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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2010, pt. 7, 10-1

10. Angelina Armani (last year 11)- This blog has long supported the beautiful Ms. Armani, and I am happy to see that she is on the verge of becoming the next big scream queen! Her role in Chromeskull: Laid to Rest II, is sure to be beginning of this beautiful and sweet fellow fan a horror heartbreaker. I also has the pleasure of interviewing her this month, for the Gorezone.net. I think that 2011 will be a HUGE year for her. Mark my words, readers and friends, a like!

9. Megan Fox (last year 10)- Ok, so this year she started in a comic book film that tanked at the box office (Jonah Hex), but come on, it's Megan fucking Fox! Easily one of the most beautiful and sexy women in Hollywood, ever! She has some upcoming films, which good or bad, have at least some degree of curiosity from me, just cause of her!

8. Tia Ling (new)- Tia's debut on the list manages to make to the top ten because, well, anyone who has seen her porn knows how hot she fucking is!! She is exceptionally beautiful and sexy as hell. She has a great site and is very cool to her fans, as far interaction goes. I been vigorously enjoying her work this year, and I'm sure I will continue to do so for many years to come!!!

7. Audrina Patridge (last year 4)- The most beautiful woman in the history of reality TV was seen for the last time on that shit show, The Hills, as it ended it's run on MTV this year. She then appeared on Dancing with the Stars, another shit show I don't watch. Here's to hoping she will do something cool like Sorority Row, again!

6. Olivia Munn (last year 5)- She left Attack of the Show this year, and G4 still couldn't stop showing her face on ads for the program! She did a nice little lay out for Maxim, among others. She also got a gig on The Daily Show and a new sitcom Perfect Couples. I love her and all, but I ain't watchin' that shit. Sorry. As for her cameo in Iron Man 2, I got all excited when I saw her, but if you blinked, you missed her! The same goes for The Social Network, says my friend. Regardless, of it all Munn will always be a favorite here, moreso after I had the pleasure to meeting her earlier this year. She signed her book, Suck It, Wonder Woman!, which went on to become a bestseller. It's a fun read for sure! :)

5. Joanna Angel (last year 3)- She is still the reigning queen of alt-porn and her company BurningAngel still rules. To me, one of the best Attack of the Show moments, this year, was her Halloween review of horror movies on DVD and blu-ray.

4. Asa Akira (same)- I am so glad to see that Asa's popularity continues to grow. Every time I see her I am amazed by her beauty. Asa got lots of props this year, in particular for her movie, Asa Akira Is Insatiable, a movie I NEED to fucking see and own!!! Plus, she got two of her own Two in the Shirt (TITS), T-shirts (try saying that five times real fast!), one of which I proudly own! Honestly, I think Asa's star will continue to rise. So, that means 2011 might just be her year!!!

3. Sasha Grey (last year 7)- OK, so she's retired from porn, now. But, she did pose for Playboy, and got nude on Entourage. There she got even more mainstream exposure (in more ways than one, I suppose!). She continued to appear on G4, and has made other hottest babes lists. But, hey, this blog's been supporting her way before those other non-porn sites ever did. So there!!!

2. Jamie Chung (last year 3)- Speaking of supporting a babe, few have gotten the love that Chung gets here. From the get go, I been telling you guys how amazing she is. It looks like the rest of the world, is finally catching up. Next year, she will be in Sucker Punch, a movie fans have been talking about for a good part of this year!!!! Here is hoping she gets lots of attention when that film comes out, and it ain't all directed to just her co-stars.

1. Grace Park (same)- Grace is the first girl to keep her #1 spot on this list! Yay! Park remains TV's single most beautiful woman. And, her role in the badass Hawaii Five-O proves it. I flip out for her in a bikini, but love it when she classes it up, too. Hell, she even made an electrician uniform look hot!! Plus, we get to see her kick ass! And, it once again manages to show us what a great actress she is. The show is a hit (deservedly so), so we can expect more seasons to drool over her, at least I hope so! My TV and I would not be happy without our Park fix.

And, that dear friends, ends another list. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I wanna wish you all a happy, fun, drunk, but, above all, safe New Year's! Here's to hoping 2011 will bring us lots of cool new shit and more hot babes, of course!

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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2010, pt. 6: 20-11

20. Lind Le (new)- Quite simply put THE most beautiful geek goddess on the net, the stunning Ms. Le has one of the most ravishing faces that I have ever laid eyes on. She has an honest to God love of horror, metal, anime, and video games, which makes her perfect girlfriend material. She has lot of loyal fans that follow her on Twitter and on Facebook. Known also as Vampy Bit Me, her blog is without a shadow of a doubt one of THE best and most fun to read on the net. I actually got some free stickers from her some months ago, further proving just how awesome she is and how she loves her fans and interacting with them. Linda Le, I think, no wait, scratch that. I know that I love you!!

19. Angelina Privarnick (new)- First and foremost I am NOT a fan of Jersey Shore, but I am a HUGE fan of the beautiful Ms. Privarnick. She is THE hottest reality star since Tila Tequila, gave people a shot at love! While, the Shore has inspired haters towards her, real fans know where it's at. Team Angelina, baby!!

18. Courtney Cummz (last year 13)- Few girls in the porn biz are as cool, sexy, naughty, flirty, and sweet as the beautiful Ms. Cummz is. As always seeing her at Exxxotica is one of the show's biggest pleasures. As I mentioned last year, she has one of the most positive and enjoyable blogs online. Hence, why we all love her!

17. Katsuni (last year 18)- This year the stunning Katsuni, continued to star in quality porn, including Body Heat, but eventually left Digital Playground. She is now a free agent, and I am DYING to see what this Asian goddess with an ass to die for, will be doing next year!! Should be very exciting, and, of course, hot as fuck!!!

16. Viva Bianca (new)- The most beautiful woman on the awesome Spartacus: Blood and Sand played one of the show's most evil and vile bitches. But, she was frequently nude and exceedingly hot, throughout. So, while, we hated her character, we completely fell in love with the actress, herself!

15. Alexis Amore (last year 16)- The Peruvian Princess, and one of the sexiest Latinas on God's green Earth, continues to break hearts. With her own porn company and site, Club Alexis, she keeps giving fans strokalific smut. She also gave me the pleasure of interviewing her at Exxxotica. That she is every bit as sweet and nice as she is beautiful is only the icing on the South American cake!

14. Jada Cheng (last year 17)- One of this blog's most beloved babes, Ms. Cheng gets fucking hotter everyday, I think! She always posts the sexiest pics and is so fucking awesome in person! I managed to get lots of pics of her and with her for both myself and X-ratednews.com.

13. Maggie Q (last ranked 200: 49)- The biggest jump on the list comes from this goddess. She ain't been on this list in two years and gets a top 15 ranking spot!! And, it's with good reason. Her show Nikita is doing well and is one hell of a quality action series. I've said this before, but what the fuck. She is THE hottest Nikita, ever! Maggie is beautiful and and a total ass-kicker. With legs to die for and a stunning face, I know every Thursday night that I am watching Nikita, I am completely mesmerized by her.

12. Adrenalynn (same)- She remains one of the most popular girls as far as readers of this blog are concerned. This year, I had the long standing pleasure of meeting her in person. She is even more beautiful in person. Plus, she was so sweet and nice to talk to. I managed to get some pics for me and X-Ratednews.com as well as an interview for them. I have to say that has to be one of my favorite interviews that I have ever conducted. Aside, from that jaw-droppingly hot body and great personality, her Southern accent is really, really sexy! And, those tattoos! Damn, man! I could really go on and on, as to why I love this babe!

11. Tori Black (new)- Without a shadow of a doubt one of the hottest porn stars, in both terms of looks and popularity, has to be the absolutely gorgeous, Miss. Black. She has a HUGE fan following and has to have what is one of the most beautiful faces in the entire industry. No fuck that. The entire fucking world! I also love her natural body and that ass! Hell, I could write a whole chapter dedicated just to her butt! She, too, was a total pleasure to meet at Exxxotica. And, honestly, I think that the future will only get better for her. I can see her become one of THE biggest porn stars around. All hail Tori Black!!!!

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GOREZONE Exclusive: 19 Questions with Angelina Armani

This is my exclusive interview with the lovely Angelina Armani. She discusses the upcoming Chromeskull: Laid to Rest II and other horror stuff.

You can read it here: http://www.gorezone.net/news.html under the December 23, 2010 date. It will be there, on the news page for sometime, after that, you will have to look in the archives (under the same date) where it will remain for three months, from now.

Enjoy and share your thoughts with me on it!

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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2010, pt. 5: 30-21

30. Carol Zara (new)- This naughty and hot Canadian/ Brazilian geek babe has become one of the net's most popular babes. She knows and loves geek stuff, and the fanboy's love her back for that very reason. Her sexy pics and posts have gotten her a loyal following, as well as even getting her Facebook account deleted. Damn! Facebook does indeed suck balls! But, she's gotten a new account, there, yay!

29. Audrey Cleo (new)- This beautiful Fearnet babe is, to me, one of the net's coolest and most beautiful geek babes. That smile alone is enough to break hearts! She's got a great sense of humor, which makes it that much more fun to be a fan of hers. Aside from reporting on cool things, she has a good interaction with fans, IE she tweets and Facebooks back! I totally LOVE her blog, as well. Plus, she dissed the Twilight movies, recently, both on her Facebook and on Fearnet! This proves she's perfect! Ms. Cleo, will you do the honor of marrying me?

28. Tila Tequila (last year 8)- You know Tila will always get media attention. And, while it ain't always the best kind of attention, there is no denying her hotness. Or, that she really knows how to promote herself. And, that she takes no shit. Even, from asshole ICP fans, who actually threw shit (among other things) at this stunning hottie. And, while that incident pissed me off, it did give her reason to show her tits. Which, this blog always appreciates!

27. Akira Lane (new)- One of the hardest working and most beautiful nude models, Lane has been it it for quite sometime. But, what really sets her apart from others, aside from exquisite looks, is her fan friendly personality.

26. Kelly Hu (last year 25)- One of the most truly beautiful women to ever grace this world, Ms. Hu, made two, so far, appearances on the awesome Hawaii Five-O. The combination of her and Grace Park made for way too much hotness on TV! I hope her character continues to appear on the TV show. But, she needs to do more on it, too! Please, execs, do this for the fans. We are begging you!

25. Maryse (last year 24)- Wrestling sucks horribly right now. But, this Canadian blonde is still one of the few things worth looking at. But, her presence, does make me think one thing. OK, more than just one thing, but what the hell. That thing would be: imagine the outfits or things the pre-PG WWE would have had this babe doing. Really makes me hate the rating even more!!!

24. Zooey Daschanel (new)- Talented and beautiful Ms. Daschanel has captured my heart ever since I saw (500) Days of Summer, even if her character wasn't always the sweetest. Her eyes alone could melt ice. That she looks like an even more beautiful Katy Perry is proof that God saw something good and made it twice!!!

23. Candace Bailey (new)-This list is usually made at the end of November. And, as this was already made and determined, it was even more significant that this babe ranked this high, when it became revealed that she is Olivia Munn's replacement on Attack of the Show. While, I already talked about my thoughts as far Alison Haislip is concerned, I would like to take this time to congratulate Ms. Bailey on getting this job. She was not my top pick, but she certainly was one of my top picks. Bailey is adorably cute and smoking hot. She has the type of charisma that is needed to help carry the show. I look forward to seeing her every weekday. Thank you, G4!!

22. Milynn Sarley (new)- But, if I had to go with my fav pick to host AOTS, I would go with this stunning honey. She hosted it for a week, and I truly believe her to be the most yummy host since Miss. Munn. I hope she does return to G4 at some point. She was also Psylocke in a Seth Greene geek girl vid. That, dear readers, is all fucking win!!!!

21. Gail Kim (last year 9)- Still, wrestling's hottest babe. But, sadly still being jobbed out by the assholes at WWE. I really wish I could rank her higher, but through no fault of hers, her position in WWE is not as high as it should be. Vince and the WWE can eat my shit! Gail Kim fucking rules!!!! And, unlike some girls on that roster *cough Michelle McCool cough* who get belts and pushes, she can fucking wrestle!!! Epic fail, WWE, epic fucking fail!!!

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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2010, pt. 4: 40-31

40. Vicky Vette (last ranked 2008-5)- One of the most beautiful MILFs on God's green Earth, this blonde, Viking goddess runs her website and tweets like no other. Along with the rest of her group of hotties, she is easily one of the best babes on the net. No one uses the net quite as well as this honey. For proof go to the Freeones.com messageboard or start following her sexy ass on Twitter! She's, of course, in the running for various categories in Miss. Freeones. Go vote for her!

39. Katie Cassidy (last year 55)- Sometimes a horror actress, sometimes a TV starlet, Katie has been very busy this year. While, she was one of the very few good things about the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake, she was also on two TV shows I don't watch (Melrose's Place and Gossip Girl), but at least she's been working. Plus, it makes her more popular and makes her star grow and shine brighter. And, that is a great thing!

38. Lzzy Hale (last year 69)- I got to see Hale's band, Halestorm, this year, for free no less, in New York City. And, that made me an even bigger fan of theirs! I have been listening to their album more and more, and it's become a personal favorite of mine. I even got some of my friends into them. Lzzy writes some of my fav lyrics. And, she plays kick ass hard rock. She is also a sweetie and very fan friendly. But, of course, she is stunningly hot! Their vid for the beautiful Familiar Taste of Poison is proof of that! She looks like a classic Hollywood starlet in it.

37. Danielle Panabaker (new)- This up and coming mainstream scream queen, stared in that rarest of remakes, one that tops it's original, in the awesome The Crazies. She's cute and a pretty good actress, to boot. Hard not to fall in love with her!

36. Jesse Jane (last year 40)- Porn's hottest busty, blonde, contract girl, Jane rules the skin land. She's always one of the nicest, friendliest, and most fun girls to meet at events like Exxxotica. She even shot a little message for one of the sites that I write for. She keeps appearing in some of the best plot driven porn out there, including the highly enjoyable Body Heat.

35. Moon Bloodgood (last year 28)- The beautiful and exotic Ms. Bloodgood stared in a bunch of films this year, including Faster. She was also on TV's Human Target. I still think this babe is underrated; even though she has been doing more stuff. But, you can bet your ass, that this blog will always have it's eye on her. I'm sure you will, too!

34. Stoya (last year 34)- Porn's porcelain princess, this goddess has got to have one of the most beautiful faces in the biz. Her popularity keeps growing. And, I would like to think that some of it has to do with how humble and down to earth she is in person. That her layouts and performances are atomically hot help, too!

33. Natasha Yi (last year 31)- This beautiful Korean goddess graced one of the covers of the amazing Show East magazine. She looked breathtaking in the spread! But, then again she always does. Plus, whether it is on her Facebook, Twitter, or her blog, she fucking rules! She always posts the best pics and it's fun to read whatever it is that she posts. She's a serious heart-breaker!

32. Tanya Tate (new)- Perhaps England's most beautiful export, Ms. Tate has become one of the most popular European porn stars of recent history. Tate has a sexy accent and a great personality to go with her stunning looks. She got an AVN nomination, too, for the 2011 awards. That further cements her as a major force in the porno-world. And, if you wanna really get your geeky heart stolen, then go and do search for her as Invisible Woman and Emma Frost! Marvel pay some attention, here!

31. Kara Tai (last year 30)- Anytime I see, Kara Tai, I feel like I need to thank Florida. So, let's do that now. Thank you, Florida!! One of porn's sexiest and still underrated, in my book, babes, I am completely in love with the beautiful Ms. Tai. This year she stared in what maybe my fav porn release of the year the mega-hot all girl film, Love Kara Tai 2. In it, she eats the pussies of some really smoking hot chicks. Oh, and she squirted! Yes, dear friends and readers, she squirts!! Ms. Tai, will you do me the honor of marrying me?

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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2010, pt. 3: 50-41

50. Misit Dawn (new)- One of BurningAngel's most popular girls has had a great year this 2010, as her star has shown brighter than ever. She been nominated by Freeones, her blog just kicks major ass, she got fan support to be the next Mary Jane, and I go to interview her for this very blog! In all a great time for this beautiful red-headed, tattooed, real life geek babe!

49. Laura Vandervoort (last year 35)- This stunning blonde's character on the V reboot is easily one of the most interesting on the show. Even, if her boyfriend on the show is a whiny wimp! Too bad, we have to wait till January to see where it all leads to. So lame! We need more Laura, and we need it, now!

48. Dr. Mikannibal (same)- The Japanese black metal band she's in, Sigh, released one of my favorite, if not, in fact, my favorite, album of the year, in the form of Scenes from Hell. She rocked hard, of course, and looked killer! Between her Facebook, Twitter, and flickr accounts, we fans got lots of this Japanese metal doll. And, we wouldn't have it any other way!

47. Doris Yeh (last year 43)- Still, to me, the most beautiful woman in metal, Doris continues to break metalhead hearts. Over on Facebook, I am floored by how stunning she looks in any pic she posts! She is black metal's living porcelain doll!

46. Deborah Ann Wohl (last year 44)- My personal favorite babe on True Blood had what is easily my fav romantic storyline on the show. Her character's involvement with Hoyt is sweet and touching. In a year of uneven moments, hers were consistently good on the show. Plus, I really enjoyed the video blogs that she made for her character for HBO.com. That she is a stunning, drop-dead gorgeous, red-haired honey doesn't hurt either!

45. Kim Lee (last year 14)- Being able to stand in a sea of models is not an easy task, folks. But, the beautiful Ms. Kim Lee most certainly can. Always busy and always beautiful Lee remains one of my utmost favorite models around. With a perfectly beautiful face and the body of a goddess, Kim Lee never fails to captivate.

44. Anna Paquin (last year 67)- The beautiful Ms. Paquin takes one of the biggest leaps of the year, as she had one hell of a hot sex scene on True Blood, and came out and admitted that she is bisexual, in real life! On top of that she posed nude and covered in blood with two of her co-stars (one of them, her hubby) for the year's most infamous Rolling Stone cover. All of that, my friends, is definitely THE way to catch this blog's attention!!

43. Alison Hailsip (last year 22)- Before I go on, I need to state that this list is decided at the end of November, for the most part. OK, so for all intents and purposes Alison should have been a shoe-in to get Olivia Munn's old gig on Attack of the Show. She is a real geek, is cute as hell, super yummy, and funny. But, G4 didn't give it to her. There's no doubt I feel bad for her, and she clearly has fan support. While, I have no clue what she will do from here on; I do know that she will succeed at it. This year, she continued to be the very definition of cutie, on AOTS. Honestly, in a year where some annoying chicks (I'm looking at you Sarah Jean Underwood) popped up to co-host AOTS with Kevin, seeing Alison co-host any episode of AOTS was always a pleasure. Shit, she even got on a stripper pole this year! Oh, and I simply love following her on Twitter!!! I love you, Alison Haislip!!!!

42. Kyanna Lee (last year 19)- One of the sweetest and friendliest girls around Lee is always a pleasure to interact with on the social networks. Plus, her blog is always honest and pleasure to read. She's always over at http://www.kyannalee.cammodels.com. And, she looks more beautiful than ever! And, that's something I didn't could be possible!

41. Mika Tan (last year 38)- Easily one of my favorite girls to follow on Twitter, Tan simply rules. Her love of geeky things and fan interaction make her a must follow. While, I went o Nevada this year, I was in Vegas, thus being too far from the Bunny Ranch to pay it or her a visit. But, I would love to have done just that and see her. Hey, Santa, if you wanna get me something nice this year, hows about a Bunny Ranch appointment with the absolutely perfect Ms. Tan?

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