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Horror Viewings for October 2009

While, I watch horror films all the time, in October I try to watch, at least when it comes to my DVDs, almost exclusively horror films. These are the horror movies I watched so far this month. I'm sharing them with you guys in case you need some suggestions for your Halloween horror movie marathon. Enjoy!

- I started the month out with this one cause I wanted a movie with lots of monsters, and this one has just that! My favorite of the Universal monster bashes, even if it does have it's share of flaws.

- I wanted more monsters, but with a more modern take, so I popped this one in. Killer splatter and excellent monster make-up FX abound. Appearances by zombies, werewolves, Dracula, the mummy, etc and a true love for the genre makes this one a treat for a horror fans. A head get step on, vampires east flesh and drink blood, bloody squibs, vampires splatter, in all a bloody good time. Oh yeah, Michelle Johnson and Deborah Foreman are total babes!

- Miike's fourth best horror film. It just got rereleased on DVD. I ain't double-dipped, and while the movie is a fav of mine, I never will. Here is my review of the second SE version of it: http://www.gorezone.net/dvdcrypt/reviewstxt/abc/auditionhb.html On a side note, Ehi Shiina is so beautiful!

- This fun A Nightmare on Elm Street rip-off is worth a look. I have had a crush on Jennifer Rubin since I first saw her in Nightmare on Elm St. 3 Dream Warriors. My full review of Bad Dreams is here: http://www.gorezone.net/dvdcrypt/reviewstxt/abc/baddreams.html

- One of Price's best films Witchfinder General, aka The Conquer Worm, is a dark, somber masterpiece. I am working on a review of the DVD for the Gorezone.net, so when I have it written up and it's on the site, I'll post the link, here.

- I been wanting to see this one since I first heard about it. A truly horrifying and discomforting horror film; it is the best baby film in the genre since the original It's Alive. Great performances and some truly shocking moments make this a must see. The powerful ending is the final gut punch.

- Tina is THE worst horror character, ever! And, the movie can be dumb as shit, at times, but stylish directing, a mean spirit, and solid acting from Donald Pleasence and the underrated Danielle Harris keep this one from being a total waste. I revisit it a lot, so it definitely holds some fun for me.

- Romero's best movie and my fifth favorite movie, ever. Great acting, great script, and a terrifying feel to it add to this influential and groundbreaking horror classic. All zombie films from here on in owe everything to this movie, and it's masterful sequel Dawn of the Dead.

- This one has been getting a lot of hype, and while not all will like it, I certainly did enjoy it. The best part of it is the last 30 minutes or so where the movie truly hits a spine chilling point. The acting is strong and Katie Featherstone has a really nice rack (which tragically she does not show). I think this one is definitely one you should see in the theaters as, I think, it's scares will best there.

I will probably be watching more horror movies, before Halloween. I hope you guys get to have a fun and safe Halloween. And, if any of you watch/watched any horror flicks this month till Halloween, and want to share them, please feel free to do so. I would love to know what you guys are watching!


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My latest review for the Gorezone.net is for the thriller The Seduction. You can read it here: http://www.gorezone.net/dvdcrypt/reviewstxt/stu/theseduction.html

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Music Mix: Horrorween 2009

Ahh, Halloween, it's my favorite holiday. And, it should come as no shock to anyone who knows me or reads this blog on a regular basis that it is. Making a Halloween mix is something I been meaning to do since 2007 (maybe even before that). And, so here it is. With subject matter that includes Satan, witches, goth chicks, lycanthropy, and Jason Voorhees, and such Halloween friendly bands such as the Misfits, Sigh, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, and Cradle of Filth, I hope I have made a mix that you can enjoy at your own scary Halloween party or maybe on the way to a Halloween party or whenever you feel like listening to music with some scary subject matter.

You can can download the evil tunes here: http://www.4shared.com/file/141783648/b059540e/Horroween_2009.html

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The Doctors Are In!

OK, a few years ago at Chiller, two of my friends and I made a mental list of all the doctors (in fiction) that we could think of. The other day leaving Zombieland (which you so need to see if you ain't done so, yet), I had the same the conversation with one of them, again. And, so boredom has lead me to share the list with you! I have added some and maybe forgotten others, but this is just me being silly and geeky, so enjoy. And, remember most of these doctors are people you do not actually want to go see!

Dr. Feelgood- - Not only is this the name of the best post-Shout at the Devil Motley album, but it is also the name of the character the title track is about. A drug dealer. Wow, Motley knows about drugs?! No way!

Dr. Strangelove- - Whacked-out mad scientist and former Nazi hired by the president of the United States from Stanley Kubrick's classic movie of the same name. He has a hand with a mind of it's own that keeps doing the Nazi salute. Most be awkward in public situations!

Dr. Pepper- - While, it cannot perform any actual surgery, it can cure thirst!

Dr. Hill- - Mad scientist whose re-animated corpse carries his own decapitated head around. Has a thing for a hot blonde, and no he is not Hugh Hefner! From the classic Re-Animator.

Dr. Herbert West- - Also, from the same movie is the man who re-animates Dr. Hill after chopping off his head! This mad scientist (damn, there are a lot of them on this list!) is obsessed with finding a way to bring the dead back to life. I am sure one can find less ghoulish obsessions, but The Crocheter would probably not have made for quite as an exciting and fun movie.

Dr. Butcher, M.D.- - Actually the original American title of Italian cult fav Zombie Holocaust, in which a, wait for it, mad scientist tries to bring the dead back to life with the help of cannibals. Hey, they work cheap!

Dr. Strange- - Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme is always ready to protect humanity from the all the evil, supernatural threats that we may endure, like demons and evil magical wielders. He was a former surgeon, but after an accident took the use of hands, he turned to magic. He also has a seventies porn mustache, which leads me to believe he may have been spinning other sorts of magic on the side!

Dr. Bruce Banner- - Brilliant scientist who became the Hulk after an accident. Just don't get him angry cause you won't, aww fuck it! You know the rest!

Dr. Jekyll- - Classic horror character has really deadly split personality, thanks to potion he comes up with. Probably not the right guy to have a drink with!

Dr. Fate- - DC's master of magic has a cool costume and has a shitload of different guys be behind the mask over the course of DC's run. All kidding aside, I think he is one of DC's coolest looking guys.

Dr. No- - The first villain that the original James Bond encountered in the movie of the same name. He has a metal hand he can crush things with. Hope he did not "read" Playboy with said hand...

Dr. Victor Von Doom- - The greatest villain in comic-book history. An evil genius that is the dictator of his own country. Which is more than I can say for anyone else on this list. He also has the biggest ego, and THE coolest look of all these other "doctors". Doom would probably find these guys well beneath him. But, he's Dr. fucking Doom!

Dr. Mikannibal- - Gorgeous sax player and backup signer for Japanese black metal band, Sigh, she is the only one from the list that I wish was my doctor. If I was feeling ill I would so go see her. In fact, I'm not feeling so good at this moment. Uh, doc can you see me now?

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That Metal Show Taping- Sept. 29, 2009

I have been wanting to go to a taping of That Metal Show on VH-1 Classic since I started watching this show. I actaully been watching it since the very first episode. And, on Sept. 29, 2009, I got to do just that.

Last night, they aired the season premiere (which was an hour special with an Anvil performance!). It was preceded by the excellent docu Anvil: The Story of Anvil. If you ain't seen it yet, you totally need to.

Anyways, the taping I went were for the second and third episodes. Yes, they shoot two episodes on one day, but they move the audience around for each taping. And, they change clothing, too. I can also tell you they do more Stump the Trunk, where the audience asks classic metal trivia to one of the hosts, Eddie Trunk, in hopes of stumping him and win a prize. They have like six of them, but yet only air three on TV.

Anyways, we had to wait to get in. But, this allowed us to see the first guest, WWE wrestler and Fozzy frontman, Chris Jericho arrive!

Jericho was great, by the way, and that episode airs next Saturday on VH-1 classics at 11PM. Before the filming of said episode we were allowed to take some pics. Here I am in the audience:
and even cooler on the set!

The guys who host the show, Jim Florentine, Eddie Trunk, and Don Jamieson, are fucking awesome! They rule! , K

They do various retakes of the breaks, which is what took the longest. They also redo the make-up of the hosts and guest.

The second episode had the Metal God, himself, Rob Halford, lead signer of one of the greatest metal bands ever, Judas Priest! It was another great episode, and I would guess this one airs, the Saturday after, the Jericho one.

Anyways, I actually got to meet Halford , and that, dear friends and readers, is a true honor! He is the greatest signer in metal. I have been a Priest fan since I was a kid and got Painkiller (my fav Priest album, by the way). I did not think I would get a chance to meet him (in fact I had no clue who the guests were gonna be), but that pretty much made my day, week, month, year (?!)

Some of us (myself, included) got free Miller High Life hats (who now present the show, hence the hosts and Jericho drinking it in my pic a little above). We all got free That Metal Show T-shirts, which brings to question one thing. Why were they in the prize box if we got 'em for free anyways? Oh yeah, Miss Box of Junk, Kerri Lee is even hotter in person. Sadly, I could not get a pic of her. But, here is a pic I found of her so that you may drool over her, anyways.

Well, in all I had a blast. I hope you guys are watching the show. And, if you get chance to, go see it live. They tape it a block before the Jacob Javits Center. I know I hope to go to another taping, someday!

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Exxxotica NY- Sept. 26, 2009

On September 26, 2009 a group of us, total of five, headed off to Edison, New Jersey for Exxxotica NY! Man, I had been pumped for this since last year. So, I had been counting down the months, weeks, days, and hours. We got there about a half hour before opening time. But, as soon as the doors opened, I knew the fun was coming.

The very first thing we saw was this smoking hot Asian girl shaking her ass on a pole. Strangely enough it would not be till the end of the day that I would get a pic taken with her. So in many ways she book ended the day for me! This year there were even more hotties on poles , cages , see-saws, beds , and even on a giant mechanical penis! Actually a lot of girls tried to ride said cock, but this babe was the best to accomplish that: More of her later!

The first person I went up to was the lovely Jada Cheng. Jada loved my blog on her, from last month, something that made me feel very flattered. And, made me look even more forward to seeing her. She was, of course, with the Sassy Assy booth. I would go back to this booth several times, but the other girl I knew, through the net, and was looking forward to meeting in person, Kyanna Lee (also a former a Hot Asian Girl of the Month, of this blog) could not make it out. Hopefully, we'll see each other next year. Anyways, Jada is really friendly and an awesome person, aside from being, you know really, really sexy!

I next went to visit someone else, I know: Joanna Angel and the Burning Angel girls! Joanna was already there, and I bought Girls, Girls, Girls 2 off of her. I know I say this a lot on this blog, but it really bares mentioning, yet, again. Joanna Angel and the BA girls are sweethearts. And, no I am not biased! Anyway, I would end up getting the DVD signed by lots of girls , including non-BA babes Penny Flame and Sasha Grey. But, more on them later. This is another booth I would revisit many times during the course of the day. Cause, not only am I a fan, but I consider many of the girls friends are always cool to talk to.

We then went, next, to Amy Fisher's table. Honestly, I was totally up for meeting her since I saw that she was doing signings in other places. Man, she looks hotter than ever! And, props cause she knows how to spell my ever so Guido name (Giovanni)!

This bike was hot. As was the official Gina Lynn bike. By the way, did any of you see her pose with it? I didn't so just curious.

Meggan Mallone has to be one of THE hottest and friendliest Vivid girls, ever. She was hot enough to make her think that my two friends were shy. Shit, my one friend had to introduce the other one as, "This is Pat". Never seen Pat speechless!

We then, went to see the oh so very cute and pretty Carmen McCarthy. She was charging a mere 5 bucks for an autographed pic or shirt. It's for charity for her sister's cancer. A great cause I say. And, she is a great chick, herself.

My friend John said that Sara Jay was signing. Well, I about flipped out! She was one I kept recommending Exxxotica to get over on their awesome facebook. I did not see her announced, so imagine my surprise when I heard this! As at least some of my friends know, I am a huge fan of this sexy, shapely beauty. She charged 5 for a regular and 10 for topless. Guess which I picked? Duh! I told her I loved her, like the dork that I am!

One of the girls I was dying to meet was Eva Angelina. A long time fan of hers, I love this Latin beauty. I was so pumped that she would be there. I have to say she is even cuter in person!

I used to watch a lot of Playboy TV's Sex Court back in the day, and I always loved Alexandra Silk. So, we had to go up to her. Well, she is even cooler in person. Very sexy and flirty. She told us how she ate Ginger Lynn's pussy. "We're not worthy", I said! She told us how she wanted to eat Bree Olson's snatch! She even made me swear on her butt, they way they used to do it on the Playboy TV show ! Awesome! Easily one of my fav babes to meet at this show!

This was to be Penny Flame's last appearance, ever as Penny Flame, as she is now retired. She will be on Celebrity Rehab. It is my friend that got me into her . I told her this. She is so sweet, cute, and friendly , I truly wish her the best of luck in whatever she decides to do. By the way read her blog here, to know what she up to, now.

I then went to get my Pirates II DVD signed by the lovely Jesse Jane . She gave out free posters of a porno I so need to get: Teachers. Anywho, we were laughing at some dude's awesome shirt (something about blasting a million of his kids on your girlfriend's face).

OK, if I had to pick one girl that I had to meet, that would have been Ginger Lynn. You see I had a crush on her since I was a kid, and the fact is I still love her. Cause, she is still hot. The hottest MILF, ever, in my book. This makes her my longest lasting crush, ever. Anyways, I told her about my childhood crush on her and whatnot. She hugged me and was just a total sweetie, as well as being incredibly sexy and flirty. She signed my Devil's Rejects DVD and a pic of hers , she gave me. She's awesome, and I am officially in love!

OK, but you see the problem with this line was some people wanted a million things signed. The next line also moved very slowly, but it was Courntey Cummz and like Ginger, she is worth the wait! I missed Courtney last year (to be honest I had no clue who she was last year). But, following her Twitter (I told her that she is one of my favs on Twitter, no lie!) and having seen her pics online, I knew I had to meet her this year! Anyways, she was AWESOME in person! I mean definitely one of the biggest pleasures to meet! So sexy, flirty, down-to-earth, and sweet. Man, I am in love, yet again!

Next up was another one we wanted to meet, the lovely Lisa Ann. She has such a sexy, raspy voice! She talked to us for a little while and proved to be very nice and friendly. I likie her!

We were gonna go get some food, but I had to stop cause I saw the super sexy Jayla Starr! I love following her on Twitter, too! I told her this, and she got a pic of us (taken by Sara Jay, no less!) for her Twitter! She signed a pic I bought off of her, and a DVD I purchased recently, but ain't seen yet, Latina Sushi Fiesta (for you info it is an all girl film with only Latin and Asian girls in the cast). She told me about how Annie Cruz (a girl who needs to do this show!) squirted all over her! I love Annie and Jayla!!!!!!!

After getting some chow, our friend John took us to see some new girls, well new to us, anyways. One was the pretty Missy Woods and there was the yummy Erin Marxxx .

Then, I went to one of my truest personal favs: Asa Akira (this month's Hot Asian Girl of the Month)! Man, I been crazy about this babe, since I met her last year! She signed a free pic for me , as well as one of my own DVDs. And, like I said last year I love the fact that she knows how to spell my name. I told her she was one of my favs. She told me she loved me! Damn, that made my day, no week, month?! Year! Hahaha! I LOVE YOU, Asa Akira!

I went back to the Sassy Assy booth and got some pics with and of the oh so sexy Asian Kisses. Man, I really love this babe! She's tall, sexy, and beautiful. I love Sassy Assy. Hey, I know, I seem to love a lot of things and girls, but this is fucking Exxxotica NY! You are bound to fall in love multiple times!

Another babe I found through Twitter is the red-hot Isis Taylor . She's half-Peruvian like me, which I told her. Had to meet her and am very glad that I did!

I missed Teagan Presley , but was not gonna make the same mistake, twice. She is cute and hot, and, plus, she signed for free!

Off to the Wicked booth and Jessica Drake. This hottie signed for free, as well. Yay!

I met Luke from 2 Live Crew, my friend had to meet him, or his girl would be pissed! I saw them perform , too. And, yes, I found it to be a lot of fun, even if I am a die-hard metalhead.

Said friend had noticed the hottie known as Kelly Devine, and so we met her, too. Great ass and curves ! We got the last two copies of Show mag which she signed for us.

Then we went to meet the gorgeous Sasha Grey, again. She signed two of my DVDs, and I told her how I loved her acting in the Girlfriend Experience. Too bad it hit DVD a week later, cause I just got it and would have gotten her to sign it. As, I have said before here, she is great in it, and you need to see it, if you ain't done so, yet. Sahsa is always great to see. She may have gotten there late, but stayed till the end for her fans. Very awesome, she deserves all her success and fans.

I did not think we were gonna get the chance to meet the, oh so cute Sunny Lane, but we did. She signed for free. I love her smile!

I met Nyssa Nevers last year, but she is even hotter now (as if that is humanly possible!)! I had to get another pic with her! This girl is a true vision of beauty!

Just cause it was later in the event, does not mean the hotness stops. One booth was really hot, with four tasty babes lezzie (inluding the chick who rode the giant schlong) it out and taking hot pics with the fans. See, why you should go to this event!

But, as hot as that booth was, the trip back to Sassy Assy was even hotter! Holy Crap! Hot Asian babes posing all sexy and provocatively! This was THE sexiest moment, in my humble opinion. Thank God for hot Asian girls and Sassy Assy! Just enjoy these pics:

Well, that certainly is a HELL of a way to the end an awesome day! We stayed till the very end, like last year. And, I went and said good-bye to all the girls that know me. Tired but happy, (no make that happy times 100!), we got in the car and drove back home, already excited for next year! Thank you to all the girls and Exxxotica for THE best convention/ event ever. EXXXOTICA NY FUCKING RULZ!!!!!!!!!!

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