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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2010, pt. 4: 40-31

40. Vicky Vette (last ranked 2008-5)- One of the most beautiful MILFs on God's green Earth, this blonde, Viking goddess runs her website and tweets like no other. Along with the rest of her group of hotties, she is easily one of the best babes on the net. No one uses the net quite as well as this honey. For proof go to the Freeones.com messageboard or start following her sexy ass on Twitter! She's, of course, in the running for various categories in Miss. Freeones. Go vote for her!

39. Katie Cassidy (last year 55)- Sometimes a horror actress, sometimes a TV starlet, Katie has been very busy this year. While, she was one of the very few good things about the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake, she was also on two TV shows I don't watch (Melrose's Place and Gossip Girl), but at least she's been working. Plus, it makes her more popular and makes her star grow and shine brighter. And, that is a great thing!

38. Lzzy Hale (last year 69)- I got to see Hale's band, Halestorm, this year, for free no less, in New York City. And, that made me an even bigger fan of theirs! I have been listening to their album more and more, and it's become a personal favorite of mine. I even got some of my friends into them. Lzzy writes some of my fav lyrics. And, she plays kick ass hard rock. She is also a sweetie and very fan friendly. But, of course, she is stunningly hot! Their vid for the beautiful Familiar Taste of Poison is proof of that! She looks like a classic Hollywood starlet in it.

37. Danielle Panabaker (new)- This up and coming mainstream scream queen, stared in that rarest of remakes, one that tops it's original, in the awesome The Crazies. She's cute and a pretty good actress, to boot. Hard not to fall in love with her!

36. Jesse Jane (last year 40)- Porn's hottest busty, blonde, contract girl, Jane rules the skin land. She's always one of the nicest, friendliest, and most fun girls to meet at events like Exxxotica. She even shot a little message for one of the sites that I write for. She keeps appearing in some of the best plot driven porn out there, including the highly enjoyable Body Heat.

35. Moon Bloodgood (last year 28)- The beautiful and exotic Ms. Bloodgood stared in a bunch of films this year, including Faster. She was also on TV's Human Target. I still think this babe is underrated; even though she has been doing more stuff. But, you can bet your ass, that this blog will always have it's eye on her. I'm sure you will, too!

34. Stoya (last year 34)- Porn's porcelain princess, this goddess has got to have one of the most beautiful faces in the biz. Her popularity keeps growing. And, I would like to think that some of it has to do with how humble and down to earth she is in person. That her layouts and performances are atomically hot help, too!

33. Natasha Yi (last year 31)- This beautiful Korean goddess graced one of the covers of the amazing Show East magazine. She looked breathtaking in the spread! But, then again she always does. Plus, whether it is on her Facebook, Twitter, or her blog, she fucking rules! She always posts the best pics and it's fun to read whatever it is that she posts. She's a serious heart-breaker!

32. Tanya Tate (new)- Perhaps England's most beautiful export, Ms. Tate has become one of the most popular European porn stars of recent history. Tate has a sexy accent and a great personality to go with her stunning looks. She got an AVN nomination, too, for the 2011 awards. That further cements her as a major force in the porno-world. And, if you wanna really get your geeky heart stolen, then go and do search for her as Invisible Woman and Emma Frost! Marvel pay some attention, here!

31. Kara Tai (last year 30)- Anytime I see, Kara Tai, I feel like I need to thank Florida. So, let's do that now. Thank you, Florida!! One of porn's sexiest and still underrated, in my book, babes, I am completely in love with the beautiful Ms. Tai. This year she stared in what maybe my fav porn release of the year the mega-hot all girl film, Love Kara Tai 2. In it, she eats the pussies of some really smoking hot chicks. Oh, and she squirted! Yes, dear friends and readers, she squirts!! Ms. Tai, will you do me the honor of marrying me?

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