly served to make them even better than they were before, releasing their finest album, yet. 

Practically every song on here ranks a perfect five star. Hence whittling it down to just a few highlights was hard as fucking hell, but let's go right into it. The opening song "Reality in Disarray" has a beautiful and serene acoustic intro that builds and builds until it becomes an all melo-death assault. The guitar driven beginning on the awesome "A Grotesque Reflection" leads to a powerful and killer song that really shows off the vocals of Lauren Nichol. Her growl sounds better than ever and perfectly accompanies the soaring guitars from Ryan Hansen and Steve Hoffman and the driving drums of Ben Murray. 

The title track has a thundering start that builds into a furious assault that's guaranteed to get you pumped up and ready to kick ass. The lead guitar work on this song serves to further get your blood pounding. "Agents of Fate" is filled with enough rage and fury to open up a can of whoop ass on your and everyone else's ass in a 1,000 mile radius. If you want to bang your head till your neck hurts and well beyond, then listen to "Extinguished". With Nichol's anger filled vocals and the machine gun like blast beats, this song feels like getting punched right in the fucking teeth. I could sign the praises of every other song on here, but you get the idea. This album fuckin rips!
With Terminal Bloom, Light This City have comeback with all guns blazing. If anything the time away has given them the chance to deliver a thunderous and furious masterpiece of melo-death. It is a truly incredible record and very, very strong contender for album of the year. The musicianship is top notch, the vocals some of my favorite in the entire melodic death metal world, and the production superlative. I can't say this anymore clearer other than it is unquestionably one of the absolute must have releases of 2018!

5 out of 5


Nocturnal Graves- Titan (Album Review)

Musician: Nocturnal Graves
Album Title: Titan
Genre/ Subgenre: Blackened Thrash Metal/ Death Metal 
Label: Season of Mist
Release Date: May 18, 2018

Titan is the first new, third overall in their discography, album from Australian blackened thrash metal act Nocturnal Graves. The band which consists of current and former members of Destroyer 666 and Denouncement Pyr. The album is a furious and bile spewing demonic monster of a release. One, that quickly makes up for lost time and decimates all that stand in its way.

There is a seething anger and hatred that dominates this satanic slab of viciousness. Razor fast and driving the music, mixes elements of trash, death, and, of course, black metal, and gives us an album that definitely stands out in the underground. 

The second track "Roar of the Wild" roars right into existence with shredding and slicing guitars that sound like Slayer taken to the blackest of extremes. From there it drives forward with speed, blast beats, and a pummeling attack. "Eccdysis, Shedding Weak Flesh" beats the listener with a slow and pounding, dark atmospheric feel that is evil, foreboding, and unquestionably heavy. The middle part where it slows down completely, with a rumbling undercurrent is guaranteed to chill the listener to the bone. The dark and anger filled "And Hell Followed Them" erupts as if from the very depths of hell, itself. Signer/ bass player J. opens the song with some of the most inhuman and demonic vocals you are likely to hear. "Bow Before None" has a South of Heaven meets early Darkthrone feel and sound to it, that is ferocious and utterly merciless and amounts to my favorite track on the album. The title song closes off the album with an almost doom metal like opening that builds into a locomotive like chugging and then sonic pummeling, that sears and slashes the flesh right off your bones, as the hate filled blast beats threaten to bring hell on earth.

Titan is an evil and heavy sounding attack on the senses. Haunting and blistering it does a killer job of mixing elements from various types of extreme metal. The result proudly shows off their influences while, making their own distinct sound. If anything the album serves as reminder of just how underrated Nocturnal Graves is and how it is time for the metal community (at least those into the more extreme side) need to stand up and take notice. Here is hoping that more will take notice of them and take this majestic and searing trip into the inferno.

4 out of 5



Funko Pop! Movie Moments: "It" Pennywise in Gutter (Toy Review)

Movie Moments is the newest series from Funko's line of Pops. They depict classic scenes in movies, represented in the Funko Pop style and look. This review is for the Funko Pop Movie Moments It Pennywise in the Gutter. It is based on a now classic and famous scene from last year's phenomenal It, based on, of course, the Stephen King book of the same name. 

In this depicted scene, Georgie meets Pennywise who is in a gutter. This happens after Georgie has chased down his paper boat that his brother made for him. Pennywise talks to the kid, and then, ultimately, kills him. It is a great and chilling moment that is wonderfully captured in this amazing Pop figure.

It is a Hot Topic exclusive, albeit one that has already sold out of stores and online. Unless, they get new shipments, you will probably be paying $55 and up for it, as opposed to the $32 price at the store, itself. I was fortunate enough to get it at Hot Topic this past Sat, as it was literally flying off the shelves. In fact, I got the last one!
You can see the front packaging at the top of this review. I love that the bottom front of the design of the box has the little paper boat about to go down the gutter. The window allows you to see the figure from the sides and top, as well as the front.
Once you take out the figure out you will get a good look at the background, a beautiful painting of Pennywise and Georgie that was used in the movie's poster artwork.

The figure, itself, is amazing. One that can only be fully appreciated by taking him out of the box, I feel, as the detail is jaw-dropping. It is thick and sturdy and has some real weight to it. 

The colors on the pop really, well, pop, especially on Georgie's yellow raincoat and the blue rain water.
Georgie looks particularly adorable. He also has the only articulation on this toy, as you can move his head around. I also love the positioning on him, with one of his hands pressed on top of the wet ground.
Pennywise does not have any articulation, but then you can only see his head and, and as such, isn't necessary. With his large, light blue eyes he is the perfect mix of creepy and cute!
As I mentioned earlier, the detail is incredible. From the look and feel of the grass to the little ripples made by the falling rain, this piece is beautiful and cool to look at. 
The following pics you will be able to see the other sides of the figure.
In short, the Funko Pop Movie Moments It Pennywise in the Gutter is flawless. As a matter of fact, it may very well be, the greatest Pop ever made! If you collect Pops, and are into horror, Stephen King, and/ or It/ Pennywise, it is an absolute must have. But, if you missed it, you will have to be willing to pay the above mentioned second market price. If you are OK with this, or are lucky enough to find him at a Hot Topic, then get him immediately! 


Skinless- Savagery (Album Review)

Musician: Skinless
Album Title: Savagery
Genre/ Subgenre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: Relapse Records
Release Date: May 11, 2018

Savagery maybe the most appropriately titled album of 2018. This pissed off and brutal sixth studio offering from brutal death metal crushers Skinless also happens to be one of the heaviest albums of this year.

The album grooves with anger and is an utterly merciless attack on the senses, as well as being uncompromising in its technically savvy and crushing sound. The killer and pounding sound mixes with shredding and speed that will beat you to bloody submission. They are accompanied by inhuman growling that achieves a brutality level that perfectly represents one of the most extreme sub-genres of metal.

The album opens up with its vicious title track, a decimating and pulverizing effort that beats the listener to the ground and leaves them a broken and in shattered pieces. "Skull Session" opens with a nightmarish like intro that heads into a groove filled pounding that pummels the listener like a jackhammer to, appropriately enough, one's skull. Speaking of pummeling, the anger filled, locomotive like "Exacting Revenge" goes between a super heavy groove and blast beats that seem destined to rip a head right off a body. "Line of Dissent" crunches with one of the most brutal grooves you are likely to hear, a slow and driving sound that builds into a bloody beatdown of death metal. Meanwhile, the bonus track, "High Rate Extinction" aims to set the mosh pit on fucking fire with its' merciless onslaught of crushing sound.
Savagery takes no prisoners and does not fuck around. Those in search of the most brutal and heavy music must take heed. But, what is most impressive is that despite its uncompromising sound it really knows how to you hook you into its' sound (well as long as you are into extreme metal). The groove makes you wanna trash everything in site and mosh straight to the bloody pits of hell. Topped off with a cool as fuck cover by tattoo artist Jesse Levitt; this is the brutal death metal release of 2018, so far, and will be hard to top by others in the sub-genre.

4.5 out of 5


Knucklebonz Rock Toy Fair 2018

If I had to pick one booth as my favorite for this year's edition of Toy Fair, then it had to be the awesome Knucklebonz! The beautifully accurate rock statues are a metalhead's dream come true! As a life long fan of heavy metal and hard rock music, I was in fucking heaven as soon as I saw their product!

Man, I always feel that there needs to be more Vic Rattlehead (Megadeth's mascot) merch, as there is hardly any at all. Thank the metal gods for Knucklebonz, then!
In fact, they definitely are going to be making fellow Megadeth fans very happy!

There is also a lot for Kiss and Guns N' Roses fans to look forward to!

Lemmy is what first caught my attention and made me head over in a heartbeat over to this booth!


Horror Crush: Scout Taylor-Compton

Today, I will induct one of the most active and very best of the modern scream queens into my site's Horror Crush section. The gorgeous and highly talented young lady I am referring to is the awesome Scout Taylor-Compton!
Compton was born on February 21, 1989 in Long Beach, California. She is half Mexican American, by way of her mom's side. She was always drawn to horror and the dark, having grown up on the genre and visiting her dad who worked at a mortuary. In fact, her ex-boyfriend Andy Biersack, from the hard rock act Black Veil Brides, wrote a song about her called "The Mortician's Daughter".
She began acting in 1989, doing various TV shows, movies, and commercials. In 2006, she appeared in her first horror movie. Wicked Little Things. I've never seen this one, but have any of you seen it, and if so, any thoughts on it?
A year later, in 2007, she gained the role of Laurie Strode (originally played by the legendary Jamie Lee-Curtis) in Rob Zombie's remake of John Carpenter's seminal classic Halloween. I simply adore this movie, and it is, in fact, my second favorite entry in the entire franchise (obiviously Carpenter's film is my favorite in the series).
Now, I realize that it is a movie that splits its audience between love and hate it. But, for the very reason that many seem to hate it, IE the humanizing Michael Myers, is one of the reasons I love it. I think it adds something new and fresh to series of movies that had long been driven into the ground (especially after the godawful Halloween: Resurrection). Those who bitch and moan should realize that this more "human" Michael is its own universe and continuity separate from the main series (which has a bunch of different continuities to begin with!). It has a dark and violently mean-spirited edge to which helps to make a great slasher. As a matter of fact, I believe it to be one of the best remakes ever and one of the finest slasher movies of the 21st century. And, say what you will the fact remains that it is the highest grossing entry in the franchise.
Compton is a great choice to play Strode as she perfectly captures the girl next door. Or as I always say, the girl I wish lived next door to me! In fact, and this is the pure truth, I was a fan of hers as soon as this movie was over! She has two lovely ladies acting with her, as her friends, in the form of Danielle Harris (who was played the original's Laurie daughter, Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 & 5) as Annie and Kristina Klebe as Lynda. Compton is a solid final girl and really helps to turn up the tensions in the violent climax, as she tries to deal with all the slaughter around her and escape her brother Michael Myers (who she has no clue is her bro). She is particularly great in the bloody, shrieking, and unnerving ending.
She appeared in another horror remake in the form of April Fool's Day which came out on DVD in 2008. I never saw it, and to be honest, had very little interest to ever see it. I am not a big fan of the original (I hate the ending with a passion), and I didn't even know Compton was in it, till now. Maybe I would have seen it had I known. Do you guys who have seen think I should bother?
A year later she made a cameo in the horror flick Life Blood, which again, I haven't seen. She returned to her best known role, that of Laurie Strode, in Rob Zombie's sequel Halloween II. In it, Strode is living in Annie's (s also returning Danielle Harris) home with her and her dad, Sheriff Brackett (Brad Dourif. who returns as well). Michael survives getting his brains blown out from the last film and heads off to Haddonfield for what he feels will be a family reunion with his sis, stabbing everyone in his way. Laurie is traumatized from the last flick and has become kind of a bratty bitch.
While, I loved the preceding movie, this one, er not so much. I thought it was meh, while first seeing in the movies, and kinda disliked it more the more I thought of it. I would eventually find out that although uneven, it grows more and more on me over time and viewings. It is, at least nicely shot and the violence feels like the most brutal in the franchise. The acting is also quite good, including Compton. While, she is not as likable as she was in the last film, she is given more to work with. She also looks great, especially in her maid costume!
When compared to Halloween: Resurrection it is a masterpiece. I have watched Halloween: Resurrection once and despite owning the Blu-ray box set, I NEVER watched the disc and probably never will!
Compton appeared in a bunch of other horror movies from there (aside from working in other genres, including appearing in the excellent The Runaways). I haven't seen them but they include: 247°F, Flight 7500 (the pic below, in which she looks GORGEOUS!), and Return to Sender.  
One horror movie that she is that I did see is 2017's Ghost House. I caught it very recently on Netlix (which it is still streaming on), and I actually enjoyed it. In it, she plays part of a couple that go to Thailand and unknowingly get a ghost curse passed down on her. It breaks no new ground and rips-off of movies like The Ring and The Grudge. But, it is an easy time killer as it keeps you entertained. The acting is also solid, especially from Compton. She is likable in her role and looks great. And, as a plus for skin fans, she does appear topless, even if it is rather quick.
She has sice done even more horror movies many of which have yet to come or are in pre-production.
I actually had the pleasure of meeting Compton this past Sat at the Chiller Theatre con. She is so sweet in person and even more of a knock out in the look department! This has helped to solidified my fandom for her.
Scout Taylor-Compton is one of the biggest, most popular, and most hard working modern horror actresses. She is amassing a huge genre (and beyond) resume. And, the plus side is that she has the immense talent and beauty to back it up. She has a naturally pretty face, gorgeous eyes, and stays in great shape. On top of this she is an immensely sweet and truly seems to love her fans and inclement in the genre. It is thanks to everything that I have said, that I officially make her an inductee to this site's Horror Crushes!