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NYCC 2015- Thurs, Part II: Attack of the Cosplayers (and the High-End Booths)!

All pics by myself or Negative Pop.
For part one go here: http://themastergio.blogspot.com/2015/10/nycc-2015-thurs-part-i.html

Japanese toy company Banpresto had a kick ass booth at New York Comic Con, highlighted by various amazing toys. Among these incredibly sculpted toys were these killer Dragonball Z figures.
But, perhaps my favorite high-end collectibles booth was that of EFX Collectibles who had some amazing, gorgeous, and truly jaw dropping and expensive (but clearly worth it) Star Wars collectibles. Man, I would just LOVE to own some of this stuff!
But, of all the collectibles props they had none were more awesome than the life-size R2-D2, though. He rolled around, could turn his head around, lights lit up, and he made R2 type of beep and boop sounds. I am sure this would cost anyone an arm and a leg (appropriate for a franchise obsessed with amputations!). He was so awesome and adorable that I had to give him a big hug!

Another amazing booth is the always jaw-dropping Sideshow Collectibles. Their statues and figures are truly a site to behold, worship, and drool over!

In a convention this huge, it really is hard to run into someone. You have to really plan it out and stick to it for to happen. That is why I am happy to have at least run into my two friends Ariel (here as a Catwoman) and Rachel (Harley Quinn) on this day. Rachel only went on this sadly, and also sadly, I didn't run into Ariel the other two days that she was there. Anyways, the point is I saw them on Thurs and got to snap some cool pics of them and their friend, as well with both of them!
And, now my final two cosplay pics from the first day of NYCC 2015!
 It's that Attack on Titan/ Batman crossover that you have been dreaming about!

The Road Warrior is one of my personal favorite films of all time and my favorite of the Mad Max films. I always say that I wish more would do Mad Max cosplay. So naturally, I was super happy to see this cosplay of Warrior Woman on the left. The lovely lady told me she picked it cause it's her favorite in the series, as well. She also figured that most would be doing Mad Max: Fury Road cosplay at the con. Anyway, bravo for doing this! You rule Warrior Woman cosplayer!