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NYCC Sun 2015- The Final Chapter of Cosplay

After a busy as hell couple of days, Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015, was actually a rather, relaxing day at New York Comic Con. I say rather cause there was still a lot to see. And, among that there was definitely a lot of cosplay, of which I present to you my favorite for that day, that I saw. Let's not waste anymore time and get right to it!
 Woah! This Jurassic Park cosplay was pretty freaking scary!
 Wait, the Red Skull is in the DC display! Can Supes or Bats stop him?
 I think this cutie looked a little like Olivia Munn, expect cooler and prettier.
 Killer Frost and Harley Quinn- DC bad girl hotness!
 Where's Waldo? Hanging out with a hot Wonder Woman! That's where! Lucky him!
 Ha! Love the floating head!
Perhaps my favorite cosplay of the day came from this little puppy with his Superman cape. He was just so adorable! I swear if he was for sale, I would have bought him and taken him home with me that night!
Prop from Pretty Little Liars. Being I have never seen that show I have no clue who or what the fuck this is. If you know leave me a comment. About all I can say I know about the show is that Twitter loves it and the female case is hot (some whom where at the con).
 Fucking badass Kingpin!!!
 Both of these Star Wars pics are among my favorite that I shot all weekend.

This might be the last of the NYCC cosplay pics that I have, but I still have a few more interviews. Stay tuned!

All pics by myself or Negative Pop.