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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2010, pt. 1: 70-61

It's time once again for me to pick the 70 hottest babes of this year. As with the past two lists, I don't just add a bunch of lame, overrated chicks. My list has a good, healthy mix of mainstream actresses, reality show chicks, metal babes, pop singers, nude models, and porn stars. The ranking of the girl is determined not only but how hot she is, but how much she has done this year and how successful she was at it. And, so without any further waste of time, let the list commence!

70. Kristin Adams (last year 51)- Attack of the Show's/ X-Play's beautiful Mrs. Adams was pregnant this year, but still continued to shine as a perfect example of breathtaking beauty. She's probably my fav girl to do the feed on AOTS. Yesterday, she gave birth to a little girl! Congrats Kristin! This blog loves you! And, so do I, as does every red-blooded, straight, male geek out there!

69. Lucy Lawless (new)- Ms. Lawless returned to the boob-tubs this year, with one of the best new shows, the amazing, ass-kicking, gore drenched, and titty filled, Spartacus: Blood and Sand. She gave what might be her best performance, ever, as a truly evil bitch. But, she also got nude!! And, damn, does she have a great chest or what? Easily one of the year's most talked about skin flashings, and rightfully so.

68. Natalie Mendoza (new)- OK, so the fact that her character was still alive in the suprisingly enjoyable sequel The Descent 2 made little to no sense. But, she kicked so much ass, and looks so fucking good, that well, I couldn't complain. Actually, the fact that the sequel was as fun as it was was shocking in of itself. Natalie is a total babe, with a beautiful face and great ass. Here's to hoping this Asian hottie does more movies, in particular horror!!

67. Cheryl Chin (new)- OK, she really didn't have a whole lot to do except be Steven Seagal's arm candy in the totally badass, gorefest Machete, but she looked so delicious doing it! Seriously, if I was a bad guy, I totally want a hot Asian chick like this at my side. Scratch that. I want one regardless, of being a bad guy or not!

66. Evan Rachel Wood (last year 68)- I gotta say while True Blood was pretty uneven this year, the beautiful Ms. Wood, definitely gave wood to lots of it's viewer. She looked beautiful, of course, but was thankfully given more to do. I was much more pleased with her acting this season, than I was last. Plus, she got kept as a prisoner. Honestly, who amongst you readers out there, wouldn't mind keeping this babe as theirs?

65. Chelsea (new)- You know I find it increasingly harder to give a flying fuck about pro-wrestling, these days. And, while, I'll be the first to say that both TNA and WWE suck balls, I will give credit for the hotties. And, few are as hot or as sexy as TNA's Chelsea. I enjoyed her storyline, as she dealt with Desmond Wolfe being a total douchebag. But, then that was totally forgotten/ ignored/ whatever. Even, though she was getting babyface pops. Way to go TNA morons.

64. Katy Perry (last year 52)- You know I could really give a flying fuck about her tunes. But, I'll be damned if this babe ain't one of the hottest honies in the history of pop music. Those eyes! That hair! That face! And, of course, those boobs! I mean, she makes me thankful that there is a mute button, to help me enjoy her videos. That said, she does lose some points for the fact that she dates that douchebag Russel Brand.

63. Flower Tucci (last ranked in 2008- 17)- Ahh, Flower, it's great to have her back on this list. This bootiful babe was definitely a sweetie and cool as hell at Exxxotica NJ, this year. Plus, her ass will always be an amazing site to behold. This squirting queen certainly owns the hearts of many porn fans out there, and probably their woodies, too!

62. Kristen Bell (new)- I really wish the beautiful Ms. Bell would do more things, I am a fan of. But, I'll always love her for being in one of my all time fav shows, Veronica Mars. That said, she has been busy this year, with stuff like Get Him to the Greek, Burlesque, and Gossip Girl. She also gave her voice to Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. This ain't the first time she's done something like this, either. And, she's been shooting scenes for Wes Craven's Scream 4. So, she ain't forgetting about the geeks that love her. So, even if that film, blows, we can always, "Well, at least it had Kristen Bell in it!"

61. Julia Ling (new)- Man, it is so easy to crush on this beautiful Asian cutie. While, I never watched, and probably never will watch, Chuck, I did flip through it once or twice and found myself totally enthralled by this babe. I mean, shit they should give her, her own spy show! Now, that I would surely watch! Or, just have her be the main star of any show, for fuck's sake. If there was a show, where all she did was sit and look cute, I'd being watching it! I'd probably even buy the blu-ray box set!

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