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NYCC: Friday, Pt II- More Cosplay than Meets the Eyes!

Friday saw me shoot lots of cosplayers, so let's not waste and more time: here some more of my personal favorites from that day!

This is was was really cool, as her beautiful outfit had comic-book pages attached to the back of her dress. It definitely was a big favorite of mine, and you can get a better look at what I mean in the picture below.

The absolutely stunning Azzy. This cosplayer is a new favorite of mine.

I always get a kick of seeing a cosplayer interview another cosplayer, especially when one of the is a hottie. Here a stunning Daenerys of Game of Thrones interviews the Thing of the Fantastic Four. The fact that she has her dragons with her and on him, just makes this that much more epic!

If you scroll above you'll see the Hamburgler, being pestered by a Unicorn lady. Maybe he should ask this Ronald McDonald Thor for help!
Oh dear God, I was in love with these two! This cosplay based on Nintendo's classic Ice Breakers was one of the cutest and sexiest cosplays at the entire con, at least in my humble opinion!
How awesome is this dude? He did Soundwave from the Decepticons and even had Ravage and Laserbeak attached to him. So cool and original. You know this had to have taken a lot of work!
These two stunners to the left were part of a group of beautiful women dressed in black at NYCC promoting The Last Witch Hunter with Vin Diesel. While, that movie looks to be a load of shit, the girls promoting it were breathtaking. I just had to shoot a pic of at least two of them. I mean I do this for you guys, my loyal readers, cause I love you all! I also, do this cause I love beautiful women but honestly that is besides the point!
Finally I leave you with this foursome. The ladies consist of a beautiful female Joker, hanging around with a very cute Harley Quinn, and a hot as fuck Seven of Nine. Lurking in the back of them is the Punisher. At first I thought he was just a random dude and not a cosplayer as I could not see his outfit. But, then I did see it. I guess Frank Castle is just here to take care of these lovely ladies from all the Comic Con creepers!

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