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NYCC Sun 2015- The Final Chapter of Cosplay

After a busy as hell couple of days, Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015, was actually a rather, relaxing day at New York Comic Con. I say rather cause there was still a lot to see. And, among that there was definitely a lot of cosplay, of which I present to you my favorite for that day, that I saw. Let's not waste anymore time and get right to it!
 Woah! This Jurassic Park cosplay was pretty freaking scary!
 Wait, the Red Skull is in the DC display! Can Supes or Bats stop him?
 I think this cutie looked a little like Olivia Munn, expect cooler and prettier.
 Killer Frost and Harley Quinn- DC bad girl hotness!
 Where's Waldo? Hanging out with a hot Wonder Woman! That's where! Lucky him!
 Ha! Love the floating head!
Perhaps my favorite cosplay of the day came from this little puppy with his Superman cape. He was just so adorable! I swear if he was for sale, I would have bought him and taken him home with me that night!
Prop from Pretty Little Liars. Being I have never seen that show I have no clue who or what the fuck this is. If you know leave me a comment. About all I can say I know about the show is that Twitter loves it and the female case is hot (some whom where at the con).
 Fucking badass Kingpin!!!
 Both of these Star Wars pics are among my favorite that I shot all weekend.

This might be the last of the NYCC cosplay pics that I have, but I still have a few more interviews. Stay tuned!

All pics by myself or Negative Pop.


(Video) A Talk with Scream Queen Catherine Corcoran at the Troma Booth at NYCC 2015

On Sat, Oct. 10, 2015 at New York Comic Con 2015, I visited the wildest and most fun booth at the entire convention: Troma! You can see a little bit of the craziness going on at the booth in the beginning of the video that you are about to watch. Anyway, on this day, I got to conduct an interview with blonde beauty, scream queen, and co-star of Troma's own Return to Nuke 'Em High (I reviewed volume one about two years ago), Catherine Corcoran.
We talked about both volumes, her co-star Asta Paredes (who some of you may recall I interviewed last year at this same event and booth), director and Troma co-founder Lloyd Kaufman, and more! Catherine is not just beautiful, but she is so sweet and down-to-earth that, that quite honestly, I don't think there are sufficient words in the English dictionary to able to say enough nice things about her. As such, she was an immense pleasure to interview.

You can see the full video below.

(from left to right) Catherine, myself, and lovely Tromette Emily Astrom.

Bottom two pics, camera work, and video editing by Negative Pop.


NYCC Sat 2015- Great Times and Great Cosplay

Saturday is always the craziest and busiest day at NYCC. And, while I did have a lot going on, I still had a blast. Actually, I will go on to say that Oct. 10, 2015 was one of the most fun Sat NYCC's for me ever. Let's go with some of the most awesome cosplay that I saw that day.

These guys were so popular to get picks with that they probably never left the spot they were in!

Oskana Cosplay did an amazing and sexy cosplay as Red Sonja!
 My theory is that after Playboy decided to stop publishing nudes next year, this Bunny decided to join the Empire.

This AWESOME and beautiful cosplay is Cinderella meets Iron Man. I love it!
Hannibal cosplay! 'Nuff said!
This cutie was doing a Paige of WWE cosplay. I asked her if she had ever met Paige, she told me she had and in THIS cosplay. Apparently she loved it! So did I!

All photography by myself or Negative Pop.


(Video) Lovely Model Sarah Russi Talks to Us at NYCC 2015

On Friday, Oct, 9, 2015, I got talk to the lovely Sarah Russi at New York Comic Con. Sarah, who looked amazing in her cute Super Mario Bros outfit, discussed with me her career, being involved in the world of pro-wrestling, and more!

You can see the interview in the video below:


All photography, camera work, and video editing by Negative Pop


Chiller Theatre Oct 2015

It had been a very long time (much too long if you ask me) since I had last gone to an Oct Chiller Theatre Convention. And, it was definitely time to change that. So, on Sat. Oct. 24, 2015, I went there with my good friends Freddie and Matt.

The first person that I went up was the beautiful Barbara Crampton. I actually had met her many years back at an old Fangoria Weekend of Horrors, but I didn't have anything for her to sign, expect for the con program. But, I had been wanting to meet her again. After all, Re-Animator is my not just my favorite horror movie, but my favorite movie (of ANY genre) of all time. And, she's been in so many other favorites of mine like From Beyond and Castle Freak. Add to that the fact that I had THE absolute and completely biggest crush on her as a kid, I just had to. And, so I did. Barbara signed my blu-ray of Re-Animator and is just so sweet in person! She loves talking to her fans and is so friendly and down to earth. Not to mention that she is still utterly breathtaking in her beauty!

Next was the Godfather of Gore himself, H.G. Lewis. He was really cool in person, and his assistant was really nice, too. They got a kick that I was a gorehound who carried around a Spongebob folder. He's another person that I had wanted to meet for a long time. I saw him talk at a Fango con once, but he wasn't signing at that one. Well he signed my Wizard of Gore/ Gore, Gore Girls blu-ray, at this one. And, I couldn't have been happier!

The last celeb that I went up was Frankenhooker, herself, the beautiful Patty Mullen. This former Penthouse Pet of the Year and guest judge on one of the editions of WCW's Clash of the Champions is still gorgeous and also very friendly in person. She talked to us and signed my blu-ray copy of Frankenhooker (which I had already gotten signed by the film's writer/ director Frank Henenlotter).

From then it was just hanging out and buying cool shit. As, this is the Oct show, there was lots of cosplay on hand.
 This Walking Dead inspired walker guard was freaking cool!
My friend Maria and her brother had THE best cosplay of the night with this kick ass one form Little Shop of Horrors!

After dinner Matt and went back to our room and got into our costumes. This was the first time we had ever done this for Chiller or any other con. And, it was a total fucking blast!! Matt was dressed as one of the Hanson brothers from Slap Shot, while I was the Sith Lord himself, Darth Vader!

The past meets the future as Klyo Ren and I team-up and try to turn this Hanson brother to the dark side!

One of the my favorite costumes had to be this beauty. She was doing the cheerleader from Nirvana's classic video "Smells Like Teen Spirit". I always had a thing for the cheerleaders from that video (cheerleaders + anarchy symbols + great music = everything!). So, seeing someone as truly beautiful as this stunner was in that outfit truly made my night! She was glad I her recognized her costume cause she says a lot don't. Well, I am just gonna say this here: those people are probably lame anyway.

 Darth Vader and the Hitchhiker from Creepshow 2 are not happy about YOU killing us!
 As always the music was just kicking some major ass and adding to the fun of the Chiller party!
This cutie photobomed my selfie earlier, and she made for such a sexy Harley Quinn that I had to get a pic with her!
 Lady Loki and Wolf-Cop!
 Darth Vader meets those damn Peanuts kids!
 Four badasses at Chiller!

 At last, Darth Vader vs. Ash from the Evil Dead movies!
Her Blade Runner costume was just awesome! I told her that I loved it and that said film is one of my favorite movies (which it most definitely is!)

 This little kid loved my costume, which really made me smile and touched my dark Sith heart. His parents, fellow horror fans, made his costume which lit up was just so cool!

  One of the many fun things was how many people wanted to battle me, the Sith Lord!
 This little doggy was just too freaking cute and tiny!
Well, Chiller was a blast, and I hope to never let so much time between Oct Chillers happen again. I also think I may need to do more cosplaying, at this show! Cause I fucking loved it!