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Horror Crush: Alexandra Daddario

How many of you worship at the alter of the beautiful Alexandra Daddario? She was born on March 16, 1986 in NYC and has become well known for playing the character of Annabeth Chase in the passable Percy Jackson film series. But, of course, he we are gonna talk about her horror roles, here.

She first came under my radar in the superior prequel to Malevolence, Bereavement. She looks impossibly impressive in it. While, she does not get nude in this (lead girls in slasher films rarely do, and, dear friends and readers, is heartbreaking), she is damn close to it. From this film and on, I thought to myself that she is a fucking a goddess. And, this movie also showed she had acting chops beyond the amazing God-given curves.

Her next horror role, had her return to slasher territory with Texas Chainsaw 3D. It's a direct sequel to Tobe Hooper's classic horror masterpiece, a movie Malevolence and Bereavement owe a lot to. This one ignores all the other sequels, remakes, and prequels and stands as a good, if flawed movie.

It opens up after the incident from the first film, as cops and, eventually, a lynch mob attack the Sawyer house, burning it down and killing almost everyone inside. Cut to the present, where Heather Miller (Daddario) learns she is adopted and in fact a Sawyer! Leatherface is the only other sole-survivor from that day, and he begins to off her annoying friends. The movie has a rather generic, but at least not boring first half, then in the second half it changes course and becomes something else. Something that is bold and highly entertaining for an entry in a tired and long running slasher franchise. The timeline is way off, though, as Heather as played be Daddario appears to be only in her 20s. Andm what the hell age does this make Leatherface who should be like 60! If this had taken place in the 90s, it would've worked better, but aside from that it's truly better than it has any right to be. Daddario is stunning, likable, and quite good in her role. Again, as a final girl she doesn't show the goods, but she looks damn good in it!

Interesting side fact, I met her back in 2012 when she was promoting the aforementioned sequel at New York Comic Con. She signed for free and was so sweet in person. This ranks as one of my favorite NYCC memories.
Her next and most recent genre work was in the critically acclaimed and fan favorite first season of True Detective. While, not sold as horror, the season is horrifying enough to qualify as such, from what I have read and been told. That being said I, myself, need to watch said season. I am currently loving the second season, which has a new story and cast. Anyways, back to Ms. Daddario; she FINALLY bared it her boobs and ass in this one! And now, without any further adieu, here are some nude screen caps and a GIF to make your day better!
One of my personal favorite babes to ever grace horror, or any other genre, the beautiful Ms. Alexandra Daddario will continue to win fans not just with her solid acting skills but also with her breathtaking, light, blue-eyes, flawless face, beautiful, long, brown hair, and truly awe-inspiring curves. All hail and give their love to this spectacular horror crush!


Alan's World said...

Giovanni, check out these other horror films starring Alexandra Daddario which are Mary Lambert's THE ATTIC(2008) and most especially, Joe Dante's BURYING THE EX(2015)

Giovanni Deldio said...

Never seen The Attic, but I will have to. Burying the Ex is top of my must see list!