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New Years Day with Eyes Set to Kill at NYC 10-16-15

This past Friday, Oct. 16, 2015, New Years Day hit Santos Party House in New York City as part of their first ever headlining tour. The result was a kick ass show that was fun as hell!

There were a couple of opening acts, but they had to cut their performances short, due to a 10PM curfew enforced by the venue. Hence, I didn't catch them all or all of their sets, save for that of one of my personal favorite bands, Eyes Set To Kill.

This actually marks my now third time seeing the band live making them the band that I have seen the most live. And, I would see them a million times again! Despite being limited to only playing a twenty minute set, the beautiful and talented Rodriguez sisters, signer and guitarist Alexia and bassist Anissa, and company killed it (pun not intended) like only they can on set. They played songs mostly of off their last release Masks (an album I picked as one of the best of 2013), as well as a new song off of the album they are currently working on.


As always they are very fan friendly and love talking and taking pics with them, and signing autographes. I met them before and after their set and fans were always coming up them. One of them even gave them some really cool drawing that he did of them.

Eventually it was time for the headliners, New Years Day, to come onstage. Now I have been a huge fan of theirs for a while, as I really love their hard rock/ alternative metal sound, as well as their stunning and amazing front-woman, Ash Costello. Though, I had wanted to see them in concert before, for one reason or another it just didn't work out. Thank the fucking rock gods that this time it did.

From the moment they came on stage to their return to close off the night with "Angel Eyes" off of Victim to Villain, they simply played great music and seemed to be having as awesome a time playing it as we were having listening to it. The song list came from that aforementioned album, as well as Epidemic, their EP from last year. Of course, they also played songs of their brand new album Malevolence, which just came out this month. This is their best work yet, and I can't stop listening to it, since I got it at their show.

New Years Day are  phenomenal band, and I think they are blowing up. You really need to see them live since they sound every bit as good as they do on their recodings. And, it's very clear that they love their fans. So, be sure to check them out when they come to your town for this tour!

 At one point Ash asked her fans to put their middle fingers up.
Ash is a genuine sweetheart and even more beautiful in person. I had the pleasure of meeting her outside of Santos Party House. She really seemed happy to meet and talk to everyone. This pretty much put that stamp of extra awesomeness on the night made it totally fucking epic!