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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2010, pt. 7, 10-1

10. Angelina Armani (last year 11)- This blog has long supported the beautiful Ms. Armani, and I am happy to see that she is on the verge of becoming the next big scream queen! Her role in Chromeskull: Laid to Rest II, is sure to be beginning of this beautiful and sweet fellow fan a horror heartbreaker. I also has the pleasure of interviewing her this month, for the Gorezone.net. I think that 2011 will be a HUGE year for her. Mark my words, readers and friends, a like!

9. Megan Fox (last year 10)- Ok, so this year she started in a comic book film that tanked at the box office (Jonah Hex), but come on, it's Megan fucking Fox! Easily one of the most beautiful and sexy women in Hollywood, ever! She has some upcoming films, which good or bad, have at least some degree of curiosity from me, just cause of her!

8. Tia Ling (new)- Tia's debut on the list manages to make to the top ten because, well, anyone who has seen her porn knows how hot she fucking is!! She is exceptionally beautiful and sexy as hell. She has a great site and is very cool to her fans, as far interaction goes. I been vigorously enjoying her work this year, and I'm sure I will continue to do so for many years to come!!!

7. Audrina Patridge (last year 4)- The most beautiful woman in the history of reality TV was seen for the last time on that shit show, The Hills, as it ended it's run on MTV this year. She then appeared on Dancing with the Stars, another shit show I don't watch. Here's to hoping she will do something cool like Sorority Row, again!

6. Olivia Munn (last year 5)- She left Attack of the Show this year, and G4 still couldn't stop showing her face on ads for the program! She did a nice little lay out for Maxim, among others. She also got a gig on The Daily Show and a new sitcom Perfect Couples. I love her and all, but I ain't watchin' that shit. Sorry. As for her cameo in Iron Man 2, I got all excited when I saw her, but if you blinked, you missed her! The same goes for The Social Network, says my friend. Regardless, of it all Munn will always be a favorite here, moreso after I had the pleasure to meeting her earlier this year. She signed her book, Suck It, Wonder Woman!, which went on to become a bestseller. It's a fun read for sure! :)

5. Joanna Angel (last year 3)- She is still the reigning queen of alt-porn and her company BurningAngel still rules. To me, one of the best Attack of the Show moments, this year, was her Halloween review of horror movies on DVD and blu-ray.

4. Asa Akira (same)- I am so glad to see that Asa's popularity continues to grow. Every time I see her I am amazed by her beauty. Asa got lots of props this year, in particular for her movie, Asa Akira Is Insatiable, a movie I NEED to fucking see and own!!! Plus, she got two of her own Two in the Shirt (TITS), T-shirts (try saying that five times real fast!), one of which I proudly own! Honestly, I think Asa's star will continue to rise. So, that means 2011 might just be her year!!!

3. Sasha Grey (last year 7)- OK, so she's retired from porn, now. But, she did pose for Playboy, and got nude on Entourage. There she got even more mainstream exposure (in more ways than one, I suppose!). She continued to appear on G4, and has made other hottest babes lists. But, hey, this blog's been supporting her way before those other non-porn sites ever did. So there!!!

2. Jamie Chung (last year 3)- Speaking of supporting a babe, few have gotten the love that Chung gets here. From the get go, I been telling you guys how amazing she is. It looks like the rest of the world, is finally catching up. Next year, she will be in Sucker Punch, a movie fans have been talking about for a good part of this year!!!! Here is hoping she gets lots of attention when that film comes out, and it ain't all directed to just her co-stars.

1. Grace Park (same)- Grace is the first girl to keep her #1 spot on this list! Yay! Park remains TV's single most beautiful woman. And, her role in the badass Hawaii Five-O proves it. I flip out for her in a bikini, but love it when she classes it up, too. Hell, she even made an electrician uniform look hot!! Plus, we get to see her kick ass! And, it once again manages to show us what a great actress she is. The show is a hit (deservedly so), so we can expect more seasons to drool over her, at least I hope so! My TV and I would not be happy without our Park fix.

And, that dear friends, ends another list. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I wanna wish you all a happy, fun, drunk, but, above all, safe New Year's! Here's to hoping 2011 will bring us lots of cool new shit and more hot babes, of course!

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