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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2010, pt. 3: 50-41

50. Misit Dawn (new)- One of BurningAngel's most popular girls has had a great year this 2010, as her star has shown brighter than ever. She been nominated by Freeones, her blog just kicks major ass, she got fan support to be the next Mary Jane, and I go to interview her for this very blog! In all a great time for this beautiful red-headed, tattooed, real life geek babe!

49. Laura Vandervoort (last year 35)- This stunning blonde's character on the V reboot is easily one of the most interesting on the show. Even, if her boyfriend on the show is a whiny wimp! Too bad, we have to wait till January to see where it all leads to. So lame! We need more Laura, and we need it, now!

48. Dr. Mikannibal (same)- The Japanese black metal band she's in, Sigh, released one of my favorite, if not, in fact, my favorite, album of the year, in the form of Scenes from Hell. She rocked hard, of course, and looked killer! Between her Facebook, Twitter, and flickr accounts, we fans got lots of this Japanese metal doll. And, we wouldn't have it any other way!

47. Doris Yeh (last year 43)- Still, to me, the most beautiful woman in metal, Doris continues to break metalhead hearts. Over on Facebook, I am floored by how stunning she looks in any pic she posts! She is black metal's living porcelain doll!

46. Deborah Ann Wohl (last year 44)- My personal favorite babe on True Blood had what is easily my fav romantic storyline on the show. Her character's involvement with Hoyt is sweet and touching. In a year of uneven moments, hers were consistently good on the show. Plus, I really enjoyed the video blogs that she made for her character for HBO.com. That she is a stunning, drop-dead gorgeous, red-haired honey doesn't hurt either!

45. Kim Lee (last year 14)- Being able to stand in a sea of models is not an easy task, folks. But, the beautiful Ms. Kim Lee most certainly can. Always busy and always beautiful Lee remains one of my utmost favorite models around. With a perfectly beautiful face and the body of a goddess, Kim Lee never fails to captivate.

44. Anna Paquin (last year 67)- The beautiful Ms. Paquin takes one of the biggest leaps of the year, as she had one hell of a hot sex scene on True Blood, and came out and admitted that she is bisexual, in real life! On top of that she posed nude and covered in blood with two of her co-stars (one of them, her hubby) for the year's most infamous Rolling Stone cover. All of that, my friends, is definitely THE way to catch this blog's attention!!

43. Alison Hailsip (last year 22)- Before I go on, I need to state that this list is decided at the end of November, for the most part. OK, so for all intents and purposes Alison should have been a shoe-in to get Olivia Munn's old gig on Attack of the Show. She is a real geek, is cute as hell, super yummy, and funny. But, G4 didn't give it to her. There's no doubt I feel bad for her, and she clearly has fan support. While, I have no clue what she will do from here on; I do know that she will succeed at it. This year, she continued to be the very definition of cutie, on AOTS. Honestly, in a year where some annoying chicks (I'm looking at you Sarah Jean Underwood) popped up to co-host AOTS with Kevin, seeing Alison co-host any episode of AOTS was always a pleasure. Shit, she even got on a stripper pole this year! Oh, and I simply love following her on Twitter!!! I love you, Alison Haislip!!!!

42. Kyanna Lee (last year 19)- One of the sweetest and friendliest girls around Lee is always a pleasure to interact with on the social networks. Plus, her blog is always honest and pleasure to read. She's always over at http://www.kyannalee.cammodels.com. And, she looks more beautiful than ever! And, that's something I didn't could be possible!

41. Mika Tan (last year 38)- Easily one of my favorite girls to follow on Twitter, Tan simply rules. Her love of geeky things and fan interaction make her a must follow. While, I went o Nevada this year, I was in Vegas, thus being too far from the Bunny Ranch to pay it or her a visit. But, I would love to have done just that and see her. Hey, Santa, if you wanna get me something nice this year, hows about a Bunny Ranch appointment with the absolutely perfect Ms. Tan?

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