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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2010, pt. 2: 60-51

60. Kristin Kruek (last year 29)- The beautiful Ms. Kruek made a couple of appearances on Chuck, this year. Quite frankly, I still won't watch that show, but when I flipped channels and saw her, I was like. "Wow! It's Kristin Kruek! I love her! She looks gorgeous!" And, then I would flip the channel to something else. Hey, I'm just sayin'!

59. Jessica Beil (new)- Ms. Beil might be way to hot for the role she played in the highly enjoyable The A-Team movie, but that's why she makes this list! She has such sexy legs, a great ass, and a pretty face, that she really lit up the screen whenever she was on. She also did some commercial work this year, which further gave us a chance to drool over her!

58. Minae Noji (new)- This Japanese beauty made a memorable appearance in the finally released Bitch Slap. That movie is chock full of babes, but Noji stuck in my head (both of 'em!) the most! Why? Well, come on, she's in a school girl outfit and is bi in her role! She fondles our heroines and likes it! Oh, yeah, she also kills people with a freaking yo-yo! Plus, she does this all with a sexy, Japanese accent. I was seriously in love with this bad girl! Now, where is she? She clearly needs a spanking.

57. Kristen Stuart (last year 58)- OK, I'm about as sick as you can get of the Twilight movies. I mean goddamn, can you guys give that shit a rest, already?! But, Stuart showed her best acting chops yet, with her excellent performance as Joan Jett in the very good The Runaways movie. Once, again she proves that when given a meaty role (IE nothing that has to do with lame, sparkly vampires), she can really pull it off. She also looked just like Ms. Jett, which is to say she looked fucking hot!!!! Actually, regardless of what she's in, she always looks hot. You gotta love that whole biting her lip thing! It's pretty captivating, if you ask me!

56. Ashley Greene (last year 56)- Unfortunately, the beautiful Ms. Greene did not get a cool a role as K. Stuart, so she's still mostly known for that wretched franchise. But, there were leaked nude pics of her, this year! Yay! I mean that makes up for a million shitty vampire movies! Well, OK, that statement is pretty debatable. But, beyond, that she did some commercials, too. Which made me think, eh, maybe commercials ain't so fucking bad or annoying after all.

55. Kristin Bauer (new)- I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Ms. Bauer, who plays Pam on True Blood, this past April at Chiller. And, I was stunned to see that she is even more beautiful in person! In fact, I even got a little clumsy around her! Meanwhile, over on True Blood, her character got more to do, and even showed a more emotional side to her. Plus, she had some lesbian love!

54. Danella Urbay (new)- This curvy Cuban honey shakes her ass for Telefutura's Escandalo TV every weekday. She really knows how to get down and looks so beautiful doing it! That body is to die for! You need to look at your local listings and find when this show is on. So, what if you don't know Spanish? It won't matter! And, while your at it, Google this babe. You'll be glad you did. Trust me!

53. Jessica Bangkok (last year 62)- I been a long time fan and admirer of the shapely and beautiful Jessica Bangkok, so to finally meet her this year at Exxxotica was truly awesome! Not only was she drop dead gorgeous, but she was also a real sweetie. She really was the person I wanted to meet the most at the show. But, let's get back to just how much of a scorcher she is. Jessica's all natural body is that of a goddess. And, her porn performances are pure heaven!

52. Maria Brink (same)- Metal's beautiful tattooed MILF continues to break the hearts of headbanger, everywhere. Her band, In This Moment's new album, A Star-Crossed Wasteland, is a great mix of the heavy and the melodic. Her voice sounds as kick ass and beautiful, as ever. They've been touring for quite a few months. In fact, I will be seeing them tonight! I can't wait!

51. Draven Star (new)- This dark haired, BurningAngel babe got interviewed by yours truly a few months back, for this very blog! This girl is not only a hottie, but she is fucking awesome, too! She fucking rocked at Exxxotica! It was great to just hang and talk to her. Aside, from her sexy tats and pretty face, this babe has professed her love for metal, punk, horror, and whiskey! In other words, she is the girl of our dreams! This year also saw the release of a DVD filled with scenes just of her, Crushing on Draven Star. In fact, her star kept getting bigger and bigger. I expect next to be even better for her!

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