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Skinless- Savagery (Album Review)

Musician: Skinless
Album Title: Savagery
Genre/ Subgenre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: Relapse Records
Release Date: May 11, 2018

Savagery maybe the most appropriately titled album of 2018. This pissed off and brutal sixth studio offering from brutal death metal crushers Skinless also happens to be one of the heaviest albums of this year.

The album grooves with anger and is an utterly merciless attack on the senses, as well as being uncompromising in its technically savvy and crushing sound. The killer and pounding sound mixes with shredding and speed that will beat you to bloody submission. They are accompanied by inhuman growling that achieves a brutality level that perfectly represents one of the most extreme sub-genres of metal.

The album opens up with its vicious title track, a decimating and pulverizing effort that beats the listener to the ground and leaves them a broken and in shattered pieces. "Skull Session" opens with a nightmarish like intro that heads into a groove filled pounding that pummels the listener like a jackhammer to, appropriately enough, one's skull. Speaking of pummeling, the anger filled, locomotive like "Exacting Revenge" goes between a super heavy groove and blast beats that seem destined to rip a head right off a body. "Line of Dissent" crunches with one of the most brutal grooves you are likely to hear, a slow and driving sound that builds into a bloody beatdown of death metal. Meanwhile, the bonus track, "High Rate Extinction" aims to set the mosh pit on fucking fire with its' merciless onslaught of crushing sound.
Savagery takes no prisoners and does not fuck around. Those in search of the most brutal and heavy music must take heed. But, what is most impressive is that despite its uncompromising sound it really knows how to you hook you into its' sound (well as long as you are into extreme metal). The groove makes you wanna trash everything in site and mosh straight to the bloody pits of hell. Topped off with a cool as fuck cover by tattoo artist Jesse Levitt; this is the brutal death metal release of 2018, so far, and will be hard to top by others in the sub-genre.

4.5 out of 5