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The Doctors Are In!

OK, a few years ago at Chiller, two of my friends and I made a mental list of all the doctors (in fiction) that we could think of. The other day leaving Zombieland (which you so need to see if you ain't done so, yet), I had the same the conversation with one of them, again. And, so boredom has lead me to share the list with you! I have added some and maybe forgotten others, but this is just me being silly and geeky, so enjoy. And, remember most of these doctors are people you do not actually want to go see!

Dr. Feelgood- - Not only is this the name of the best post-Shout at the Devil Motley album, but it is also the name of the character the title track is about. A drug dealer. Wow, Motley knows about drugs?! No way!

Dr. Strangelove- - Whacked-out mad scientist and former Nazi hired by the president of the United States from Stanley Kubrick's classic movie of the same name. He has a hand with a mind of it's own that keeps doing the Nazi salute. Most be awkward in public situations!

Dr. Pepper- - While, it cannot perform any actual surgery, it can cure thirst!

Dr. Hill- - Mad scientist whose re-animated corpse carries his own decapitated head around. Has a thing for a hot blonde, and no he is not Hugh Hefner! From the classic Re-Animator.

Dr. Herbert West- - Also, from the same movie is the man who re-animates Dr. Hill after chopping off his head! This mad scientist (damn, there are a lot of them on this list!) is obsessed with finding a way to bring the dead back to life. I am sure one can find less ghoulish obsessions, but The Crocheter would probably not have made for quite as an exciting and fun movie.

Dr. Butcher, M.D.- - Actually the original American title of Italian cult fav Zombie Holocaust, in which a, wait for it, mad scientist tries to bring the dead back to life with the help of cannibals. Hey, they work cheap!

Dr. Strange- - Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme is always ready to protect humanity from the all the evil, supernatural threats that we may endure, like demons and evil magical wielders. He was a former surgeon, but after an accident took the use of hands, he turned to magic. He also has a seventies porn mustache, which leads me to believe he may have been spinning other sorts of magic on the side!

Dr. Bruce Banner- - Brilliant scientist who became the Hulk after an accident. Just don't get him angry cause you won't, aww fuck it! You know the rest!

Dr. Jekyll- - Classic horror character has really deadly split personality, thanks to potion he comes up with. Probably not the right guy to have a drink with!

Dr. Fate- - DC's master of magic has a cool costume and has a shitload of different guys be behind the mask over the course of DC's run. All kidding aside, I think he is one of DC's coolest looking guys.

Dr. No- - The first villain that the original James Bond encountered in the movie of the same name. He has a metal hand he can crush things with. Hope he did not "read" Playboy with said hand...

Dr. Victor Von Doom- - The greatest villain in comic-book history. An evil genius that is the dictator of his own country. Which is more than I can say for anyone else on this list. He also has the biggest ego, and THE coolest look of all these other "doctors". Doom would probably find these guys well beneath him. But, he's Dr. fucking Doom!

Dr. Mikannibal- - Gorgeous sax player and backup signer for Japanese black metal band, Sigh, she is the only one from the list that I wish was my doctor. If I was feeling ill I would so go see her. In fact, I'm not feeling so good at this moment. Uh, doc can you see me now?

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