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NYCC 2015- Thurs, Part I

The biggest con in the east coast, and perhaps the biggest in all of the US (sorry, San Diego Comic Con it's a fact this one sold more tickets than you did last year), has just passed us by. It took place Oct. 8-11, 2015. I was there all four days covering it, of course. I have tons of pics, interviews, and coverage to share with you all.

So, let's begin with very first day, Thurs (Oct. 8th): it should be noted that unlike it was in the past years where doors opened in the afternoon, it all started at 10AM! This meant, that Alan Negative Pop Camuto (my friend, photographer, and one of my Master's Minions) and myself, were up early to hit the convention. 

The first thing I did was meet the beautiful Felicia Day. An internet darling and beloved geek personality, she has also starred on two of my favorite shows of all time: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural. On the former she played Vi, but it is on the later that she really had her most popular and memorable role thus far in her career, that of lesbian geek Charlie. I had meant to met her for ages and was determined to finally do just that this time. For 40 bucks, she sold and signed her book, You're Never too Weird on the Internet (Almost), which I wanted anyway. She also took a pic with me. I told her that I had wanted to meet her for the longest of time, and that I cried after she had died on (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!): Supernatural. She told me it was meant to give you "the feels", which it most certainly succeeded at, I replied! She was really so sweet and even more beautiful in person. I feel this was the right way to start off the con!

In the meanwhile that I was on that line,  Alan was on the line for various Godzilla suit stars, to meet the guy who played the original big G in the first movie: Haruo Nakajima. Funny thing is I would've thought that he would have been done way before me. As it turns out, I was done, he was one of the first people on line... and still waiting. They took forever to set up the table. Still when we finally met him, it was worth it! He signed my Criterion blu-ray of Godzilla!

From there we headed to the con itself. We checked out a couple of booths. Among the coolest was that of Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. They had really awesome statues that included but were not limited to An American Werewolf in London, a badass Hordak, and sexy Evil-Lyn (both based on their classic Filmation cartoon look from the 80s).
Another cool, plus yummy(!), booth was that of Star Wars M&Ms. They gave out delicious little packs of their chocolate candy with wrapping based on the classic film series. They also sold merchandise inspired by beloved characters from the film in M&M form. But, best of all is I got a cool pic with Darth Vader Red M&M!!

This awesome painting was made of M&Ms!!!!

Usually, my schedule doesn't allow me to attend panels, but this year I got to hit one. It was for horror/ comedy The Final Girls. The movie has a young woman (Taissa Farmiga of American Horror Story) grieving the loss of her mom (played by Watchmen's Malin Akerman). She and her friends are transported to the world of her mom's famous 80s slasher flick Camp Bloodbath. Now she is trying to save her mom from dying in the film. The gorgeous Ms. Akerman was present at the panel along with director (and fellow horror fan) Todd Strausss-Schulson. The panel was lively and fun. Based on what they said and word of mouth it looks like a great movie! It is currently playing in limited release. I really need to see this one!

Speaking of the stunning blonde beauty, one of the fans asked her which of her films she would prefer her son to be trapped in if she had to choose. She jokingly answered "The one I'm not nude in!" That was a cute moment and was one of many great answers given to us by both.  

Of course, there was some really cool cosplay taking place all day (and every other day) and all over the con. I took lots of pics of them and will post more in the next part (and the following posts that go with each day). For now here are a couple of the best to tease you and get you wanting to tune in for more!

Some awesome Adventure Time cosplay always makes me a happy man!
 These two beautiful cosplayers made me wish I was Batman!
 Sexy Freddy Kreuger will inspire hot dreams, not nightmares!
 The body on this Harley Quinn is perfection!
One of my favorite cosplays, if not my favorite, of the entire day was this awesome, classy, and beautiful Agent Carter!