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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Kim Sa Rang

It's time for the Hot Asian Girl of the Month! Woohoo! This July 2015, I pick Kim Sa Rang!

Kim Sa Rang was born on January 12, 1978. She is a Korean actress whose majority of work is for TV. As such, I have never seen anything with her in it. Apparently her most known show is some Korean drama called Secret Garden.

She is also known for having been Miss Korea in 2000.

While, I would love to see her do some US work, or at least be in some Korean horror, let's all just enjoy her hotness right here. She has great legs, a sweet body, and a flawless face. As such, she is a perfect choice for this month's Hot Asian Girl of the Month!
Oh and one more thing to my dear readers and followers: Happy 4th of July!! I hope you enjoy your fireworks, BBQ, and drinks! One more shot of this beauty before this post ends!