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Horror Crush: Alexandra Daddario

How many of you worship at the alter of the beautiful Alexandra Daddario? She was born on March 16, 1986 in NYC and has become well known for playing the character of Annabeth Chase in the passable Percy Jackson film series. But, of course, he we are gonna talk about her horror roles, here.

She first came under my radar in the superior prequel to Malevolence, Bereavement. She looks impossibly impressive in it. While, she does not get nude in this (lead girls in slasher films rarely do, and, dear friends and readers, is heartbreaking), she is damn close to it. From this film and on, I thought to myself that she is a fucking a goddess. And, this movie also showed she had acting chops beyond the amazing God-given curves.

Her next horror role, had her return to slasher territory with Texas Chainsaw 3D. It's a direct sequel to Tobe Hooper's classic horror masterpiece, a movie Malevolence and Bereavement owe a lot to. This one ignores all the other sequels, remakes, and prequels and stands as a good, if flawed movie.

It opens up after the incident from the first film, as cops and, eventually, a lynch mob attack the Sawyer house, burning it down and killing almost everyone inside. Cut to the present, where Heather Miller (Daddario) learns she is adopted and in fact a Sawyer! Leatherface is the only other sole-survivor from that day, and he begins to off her annoying friends. The movie has a rather generic, but at least not boring first half, then in the second half it changes course and becomes something else. Something that is bold and highly entertaining for an entry in a tired and long running slasher franchise. The timeline is way off, though, as Heather as played be Daddario appears to be only in her 20s. Andm what the hell age does this make Leatherface who should be like 60! If this had taken place in the 90s, it would've worked better, but aside from that it's truly better than it has any right to be. Daddario is stunning, likable, and quite good in her role. Again, as a final girl she doesn't show the goods, but she looks damn good in it!

Interesting side fact, I met her back in 2012 when she was promoting the aforementioned sequel at New York Comic Con. She signed for free and was so sweet in person. This ranks as one of my favorite NYCC memories.
Her next and most recent genre work was in the critically acclaimed and fan favorite first season of True Detective. While, not sold as horror, the season is horrifying enough to qualify as such, from what I have read and been told. That being said I, myself, need to watch said season. I am currently loving the second season, which has a new story and cast. Anyways, back to Ms. Daddario; she FINALLY bared it her boobs and ass in this one! And now, without any further adieu, here are some nude screen caps and a GIF to make your day better!
One of my personal favorite babes to ever grace horror, or any other genre, the beautiful Ms. Alexandra Daddario will continue to win fans not just with her solid acting skills but also with her breathtaking, light, blue-eyes, flawless face, beautiful, long, brown hair, and truly awe-inspiring curves. All hail and give their love to this spectacular horror crush!


An Exclusive Chat with AFFLV's Daejha Milan

All pics come courtesy of Adult Film Festival Las Vegas Facebook Page.


I recently got talk with former adult star Daejha Milan who is running the Adult Film Festival Las Vegas, which will debut in Oct of this year. We talked a little bit about her and this exciting, upcoming event.

Could you tell my readers a little about yourself, for those who may not know who you are?
I like long walks down dark alleys filled with Bikers in Skinny Jeans, Spaghetti and uptight people. HaHa Jk I am an internationally recognized Adult Film Actress/Producer who was brought into the Industry in 1999, resulting from an off chance meeting with Ron Jeremy and Tawny Oceans. Ive worked with Porn Greats such as Rodney Moore, Lex Steele, Mandingo, Dave Hardman, Byron Long, Julian St. Jox, Claudia De Corazon, Jessica Jewel, Kelly Shibari, Sinnamon Love, Devlin Weed, the list goes on and on. I can be found on VHS (lol), DVD and Internet. Google me. I don’t like to talk about myself, lol.

How did the idea for Adult Film Festival Las Vegas (AFFLV) come about?
A friend of mine who works in a well-known mainstream movie studio in Los Angeles gave me the idea.

Tell me a little about AFFLV and what it is.
Adult Film Festival Lv will take place Oct 16-18, 2015 at Cashman Field Convention Halls in Las Vegas, NV 850 LVBLVD North, Las Vegas, Nv 89101 Website www.afflv.com or www.adultfilmfestivallv.com. Daejha Milan is the Creative Director behind AFFLV. I've also started a production company called DaeDreamz Productions.

AFFLV will host over 400 exhibitor booths in 100,000 sq ft of Convention Hall Space. There will be a stage for Fashion Shows, Giveaways and More. QBall from Long Beach Rehab/Sublime will also be appearing at his Las Vegas Hempfest Booth #1 during the Film Festival. So many surprises in store for the Attendees.

AFFLV is accepting Film Submissions, New Exhibitors and Sponsorship Opportunites are also available. Fans can buy a Yearbook and have their favorite Stars sign it. There will be Seminars, Panels and Q n A Sessions. Dine with a Porn Star where fans can enjoy lunch or dinner with their favorite stars at the film festival.

Could you tell me a little about musical artist Ogeno and his involvement with AFFLV? 
Ogeno is an up and coming Reggae and Hip Hop Artist from the Virgin Islands. He has worked with such musical greats as Verse Simmonds and Karlos Ferrar. O will have his own booth at AFFLV and will be doing performances all through out the Festival. Find out more about him at www.Ogeno.tv. I was actually in his Pilates Video. You can say I’m a super mega fan. And, I always joke that I’m his Pseudo Groupie lol. Qball from Long Beach Rehab/Sublime will be in his booth #1 Las Vegas HempFest.

Why should fans come and check it out?
There will be hundreds of adult stars and companies that fans would not otherwise be able to meet in person on any random day. (Refer to above answer for more info on what we have to offer the attendees.)

What about adult film companies and stars, why should they contribute to it? 
AFFLV was created with talent and producers in mind. The Industry has changed so much and I miss the old us. I want all us little guys to get exposure just like the larger companies. Divided we are few but when we join together we can become a force. A United Force. I hate the Division our Industry is seeing right now and I want everyone who loves it as much as I do to have a voice and be seen and heard. Exhibiting at AFFLV is a good way to do that. We all know that Marketing is Key to Success in any business and what’s better than adding a personal touch to reaching out to your fans. It’s kinda like word of mouth. We all trust when our friends “recommend” we try this or that, over something we’ve just seen or heard. Same goes for Appearances and Exhibiting at Events. When fans meet you in person they will remember that the next time they log on to buy porn. I built a large fan base by signing at all the Porn Conventions for the past Decade and a half. AFFLV has great Booth Deals going on the entire month of August. We are looking for Porn Stars, Web Stars, Modeling Agencies, Media, Clothing Companies and any other Adult Company that is relevant to this event. Contact Daejha Milan at info@afflv.com for more info.

What are you most excited about this event? 
By creating this amazing event I am trying to not only help unite us again but, also show the world just how relevant Adult is, will be and always has been. Again, I want the little people to be recognized like the larger companies. I believe in adding humanity to everything I do. I am giving all Attendees who are SSI Verifiable, Early and Free Entry to the Film Festival one of the 3 days, of their choosing. AFFLV has incorporated a way for attendees to create a profile and actually pre plan their entire festival schedule by clicking Attendees mid home page and following the links. They can also view the virtual festival floorplan. 1 Day Tickets are $35.00 at the entrance. The Public Entry is Noon on all 3 days. Military and Disabled Attendees will be permitted discounted entry beginning at 10 am all 3 days.

Any final words? 
This is our Inaugural Year but we have so many fun things planned for everyone involved. Follow us on Facebook: Adult Film Festival Lv and Twitter: Adult Film Fest Lv and don’t hesitate to contact us through the website. Attendees can purchase Early Bird Tickets by going to the site, scrolling down and clicking tickets. For a $10.00 Discount on a 1 day Ticket input XXXPOSED at checkout. Get your 1 Day Ticket for $25.00 now!


Horror Crush: Ann Duscenberry

I've decided to do horror crushes a little more often and do it with girls that, may not have not necessarily have done as much horror, but are still memorable and gorgeous in the genre films that did do. One such hottie is Jaws 2's beautiful, young blonde Ann Duscenberry. 

Ann was born on September 13, 1953 in Tucson, Arizona. She starred in many movies but only two horror movies. 

Of those two, I have only seen the aforementioned Jaws 2. While, that movie is certainly not on the level of the first film, by any means, it is a solid sequel, nonetheless and easily the best sequel in the franchise. In the movie, Dusenberry plays Tina who wins a beauty pageant on Amity Island. While, the movie has it's share of pretty girls, she is my personal favorite. With her young, natural, and beautiful looks, she is a real scene stealer and undoubtedly the crush of many who saw the movie. It make you wish that your class had girls as pretty as her. Or at least it made me feel that way!

The only other horror movie that she starred in was one that actually came out a year before, a made for TV film called The Possessed. I have never seen it, much less heard about it two nights ago when I did some research on her. But, it is on YouTube, and you can see it below! Please let me know your thoughts after you see it.

The very definition of the all American girl next door, gorgeous Ann Descenberry is most definitely a long time horror crush of mine (and my guess many others). Her big, blue eyes, beautiful/ flawless face, and real blonde hair, she will continue to break genre fans hearts who think it's safe to go back into the water and watch Jaws 2!



There was a recent big fuss about raunchy comedian Amy Schumer and her sexy/ hilarious/ naughty Star Wars shoot for GQ magazine. The fuss came mostly from an offended idiot who bitched online and from Disney/ Lucasfilm, who responded, tweeted about it, and then erased said tweet. Well, to paraphrase Jack Nicholson's Joker in Batman: "Wait til they get a load of this!"

Courtesy of the fine folks at Woodrocket, it's a Darth Vader statue made from sex toys and hosted by beautiful and inked adult film star Kayla-Jane Danger! I think this is easily THE coolest thing I've seen all week! For more on it, here is the press release:

WoodRocket.com presents the web series, Screwing Things Up, where porn stars and their friends build some of the most amazing, weird, wild, and sexy things out of vibrators, butt plugs, nipple clamps, and other adult products.
 The first episode of Screwing Things Up, “Darth Vibrader” premieres on July 22nd, exclusively on WoodRocket.com. In this episode, adult starlet, Kayla-Jane Danger, and her friends build a 7-foot tall vibrating statue of icon of the dark side, Darth Vader, out of over 300 sex toys and adult products.
More episodes of Screwing Things Up will be coming soon to WoodRocket.com, proving that if you build it they will come and come again.
You can watch this AWESOME video right here. It goes without saying that is NSFW: http://woodrocket.com/videos/screwing-things-up-darth-vibrader

If you are at work, and can't wait to get home to see it, you can see the SFW, at below:



Apartment 1303 3D (2012)

Title: Apartment 1303 3D
Writer/ Director: Michele Taverna
Cast: Mischa Barton, Rebecca DeMornay, Julianne Michelle, Corey Sevier, John Deihl, Kathleen Mckey
Year: 2012
Min: 85

Deciding to no longer live with her alcoholic bitch of a mom (Rebecca DeMornay) pretty Janet (Julianne Michelle) moves to another building, apartment number, you guessed it, 1303. Soon, she starts hearing noises and smelling a really shitty stench (probably this film's script). One night her boyfriend Mark (Corey Sevier) comes over night for some good old screwing. Well, as he steps out, she gets throw out the window, by a ghost that haunts the apartment. It's deemed a suicide, but her gorgeous sister Lara (Mischa Barton, she formerly of the OC) doesn't believe that. Soon, she and Mark go to the apartment to unravel the mystery.

This flick is a remake of a Japanese movie of the same name. I have never seen that film, but it cannot possibly be any worse than this film. That being said, I also doubt that it is it this hilarious. The script to this movie is fucking mess. Ridiculous plot twists abound, and the dialogue is down right hilarious. I swear to God, I was laughing my ass off watching this and hearing the cast spout off unforgettable lines like "Apartments don't kill people. People kill people!" BWAHAHAHA!!! Aside, from not being able to write a smart or compelling movie; writer director Michele Taverna also has no concept of telling a scary or suspenseful movie.

This is all accompanied by our blonde trio of actresses who achieve various degrees of success throughout the movie. Michelle is downright awful in this movie as the doomed sister. I have never seen this chick before, so I have no clue if it is just her or the miserable script. But, I swear to God, anytime she was onscreen and opened her mouth I was in awe as to how terrible she is! She maybe pretty, but talented, nope she most definitely is not. Barton tries her best with the crap that is handed to her. Meanwhile, I genuinely felt terrible for DeMornay, watching this. It would be totally depressing if not for the fact that her scenery chewing is utterly hilarious! I swear I didn't know if I should cry for her needing the cash and having to be this turd, or be grateful for just how much fun she added to this movie.

There is no real gore to speak of this movie. The ghosts aren't particularly memorable and certainly not scary. Sadly, the absolutely beautiful Ms. Barton (a long time favorite of mine) has her titties covered up by fucking CGI bubbles, while she bathes (see GIF to the left)!! I found that really awful and not funny at all, just utterly heartbreaking and disappointing! Mostly, this one scored an R-rating cause of the F-bombs that are dropped. *sigh*

For some reason this trainwreck of a film was released in 3D. I didn't even know this movie existed, much less played in the movies, until I saw it on NetFlix. If you are looking for a good ghost, fuck that a good, movie look elsewhere. However... bad cinema buffs I have found a movie for you in this one!! I have not laughed this hard in a long time. Apartment 1303 3D is not a horror film; it's a fucking comedy. As such it is golden and full of belly laughs. Just remember we are laughing at it, not with it...
** out of ****


Judy Greer- Happy Birthday to her! Pics to Make You Happy!

Today is the lovely Judy Greer's birthday. She turns 40 years old. To celebrate, I am posting some hot pics of her, because I felt like making all of you happy on her birthday! You can thank me later.

Judy has appeared in countless of movies and TV shows like Jawbreaker, Californication, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, etc. 13 Going on 30 was probably one the first movies that she was in, that I actually really liked. I enjoyed her bitchy, spoiled character, and quite frankly I felt like it made her more hotter. I also secretly (OK well now it ain't a secret anymore!) wished that she and Jennifer Garner would have a lesbian tryst in the film. Now, of course, I knew wasn't gonna happen, nor would it necessarily have made sense, whatsoever. But, fuck that would've been hot! Just saying!

She has also done voice acting for Archer, perhaps one of her most popular roles. Recently she was in last year's excellent Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and this year's Fresno, Tomorrowland, Entourage, Jurassic World, and Ant-Man. Of those I have only seen JW, which I enjoyed quite a bit. She looked quite MILFy in that, and I do want to see Ant-Man sometime in the next few weeks.

She has been nude in a couple of movies. Those are as follows: Adaption, What Planet Are You From?, and Stricken. I haven't seen anyof those, but thank God for Google! And, now, you can thank me, as here are two topless pics of her from Adaption.

I think she has really beautiful breasts! They are a very nice sized and a little perky. I greatly approve of them. She is clearly a stunner, having a naturally beautiful face, truly gorgeous, blue eyes, beautiful, fair skin, a nice butt, and some truly great legs. I am quite a fan of her figure. It's hard to choose between blonde Judy and redhead Judy, but I think I'll give blonde the slight advantage. Either answer is correct, though! Anyways, enjoy a couple a more pics of her!
Happy birthday, Judy! I love you and wish you nothing but the best!