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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2010, pt. 5: 30-21

30. Carol Zara (new)- This naughty and hot Canadian/ Brazilian geek babe has become one of the net's most popular babes. She knows and loves geek stuff, and the fanboy's love her back for that very reason. Her sexy pics and posts have gotten her a loyal following, as well as even getting her Facebook account deleted. Damn! Facebook does indeed suck balls! But, she's gotten a new account, there, yay!

29. Audrey Cleo (new)- This beautiful Fearnet babe is, to me, one of the net's coolest and most beautiful geek babes. That smile alone is enough to break hearts! She's got a great sense of humor, which makes it that much more fun to be a fan of hers. Aside from reporting on cool things, she has a good interaction with fans, IE she tweets and Facebooks back! I totally LOVE her blog, as well. Plus, she dissed the Twilight movies, recently, both on her Facebook and on Fearnet! This proves she's perfect! Ms. Cleo, will you do the honor of marrying me?

28. Tila Tequila (last year 8)- You know Tila will always get media attention. And, while it ain't always the best kind of attention, there is no denying her hotness. Or, that she really knows how to promote herself. And, that she takes no shit. Even, from asshole ICP fans, who actually threw shit (among other things) at this stunning hottie. And, while that incident pissed me off, it did give her reason to show her tits. Which, this blog always appreciates!

27. Akira Lane (new)- One of the hardest working and most beautiful nude models, Lane has been it it for quite sometime. But, what really sets her apart from others, aside from exquisite looks, is her fan friendly personality.

26. Kelly Hu (last year 25)- One of the most truly beautiful women to ever grace this world, Ms. Hu, made two, so far, appearances on the awesome Hawaii Five-O. The combination of her and Grace Park made for way too much hotness on TV! I hope her character continues to appear on the TV show. But, she needs to do more on it, too! Please, execs, do this for the fans. We are begging you!

25. Maryse (last year 24)- Wrestling sucks horribly right now. But, this Canadian blonde is still one of the few things worth looking at. But, her presence, does make me think one thing. OK, more than just one thing, but what the hell. That thing would be: imagine the outfits or things the pre-PG WWE would have had this babe doing. Really makes me hate the rating even more!!!

24. Zooey Daschanel (new)- Talented and beautiful Ms. Daschanel has captured my heart ever since I saw (500) Days of Summer, even if her character wasn't always the sweetest. Her eyes alone could melt ice. That she looks like an even more beautiful Katy Perry is proof that God saw something good and made it twice!!!

23. Candace Bailey (new)-This list is usually made at the end of November. And, as this was already made and determined, it was even more significant that this babe ranked this high, when it became revealed that she is Olivia Munn's replacement on Attack of the Show. While, I already talked about my thoughts as far Alison Haislip is concerned, I would like to take this time to congratulate Ms. Bailey on getting this job. She was not my top pick, but she certainly was one of my top picks. Bailey is adorably cute and smoking hot. She has the type of charisma that is needed to help carry the show. I look forward to seeing her every weekday. Thank you, G4!!

22. Milynn Sarley (new)- But, if I had to go with my fav pick to host AOTS, I would go with this stunning honey. She hosted it for a week, and I truly believe her to be the most yummy host since Miss. Munn. I hope she does return to G4 at some point. She was also Psylocke in a Seth Greene geek girl vid. That, dear readers, is all fucking win!!!!

21. Gail Kim (last year 9)- Still, wrestling's hottest babe. But, sadly still being jobbed out by the assholes at WWE. I really wish I could rank her higher, but through no fault of hers, her position in WWE is not as high as it should be. Vince and the WWE can eat my shit! Gail Kim fucking rules!!!! And, unlike some girls on that roster *cough Michelle McCool cough* who get belts and pushes, she can fucking wrestle!!! Epic fail, WWE, epic fucking fail!!!

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