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That Metal Show Taping- Sept. 29, 2009

I have been wanting to go to a taping of That Metal Show on VH-1 Classic since I started watching this show. I actaully been watching it since the very first episode. And, on Sept. 29, 2009, I got to do just that.

Last night, they aired the season premiere (which was an hour special with an Anvil performance!). It was preceded by the excellent docu Anvil: The Story of Anvil. If you ain't seen it yet, you totally need to.

Anyways, the taping I went were for the second and third episodes. Yes, they shoot two episodes on one day, but they move the audience around for each taping. And, they change clothing, too. I can also tell you they do more Stump the Trunk, where the audience asks classic metal trivia to one of the hosts, Eddie Trunk, in hopes of stumping him and win a prize. They have like six of them, but yet only air three on TV.

Anyways, we had to wait to get in. But, this allowed us to see the first guest, WWE wrestler and Fozzy frontman, Chris Jericho arrive!

Jericho was great, by the way, and that episode airs next Saturday on VH-1 classics at 11PM. Before the filming of said episode we were allowed to take some pics. Here I am in the audience:
and even cooler on the set!

The guys who host the show, Jim Florentine, Eddie Trunk, and Don Jamieson, are fucking awesome! They rule! , K

They do various retakes of the breaks, which is what took the longest. They also redo the make-up of the hosts and guest.

The second episode had the Metal God, himself, Rob Halford, lead signer of one of the greatest metal bands ever, Judas Priest! It was another great episode, and I would guess this one airs, the Saturday after, the Jericho one.

Anyways, I actually got to meet Halford , and that, dear friends and readers, is a true honor! He is the greatest signer in metal. I have been a Priest fan since I was a kid and got Painkiller (my fav Priest album, by the way). I did not think I would get a chance to meet him (in fact I had no clue who the guests were gonna be), but that pretty much made my day, week, month, year (?!)

Some of us (myself, included) got free Miller High Life hats (who now present the show, hence the hosts and Jericho drinking it in my pic a little above). We all got free That Metal Show T-shirts, which brings to question one thing. Why were they in the prize box if we got 'em for free anyways? Oh yeah, Miss Box of Junk, Kerri Lee is even hotter in person. Sadly, I could not get a pic of her. But, here is a pic I found of her so that you may drool over her, anyways.

Well, in all I had a blast. I hope you guys are watching the show. And, if you get chance to, go see it live. They tape it a block before the Jacob Javits Center. I know I hope to go to another taping, someday!

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