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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2010, pt. 6: 20-11

20. Lind Le (new)- Quite simply put THE most beautiful geek goddess on the net, the stunning Ms. Le has one of the most ravishing faces that I have ever laid eyes on. She has an honest to God love of horror, metal, anime, and video games, which makes her perfect girlfriend material. She has lot of loyal fans that follow her on Twitter and on Facebook. Known also as Vampy Bit Me, her blog is without a shadow of a doubt one of THE best and most fun to read on the net. I actually got some free stickers from her some months ago, further proving just how awesome she is and how she loves her fans and interacting with them. Linda Le, I think, no wait, scratch that. I know that I love you!!

19. Angelina Privarnick (new)- First and foremost I am NOT a fan of Jersey Shore, but I am a HUGE fan of the beautiful Ms. Privarnick. She is THE hottest reality star since Tila Tequila, gave people a shot at love! While, the Shore has inspired haters towards her, real fans know where it's at. Team Angelina, baby!!

18. Courtney Cummz (last year 13)- Few girls in the porn biz are as cool, sexy, naughty, flirty, and sweet as the beautiful Ms. Cummz is. As always seeing her at Exxxotica is one of the show's biggest pleasures. As I mentioned last year, she has one of the most positive and enjoyable blogs online. Hence, why we all love her!

17. Katsuni (last year 18)- This year the stunning Katsuni, continued to star in quality porn, including Body Heat, but eventually left Digital Playground. She is now a free agent, and I am DYING to see what this Asian goddess with an ass to die for, will be doing next year!! Should be very exciting, and, of course, hot as fuck!!!

16. Viva Bianca (new)- The most beautiful woman on the awesome Spartacus: Blood and Sand played one of the show's most evil and vile bitches. But, she was frequently nude and exceedingly hot, throughout. So, while, we hated her character, we completely fell in love with the actress, herself!

15. Alexis Amore (last year 16)- The Peruvian Princess, and one of the sexiest Latinas on God's green Earth, continues to break hearts. With her own porn company and site, Club Alexis, she keeps giving fans strokalific smut. She also gave me the pleasure of interviewing her at Exxxotica. That she is every bit as sweet and nice as she is beautiful is only the icing on the South American cake!

14. Jada Cheng (last year 17)- One of this blog's most beloved babes, Ms. Cheng gets fucking hotter everyday, I think! She always posts the sexiest pics and is so fucking awesome in person! I managed to get lots of pics of her and with her for both myself and X-ratednews.com.

13. Maggie Q (last ranked 200: 49)- The biggest jump on the list comes from this goddess. She ain't been on this list in two years and gets a top 15 ranking spot!! And, it's with good reason. Her show Nikita is doing well and is one hell of a quality action series. I've said this before, but what the fuck. She is THE hottest Nikita, ever! Maggie is beautiful and and a total ass-kicker. With legs to die for and a stunning face, I know every Thursday night that I am watching Nikita, I am completely mesmerized by her.

12. Adrenalynn (same)- She remains one of the most popular girls as far as readers of this blog are concerned. This year, I had the long standing pleasure of meeting her in person. She is even more beautiful in person. Plus, she was so sweet and nice to talk to. I managed to get some pics for me and X-Ratednews.com as well as an interview for them. I have to say that has to be one of my favorite interviews that I have ever conducted. Aside, from that jaw-droppingly hot body and great personality, her Southern accent is really, really sexy! And, those tattoos! Damn, man! I could really go on and on, as to why I love this babe!

11. Tori Black (new)- Without a shadow of a doubt one of the hottest porn stars, in both terms of looks and popularity, has to be the absolutely gorgeous, Miss. Black. She has a HUGE fan following and has to have what is one of the most beautiful faces in the entire industry. No fuck that. The entire fucking world! I also love her natural body and that ass! Hell, I could write a whole chapter dedicated just to her butt! She, too, was a total pleasure to meet at Exxxotica. And, honestly, I think that the future will only get better for her. I can see her become one of THE biggest porn stars around. All hail Tori Black!!!!

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